TEW2020 Latest Patch (1.46, part 3)

Installation Instructions

To install the Fastspring patch, simply unzip the file and use the TEW2020.exe you find inside to replace your existing copy (usually found in Documents > Grey Dog Software > TEW2020). You do not run the file like an installer! It’s a replacement file.

To install the Elicense patch, simply unzip the file and use the TEW2020.exe you find inside to replace your existing copy (usually found in Program Files > GDS > TEW2020). You do not run the file like an installer! It’s a replacement file.

Patch Features

Please note that the in-game message that a new patch is available may not appear for several hours after a patch is uploaded.


 1.46 Part II (August 22 2023)
– Fixed an issue where attributes 100% Face and 100% Heel could have unintended effects
– Marriages did not appear in the news history correctly
– Altered new character generation so that legacy characters receive a blood relative relationship with all the characters related to their progenitor
– Some spelling mistakes fixed

1.46 (August 02 2023)
– Fixed a crash that could occur if you renamed a tag team and then immediately tried to click on their old name in the tag team screen
– Fixed a crash that could occur if you copied a Starting Morale item while using new-style lists
– Reduced the frequency with which workers enter politics
– Various minor tweaks and spelling mistake fixes

1.45 (April 02 2023)
– Fixed a rare bug that could affect histories for tournament titles

1.44 (March 17 2023)
– Fixed a potential problem that could occur if importing narratives under certain conditions
– Adjusted the way vacancies are added to title histories to close a loophole that previously existed

1.43 (January 21 2023)
– Fixed an issue accidentally introduced in 1.42 that could cause characters newly added via the editor to be missing data and cause RTE94 in different parts of the game (workers added this way must be deleted)
– Altered the amount of women’s matches booked by the AI to reflect the time period

1.42 (January 10 2023)
– Deleting companies from the editor would remove tour highlight show deals from all companies
– Stopped a potential issue that could occur if people imported dojos without bothering to also import that companies they are attached to
– Added a block to stop crashes that could occur when people were attempting to have 32,000+ records specific places in the database and using the old style lists
– Auto-naming a graduate record when the year hadn’t been filled in would cause a crash

1.41 (October 10 2022, October 12 2022 (Part ii), November 18 2022 (Part iii))
– (Part iii) Addressed issues some mod makers were having with companies not opening
– (Part ii) Fixed a crash that could occur on certain mods during the opening of a new company
– Owners founding a new company could ignore their ownership min / max age limits
– Adjusted it so that owners will rarely found a company outside of the area they’re in
– Fixed a minor issue where Weekly and Monthly shows could gain 0.1% too much importance and get to Above Average level

.40 (June 09 2022)
– Recalibrated the penalties and modifiers used to calculate worker performance in matches as some products were objectively harder than others in an way that was unfair (this change may result in a sudden rise in some worker’s ratings)
– Various smaller fixes and adjustments

1.39 (March 15 / March 22 2022)
– Calibrated the broadcaster risk levels and match risks to make the scales directly equivalent
– Fixed a rare issue where a player-controlled women’s company could be incorrectly blocked from joining a valid alliance (Added March 22)
– Reworked some of the character generation code to better take into account dojo quality and produce better results in general
– Various smaller fixes and adjustments

1.38 (January 16-17 2022)
– Fixed an extremely rare RTE3265 crash that could occur during the processing of random incidents in some databases
– Fixed a rare loophole that could allow injured occasional wrestlers to wrestle on AI shows in some situations
– Added the ability to edit tag team record names during save games to aid people who regularly rename AI teams

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