– NEW: The Soul Quest feature in the game has been completely retooled. It now has 3 locations to choose from, each with newly added Danger (dictates the chance the warrior will get hurt or killed) and Glory (influences the chance of gold and stat increases) ratings, along with a newly redesigned Quest screen. Ratings are explained more in the Game Help.
– Fixed a bug where the default Season Length wasn’t being set properly at the start of the season on the Setup screen
– Fixed a rare issue where Gold in the Secret Objective wasn’t being tracked properly.
– Adjusted the Arena upgrade feature requirements a bit so they’re a little lower in general so you can earn them quicker than before.
– Did some major code cleanup to reduce the .EXE footprint and increase game speed 3-5% on average.

Older Save Games (due to all the new stuff added) will NOT be compatible with the new version.

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