We are pleased to announce that Grey Dog Software has just published five titles in the Steam gaming system. Bowl Bound College Football, World of Mixed Martial Arts 3, Total Extreme Wrestling 2010, Wrestling Spirit 3 and Comic Book Hero: The Greatest Cape are all available on Steam for $19.95.

Steam has become a leader in PC gaming and we are very excited to begin a relationship with both them and our publisher Encore. We feel that both of these releases will allow new gamers a look at our college football, wrestling and MMA gaming lines.

Here are the Steam pages for each game:

Bowl Bound College Football

World of Mixed Martial Arts 3

Total Extreme Wrestling 2010

Wrestling Spirit 3

Comic Book Hero: The Greatest Cape

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  1. I know Im probably late but is there any chance of TEW 2020 being published on Steam? Would love to add it to my game library

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