– Fixed a minor issue where a fighter could call out a fighter who he’d defeated earlier than night in a tournament
– Fixed a very rare issue where three local shows could happen in the same region in one month, meaning the latter two would have the same name
– Blocked a loophole where it was technically possible to open the ‘talk to’ window of a deceased character
– Adjusted the default home location of generated Indonesian fighters to be more accurate
– Fixed some typos

– Added three new attributes: Iron Chin, Titanium Chin and Glass Chin
– Various minor glitches
1.17 (Part III)
– Fixed an issue where 12×3 minute rules would use a deciding round
1.17 (Part II)
– Fixed an error accidentally introduced in the original 1.17 that would cause tournaments to get cancelled
– Added a new rule setting to allow 12×3 minute rounds, by request
– Added some new code to automatically deal with a rare RTE3021 crash that could occur
– Fixed a RTE3265 that could occur when a broadcaster change happened
– Looks and Menace were not being carried over correctly for regenerated fighters
– Altered the code that governed the marketability of newly created fighters to be better, by request

– RTE3421 if a child company had been given absurb amounts of money
– RTE3061 when trying to export a company into another database
– A crash if you tried to create / edit a belt for a child company and use the Apply button on a weight class that existed for the child but not the parent
– Various minor glitches, display issues, and typos

(1.15 Part II)
Minor Issues
A RTE3421 crash could happen during processing if using a database with a particularly enormous number of active companies
It was possible for a child company to cause crashes during processing if loaded with exclusive contract workers
Typos / Cosmetic
A retirement news story could display the last opponent as “XXX” in some rare circumstances
Previous reality TV results were listed in alphabetical order rather than chronological
Broadcast experience could be displayed incorrectly in some rare cases

Minor Issues
Creating a new company and then going into drug testing could create a crash
Searching Free Pictures and then re-entering the search screen could cause a crash
Trying to enter a second camp profile when one was already open could cause a freeze
Trying to add world rankings to the editor’s fight history section would fail to save the data
Typos / Cosmetic
Showcase events could sometimes display blank local fighter names
It was possible to edit a company’s close date to get them to display as closed even when they were open

Crashes / Major Issues
Looking at a region where MMA was illegal in the game world screen would cause a crash
Minor Issues
Populating fighters from the editor would not vary personalities properly
Fast advance could be stopped incorrectly by certain contract offers
Broadcasters who had been closed could still be negotiated with
Britain was called “UK” in the narrative section meaning it could not be saved properly
Typos / Cosmetic
A takedown icon was missing from one line of text
Typo in one of the punch text lines

Crashes / Major Issues
Creating an MDB file could cause a crash if there was certain combinations of data
RTE 3163 could occur if a company was used with a particularly long short name field
Minor Issues
A local show getting cancelled due to injuries could give a stability hit to a random company
In rare circumstances a local show could link to the previous show’s results
There were some issues with illegal / unregulated regions getting trapped in loops and never progressing to regulation
Occasionally the fight history metrics page could assign a KO to the wrong fighter
Looking at previous reality show seasons could cause problems if none exist for that company
There could be a crash when selecting an active fighter as an avatar during gameplay
Typos / Cosmetic
Dead fighters would show their current age meaning that it would look like they were still ageing

Minor Issues
Major victories could fail to be counted for company HOFs for companies of regional or unknown size
The Worst Fight in the Records page could could forfeited fights
Regenerated fighters who moved base would have their base popularity in the area they were based in at retirement, not the base they return to
Added extra code to try and stop phantom strikes from happening
Stability screen cuts off the end of the “taking liberties with X” note
A line of commentary uses “to fast” instead of “too fast”
Aikido is spelt as Akido
A couple of knock out / knock down icons are not shown for some lines of commentary when they should
Unification bouts could sometimes be referred to only as interim title matches during the opening comments
Requested Changes / Improvements
Made local fighter names match the area of the local show
Stopped fighters in jail / on hiatus continuing call out war of words

Crashes / Major Issues
Saving broadcaster changers would cause a crash
Minor Issues
Changing database while viewing an empty load game menu would leave the menu disabled until refreshed
Although harmless and easily avoided, the user could scout dead fighters
Trying to change the weight of one of your roster while in the child organisation screen would cause problems
A child company’s schedule could be altered by the AI, disgarding changes the player may have tried to set via the schedule screen
The opening of a new team did not generate a news item even though they could be searched for
Knee strikes as knock out counters to shot attempts did not give the Knock Out icon
A fighter could talk about his “next fight” shortly after announcing that he was retiring
The blacklist confirmation message had a typo in it
Requested Changes / Improvements
By request, fights in which the winner attacked after the bell are no longer recommended as potential award winners

