Bowl Bound College Football update 1.62


Here’s the contents of the update (it’s also in the bbcfupdate16.txt file with the patch):

1. Updated the team list to have all 128 teams in the proper conferences. Added helmets and team information for all the new teams. I also made all the names match college football (ie, no more South Bend).

2. The game now schedules 12 games per team (instead of 11). There may be instances where 1-2 teams rarely get 11 games because of the new league structure – but I haven’t seen this in the latest versions of the update.

3. Added new schedule options including handling 13-team conferences with two divisions in the 7-6 format. The game also schedules 9 conference games for the Pacific 12 and Big 12 (before they only had 8)

4. Added in a new postseason option called “4-team Playoffs”. This is essentially the 2015 format with the play-in game happening in week 20 and the winners squaring off in week 21 for the championship. So, you can now play the Old BCS, a 16-team playoff or the current “And 1” playoff format.

5. Updated the Bowl list to include all 40 current bowl games. I also updated the select logic to mimic the current process. There is some subjectivity in the current process, but this should end up fairly close. Reminder for modding, you can create your own bowl logos by naming them the bowl name with _ where spaces occur. So, for the Gildan New Mexico Bowl, you would name the file Gildan_New_Mexico_Bowl.jpg (and put it the graphics/bowl/ folder).

6. Update the prestige values to more closely resemble the 2015 landscape. Given the player creation logic, you will still see some fluctuation at the start of each game.

7. Change the bowl eligibility logic. With 80 teams selected for bowls now, I had to allow teams with 5 wins to be selected.

8. (added 1.61) Added in a coach editor to change ratings and info for the OC, DC and ST coach on any team.

9. Some other minor enhancements and bug fixes.

More information can be found on our forum here.

Patch Features

Version 1.62 of Bowl Bound College Football is the latest release. The update is free for anyone who has purchased BBCF to this point and has a valid license:

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