Grey Dog Software Announces “Arcadia: Guild of Heroes”

Grey Dog Software is pleased to welcome a new developer to the team and announce the launch of a brand new title, “Arcadia: Guild of Heroes”. Designed and developed by Derek DiBenedetto, Arcadia offers a new twist by combing the RPG genre with the concept of pro sports contracts. This unique blend of RPG and career text strategy sim is the first of its kind.

Create your own party from randomly generated warriors every game, making sure to balance the strength of the character with the contract they request. As you exploring distant lands and pilfering all the riches you can, a fully detailed aging algorithm and injury/disease system forces you to make choices as they age about who to keep around, and who you may need to give the axe to. Combine these tough roster decisions with a myriad of quest choices as you struggle to keep your gold chest in the black.

More information on this exciting new title will be revealed over the coming weeks. The new game is currently expected to be released in the 4th quarter at a price of $24.95. In the meantime, you can visit the Arcadia game page or head over to the Grey Dog forums to talk about the game.

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