Crashes / Major Issues
Searching Previous Shows in the live editor and then returning to the same search screen would cause a crash
A crash could happen if the player shortlisted a fighter and then watched a fight where they lost to a Local Fighter
A crash would happen during contract processing if a fighter out on loan was being auto renewed
Minor Issues
Absorbing a child weight class would take the fighters of both genders if the company had the same division for both men and women
If a company had no fine for not making weight then the wrong person’s name could potentially appear in the fight recap when saying who had failed
Searching match making for Availability would turn off smart booking entirely for both columns rather than just the one being searched
The game could allow the player to illegally make multiple self-owned broadcasters instead of being limited to one
Short notice fighters could sometimes not appear in match making when they should if smart booking was enabled
Cypriot names were tied to the Middle Eastern type, not Greek as intended
The commentary “The fighters fall into sloppy clinch” was missing “a”
The commentary “landed only glancing blow” was missing “a”
The scouting screen said “costs $x show per month” which has the word “show” by mistake
An internet story spelled “breaking” without the “n”.
Requested Changes / Improvements
Allowed weight classes to have negative prestige by request
Added a Nothing Specific option to the match making search screen
Changed “home town crowd”” to “home crowd” by request
Allowed user to disable generated fighters who would not have a picture via options screen

Minor Issues
The editor contract multi-add change would not allow more than one person to be added to the list
Added blocks to stop people trying to cut people mid-show as obviously this would lead to problems
Fighters could be given “No Kicks” attribute when it should be “Educated Feet”
Players could adjust fights after the weigh-ins which should have been illegal due to the problems it would cause
In some situations a fighter suspended / away could be booked for local shows

(1.07 & 1.08)
Crashes / Major Issues
There was a 1 in 85 chance that when creating a Showcase Local show the game would crash
If the user stopped scouting from a fighter’s profile and then stopped scouting again for the same person from the Scouting screen it would cause a crash
Running a game without any active fighters could cause a crash when processing random incidents
Minor Issues
In a multiplayer game players would sometimes not have their information bar updated properly
The home town feature was not correctly applying during fights
An injured fighter removed from a fight would leave his inducement payments linked to TBA (which would have no effect other than visual)
If the user resigned he / she would not be removed from any announcing positions within the company
High level regional AI companies could illegally get around the block that stops a player from signing an exclusive deal with someone who signed somewhere else in the last six months
If populating fighters using underscores it was possible for illegal duplicate names to occur which would then lead to issues
In some situations a fighter suspended / away could be booked for an AI grand prix
The user could intentionally create artificial situations where a company illegally had no weight classes, which would lead to multiple issues
Choosing not to make an offer official would still count towards the fighter “remembering” the amount in the deal
Searching broadcasters with filters applied could cause incorrect results depending on which broadcaster was highlighted before launching the search
Event preview could say “stopped his at ” rather than “stopped him”
The hiatus internet story could show the wrong pro record for the fighter
There could be a rogue ampersand in the result recap screen when reporting on a drug failure
“The fighters trudge back to their corners look pretty tired” could appear in a fight, missing the “ing” from “looking”
Requested Changes / Improvements
Added ability to double click a fighter in the Absences screen to load his or her profile directly
Reduced the number of times a fighter’s cut will be checked
Reduced threshold for finishing with stomps and kicks to make them easier to win with
Added ability to mass edit free pictures by Use Once
Added ability to search free pictures by ethnicity
Altered it so that the game will generate fighters even for non-standard weight classes if a company exists with that division active
Altered it so that the contract mass adder allows staff contracts to be done, and that the list does not reset each time to make it easier to use

Crashes / Major Issues
Runtime Error 6 could occur during loading in some rare circumstances if a fighter failed a TRT test
Trying to call up a fighter when there were no weight classes they could possibly go to would cause a crash
It was possibly to book a fighter for the day after he would leave; this would cause a crash when the weigh-ins for that show happened
Minor Issues
Searching the character name section for J or T would not save the search parameters if you then reentered the search box
Using a narrative to change an openweight division would not remove an associated title correctly
When reopening a division the AI could unretire the wrong belt
Choosing to become the CEO of a company when selecting an avatar who was #1 of a three person ownership group would mean the display of the company’s ownership would be incorrect when viewed on any company based section
With certain search combinations followed by a reset fighters could be blocked from the Recommended Hires screen when they shouldn’t have been
The website -> diary’s up and down buttons could become invisible when multiple pages were involved
The search facility for Character Names would not correctly work on surnames for some screens
One line of commentary could refer to “a clinch against the cage” when it should read “the ropes”
An internet contract signing story could give the wrong pronoun for a female athlete
Requested Changes / Improvements
Added some automatic checking to remove any AI cards that had ended up with no matches, to automatically fix potential corruption
Increased probability of soccer kicks and stomps

