Fast Break Pro Basketball

Fast Break Pro Basketball brings you the option to simulate the past, present, and future of professional basketball. The new historical database includes past players starting with the 1946 season. Draft classes can be fictional, historical, imported from Fast Break College Basketball, or imported from custom draft files. The game universe now has room for multiple active leagues at once. Advanced customization options allow for leagues with up to 40 teams as well as developmental leagues or tiered leagues with promotion between leagues. The simulation possibilities are endless.

Fast Break Pro Basketball is is is currently $24.95 and is available
for download via FastSpring. If you currently own the ELicense version
and need to download the game again, use the Elicense Download button to
the right. If you would prefer to try out our game first, you can download the free Demo. If you have any questions about Fast Break Pro Basketball we’ll be happy to assist you on our Website Forums.

Basic Features


Fast and accurate sim engine allows automatic simulation of multiple seasons to allow you to build the league history before playing. Multiple leagues can be active at once with league sizes ranging from 8 to 40 teams.

Immersive gameplan and depth chart options allow your control over your franchise. Free agency period is extended to allow for more negotiation.

Expanded player ratings give a more detailed breakdown of each player’s individual skills. Player database allows you to start in any year 1946 or later and automatically import the actual players that entered the league each year into the draft pool.

Almanac shows detailed information about past seasons. Use league structures from 1946 through 2020 with actual team movement/expansion or custom team movement/expansion.



Minimum System Requirements

Operating System: Windows 98/ME
CPU: Pentium II (or equivelant) 800mhz or higher
Memory: 128MB RAM
Hard Disk Space: 75MB for install, additional space for saved games
Audio System: Windows compatible sound card, plus the newest version of Windows Media Player
Video System: 1024×768 display capable of running 16-bit color of higher

Optimal System Requirements

Operating System: Windows 2000, XP, Vista or 7
CPU: Pentium III class (or equivelant) 2GHz or higher
Memory: 512 MB RAM or higher
Video System: 1024×768 display capable of running 32-bit color mode

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