Total Extreme Wrestling 2010

Total Extreme Wrestling 2010 is just $9.95 and offers a great introduction to the TEW series.

Basic Features

Drag And Drop Booking. In the previous games in the series, you would make your selection by scrolling through the drop-down boxes. In TEW2010, this process is now simplified; although you can still use the old method if you wish, you can also choose to simply highlight a character from the main list and then drag and drop his name into the box of your choice, automatically assigning him to that position. This makes booking a much more streamlined and user-friendly task.

User Preferences. Different people choose to play in different ways, and so the new User Preferences has been introduced to maximise your ability to customise the gameplay experience. Each player in the game has access to their own User Preferences screen, from which they can enable or disable any of fourteen choices.

Narratives. A brand new never-before-seen feature, Narratives allow the database maker to introduce an element of storytelling to his game world. In short, using the editor, the user can pre-set certain events to happen on specific days, along with the optional ability to create a story explaining the event that will appear on the in-game web site as well. The available events are primarily split into three: game world, promotion and worker.

National Trends. For every area in the game, the database maker has access to a Trend screen. This consists of the 12 Product Types used to define promotions (i.e. Traditional, Mainstream, Comedy, Cult, etc.), and four settings for each: Starting Level, Stability, Minimum Level & Maximum Level.

The Dirt Sheet. The Dirt Sheet is a new idea for TEW. An optional feature, if enabled it takes the form of a small button that appears on-screen when each segment of the user’s show is being displayed. Clicking it opens a pop-up window where you can see “behind the scenes” – basically, a list of every factor that has affected the grade that the segment received. The list takes the form of positives and negatives. You can’t see exactly how much of an affect each item has, but you can see exactly what has raised and lowered the grade.

User Talents. Adding a personal touch to the user experience, User Talents allow the player to give their avatar specific strengths and weaknesses for each game. When starting a new game, the player has 20 points available to spend on four categories, each of which can run from 0 to 10 points (and start at 0, obviously).



Minimum System Requirements

Operating System: Windows 98/ME
CPU: Pentium II (or equivelant) 800mhz or higher
Memory: 128MB RAM
Hard Disk Space: 75MB for install, additional space for saved games
Audio System: Windows compatible sound card, plus the newest version of Windows Media Player
Video System: 1024×768 display capable of running 16-bit color of higher

Optimal System Requirements

Operating System: Windows 2000, XP or Vista
CPU: Pentium III class (or equivelant) 2GHz or higher
Memory: 512 MB RAM or higher
Video System: 1024×768 display capable of running 32-bit color mode

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