Crashes / Major Issues
A crash could happen when importing injury histories from one database to another
A crash could happen when accepting a new owner or CEO position when the user then proceeded to the next day
Minor Issues
A fighter who weighed in 1lb under / over would incorrect be listed in the fight preview as having failed to make weight; they would also be considered to have missed weight for the ranking point calculation that happened after the fight and therefore would not be elibigle for gains in that weight class
Some of the new submissions were not eligible to be given the SOTN bonus
Mass editing character finances did not display all eligible options
Characters who died / retired from the game world would not necessarily be removed from ownership and CEO positions
Grand Prixs could still slip into the following month in some circumstances
When filling in a TBA slot the filters would be disabled
If a fighter countered with more than 3 strikes it was possible for the latter 2 to not appear in the commentary, potentially giving the appearance of a “phantom punch” even though it did land and was registered in the stats
One of the finalists in a reality TV show could end up with the wrong team name assigned to them in the results history
Some references could be made to “is his / her arsenal” rather than “in his / her arsenal”
Two internet stories used “war or words” rather than “war of words”
The tour company screen misses out the word “times” when listing previous COTY wins
Circles is spelled “cicles” at one point in the fight engine
Advanced is spelled with a capital D in it during the marketing text
Requested Changes / Improvements
When changing data set, the Load Game menu (if active) now automatically refreshes so that the player does not have to do it
Made submission attempts only count for judging if the player can see the attempt happen on screen
Made kick based fighters more willing to throw kicks even when in danger of being caught as per user request
Organic bios are smarter about listing previous title reigns
AI companies can now resurrect retired titles if they reopen the weight class at a later date
Blocked child companies from bidding for a fighter that their parent had already put a bid in for

Crashes / Major Issues
Filtering judges or referees in the editors / importers would cause a crash
Going to Child Organisation, selecting Loan Out, and then clicking directly on contract or weight class details could cause a crash
Minor Issues
Fighter ranking points would be multiplied by ten when importing from a database into a live save game
AI Grand Prix shows could slip into the following month
On the Fighter -> Skills screen, at scouting levels 6-9 the Risen and Fallen tags could get reversed
It was possible to try and trick the game into opening two fight history windows at the same time
Regions could be set to have 0% drug testing when the minimum should have been 1%
Team strengths for a newly generated team could give an incorrect wrestling value if the fighter had a specific set of attributes
Fighters could win tournaments that they failed to make weight for
Organic bios could say “he currently the #” when showing more than one ranking, missing out “is”
Post match interviews could say “may fairly bland when interviewed” instead of “is fairly”
Database Changes
Tarcisio Dantas has been given some American popularity
Lefter Oktay’s bio had a typo
American Dolphin and American Psycho given nationality restrictions
Abe Locke’s bio had a typo
Requested Changes / Improvements
Added a warning to data check if the user had forgotten to include any character names in the database
Added a warning to data check if the user had fighters with 0-0 records but somehow had ranking points
Blocked fighters from moving location if they were in the midst of negotiations by user request
Adjusted the betting lines by user request to disallow underdogs with negative points if the favourite had over -150
By request, added a fighter’s background to their organic biographies
Added code and automated checking that allows users who do not have access to Spanish accented characters to play the game without crashes
By request, altered the commentator’s opinions to better reflect the points rather than how many rounds have been won

