Price cuts on prior Total Extreme Wrestling versions!

Grey Dog Software today announces it is lowering the price for three of its titles headlined by Total Extreme Wrestling 2016! 

TEW2016 is now $10 cheaper at $24.95 USD, TEW2013 is now $14.95 and TEW2010 is only $9.95. These discounts are not a seasonal or limited time promotion, but will remain as a permanent offer. We also will no longer be selling TEW2008 or TEW2007. By reducing the price of TEW2010 to the TEW2008 price point, we feel that the 2010 version would offer more value. All prior purchases of 2008 or 2007 will still be supported and honored through elicense.

So, check out the free TEW demos for any version or grab any of these games today our web store.

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