UFC 219 contest to win a copy of WMMA5!

We are announcing a “Guess the Total Time” contest for UFC 219 on December 30th. The winner of this contest will get a free copy of the new World of Mixed Martial Arts 5 that is coming out in January!

The competition involves guessing the total time taken by all the main card fights. The person who gets closest to the actual total time of the main event fights will be the winner. For example, if all five fights end in exactly 30 seconds then the total time would be 2:30. We will use the official times recorded by the UFC.

Each person can email one entry to ufc219@greydogsoftware.com and simply have their subject line be “UFC 219 – XX:XX” where XX:XX is the time guess. One entry per person and the winner will be announced sometime in January. Entries must be received by the start of the show. So, start doing some research and send in your guess!

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