Arcadia: Guild of Heroes version 1.5


Version 1.5 Changelog:
* Fixed a few typos.
* Adding a Combat random event that can happen during a Quest, where your party fights 1-3 random monsters. Rarely, a named “champion” of that creature can appear with boosted combat skill, and these can gain you Prestige points and bigger rewards. Combat involves Combat, Dexterity and (somewhat) Luck skills in the calculations. The Combat scores of each creature and your party will appear for greater transparency, similar to the “choose a path” Combats.
* Adding a “Grand Quest” such as finding a unique relic, or finding and killing a unique enemy “boss” at a certain realm that will appear during the game. Completing these can give you Prestige points.
* Added a new resource, Prestige. These can exchanged for boosting your warriors’ stats, getting some gold, or adding to existing Pact lengths, or other bonuses. YOU choose how to use the points you gain.
* Added more random events, storylines and missions, 10 or so of each.
* Added the ability to turn on and off music during a game. Your selection will save with the game from then forward.
* Added the feature where you can change the names of your active heroes to whatever you like, just by clicking their name in the admin list and typing a new one.
* Modding: Moved first name generator for new warriors to a file which can be changed if desired, and changed the first names to more readable and easily pronounceable ones.
* Adjusted starting Gold to 5,000-7,500 for more consistency in starting position.
* Tweaked aging algorhythm for slightly more realistic and varied aging curves in terms of stat gain/loss as they age.

Patch Features

The new version of the game has been released! This updates Arcadia to version 1.5, and this one is a game changer in a number of ways. It adds more modding, more depth/content, more choices to make and more features.

NOTE: This patch is NOT compatible with older saved games from previous versions due to the new additions to the game.

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