Crashes / Major Issues
Crash with RTE3265 when creating a new organic bios if the fighter was a current member of a company’s HOF
Converting a WMMA4 mod with a drug suspension in it and then looking at that record would produce a crash
Minor Issues
Website -> Records would not count fights that happened in the very first month of gameplay
The Absences screen would give an exact date for a hiatus return when really it should have been obscured for realism
The PA message about hiring restrictions did not take into account the current era settings
A blank internet story could be generated with a specific combination of persona and situation
There seemed to still be an issue where a counter-striker could seem to hit himself, added extra code to try and eliminate the problem
The editor version of auto-filling organic bios could add an extra pronoun
Altered home region for generated Filipino fighters to match what is in the default data
Local shows could happen in illegal locations
“the cost per fight for drug testing would therefore by” (in match making)
“he really hard to work hard to get to side control”
“more shots that necessary”
Database Changes
Camp Ortega should have been in West Central Mexico, not Northern
Requested Changes / Improvements
When checking for weak champions/challenger, the game will now take into account adjacent weight class rankings too
Creating a ranking for a fighter who moves to a new division was too severe when it came to taking points from his original class
Removed “not popular enough” refusal if the opponent had sufficiently more ranking points
Data check will now warn the user if the mod maker has illegally put the same person as champion and interim champion of the same belt
Made ‘awaiting drug test’ create an absent icon on profiles as people were apparently not understanding how it worked

Crashes / Major Issues

Minor Issues
Companies created by the populate method could be placed in the wrong region for their intended area
The drug test sliders when editing a company could fail to save correctly
Former champions could be referred to as interim champions in organic bios
In the trial version only, characters could end up with corrupt birth years and therefore have an incorrect age
Previous seasons of reality TV shows could become invisible to the player
Fighters could use elbow strikes when the rules should have meant they were illegal
Database Changes
Timothy Latchkey’s win-loss record was 10-1 when it should have been 10-2.
Requested Changes / Improvements
Moved “weak challenger” penalty to affect company image rather than ratings and limited to larger companies
The website icon in the side bar can be used when in a website subscreen

Crashes / Major Issues
In a multiplayer game, clicking close on the “next turn” splash window would cause crashes
There can be crashes (RTE 94) when organic bios are generated if titles are not assigned to specific companies
There could be a crash (RTE3265) during Olympic selection
Minor Issues
Following a counter strike it was potentially possible for the attacker to take his own strike, leading to issues. This is potentially fixed, but is not 100%.
Ground strikes could happen from half guard when the rules prevented them
An era that began and started in the same year could be incorrectly blocked from being saved
Organic bios could have rogue pronouns at the end, and were not necessarily filled in when starting a new game
Drug failures from a one night tournament would only affect the last of the person’s fights
Belt lineages could cause freezes and other issues if the mod maker was using None to simulate vacancies
Moving a one night tournament bout from the prelim to an empty spot on the main card could be incorrectly blocked from happening
Requested Changes / Improvements
The AI will now strip champions who fail to make weight for their title defences
Made some improvements to the level that generated fighters are at for situations where there are no eras to consider

— Between Patch 1.5 And Release Version
Crashes / Major Issues
Using filters to create an empty Fighters screen and then opening and closing a window that refreshed it would cause a crash
Minor Issues
Clicking health icon of left hand fighter in match making would load the incorrect explanatory text
Asking someone to move base could produce a refusal message where they gave the wrong company’s name
Searching for missing pictures could produce incorrect results on some screens
Eye pokes could potentially use the wrong fighter’s name; this has potentially been fixed but I’m not 100% sure as I couldn’t recreate it
Blank new stories could potentially appear
The Slammer attribute did not appear in all attribute lists
Database Changes
Ollie Rockmetteler and Ray Bellinger had 1 NC on their record when it should have been a draw
Requested Changes / Improvements
Reduced the font size for longer weight class names on the match making screen so that they would not get cut off
Gave user option of deleting free pictures after using the main populate fighters option

Patch Features

You can continue existing save games with patches.


Please note that this is NOT AN INSTALLER! You do not simply run it.

1 – Download and unzip the patch.

2 – Inside you will see WMMA5.exe. Copy (or Cut) this file and go to your WMMA5 folder (normally Program Files \ GDS \ WMMA5). Use Paste to replace your existing copy. WMMA5 must be closed before you do this! If you have done it correctly then you will see the latest date and number in the taskbar when you run the game. Please be careful to note that you are replacing the actual WMMA5.exe file; some players have mistakenly replaced the desktop shortcut, which is a totally different item.


  1. Connor Frost says:


    The link to the download does not work for me. It links to the Mediafire website and states “Something appears to be missing…”. Please can you advise how this patch can be downloaded?



    1. Arlie Rahn says:

      Try it now – I updated the links

  2. Aaron says:

    “The key you provided for file access was invalid. This is usually caused because the file is no longer stored on MediaFire. This occurs when the file is removed by the originating user or MediaFire.”

    Where can I download the 1.22 patch?

    1. Arlie Rahn says:

      Try it now – I updated the links

  3. Cory says:

    I can’t download the update, please help

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