WMMA5 status update – still on pace for January 2018

In an update to the forum community, World of Mixed Martial Arts 5 developer Adam Ryland posted this:

“The game is continuing to come together well as we enter December. Beta testing is pretty far along and there’s no major issues, we’re just tidying things up, making minor adjustments, that sort of thing.

The database is also very close to completion. As I mentioned previously, I’m going through and updating every fighter by hand, which takes a long time but will help eliminate any mistakes that crept in during WMMA4. I’m almost done with that process. Then it’ll be a case of adding in a bunch of new characters – we have some awesome new renders just waiting to get put in, which I’m really excited about.

In terms of release date, we’ll definitely be doing it in 2018 now. This is partly because I want to get a lot of long-term tests in, and partly because the game’s artist has had to take a few weeks off due to illness and we’re not going to have the interface finished and fully tested before Christmas as had originally been hoped.

As I mentioned in the developer’s journal, we’ll be doing some competitions prior to release to win some copies, so keep an eye out on the site and / or Facebook for news on that.

The next progress report will likely be in early January and hopefully will be the last one. If there are any delays in the meantime I’ll do an update to keep everyone in the loop.”

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