Patch Features

Patches are small updates that allow me to address user’s requests and problems quickly without having them wait weeks for a major update.

Please note that patches are designed to prevent errors from happening, not to fix things that have already gone wrong. As such, you should always try and be up-to-date with the latest patch before playing.

You can continue existing save games with patches.

You can also find a copy of the latest default database here (last updated: 25 July 2016). This contains minor fixes like typos. Simply download, unzip, and place in your Databases \ Default folder, replacing the existing copy. TEW2016 must be closed while doing this. Please note that this will replace any changes you have made to the default data but does not impact any other mod you might have installed.


Please note that this is NOT AN INSTALLER! You do not simply run it.

1 – Download and unzip the patch.

2 – Inside you will see TEW2016.exe. Copy (or Cut) this file and go to your TEW2016 folder (normally Program Files \ GDS \ TEW2016). Use Paste to replace your existing copy. TEW2016 must be closed before you do this! If you have done it correctly then you will see the latest date and number in the taskbar when you run the game. Please be careful to note that you are replacing the actual TEW2016.exe file; some players have mistakenly replaced the desktop shortcut, which is a totally different item.

If you haven’t installed TEW 2016, you can download the main files here first:

You can get more information about the latest patch in our forum here.

Change Log

Creating an MDB file could show a broadcaster’s coverage in the wrong regions
The cheating divorce news story could give the wrong worker’s name
Using an ampersand in a company name could produce an underline effect in certain screens
Blocked a worker with poor morale from rejoining a company and immediately asking for a release
Auto-naming a six man match involving stables could result in an incorrect name being used
A freelancer becoming head booker of a company could leave the company but retain his position leading to errors
A TV highlights deal would not necessarily become active if it was waiting for another deal to end first
3 vs 3 vs 3 matches did not use or add to six man tag experience
The “improvement” text in development could display incorrectly
Changed the text of “gains law breaking habit” story and lowered the potential increase
Lowered popularity gain for appearing for a larger company
Blocked push complaints on same day as a show
If an alliance is removed pre-game then there titles are rendered unaligned and can therefore be purchased by other companies
Minor angles could count towards a show’s overall grade when they shouldn’t
Companies could be founded outside their Not Before / Not After settings in certain circumstances
A worker who dies while on excursion could still generate a “return” story
Using the worker name filter and accessing mass delete could create an error
Adding spaces to the start of a name could allow duplicate record names to be created illegally
Leaving a storyline unadvanced for more than 255 consecutive shows could create a crash when running a show
Saving an era in the in-game editor could sometimes not save the area-specific settings
The office tag team screen could display trios titles in the tag team title display
Added code and automated checking that allows users who do not have access to Spanish accented characters to play the game without crashes
Selecting a venue could glitch if the region in question didn’t have any locations assigned to it
Changing a worker’s name via the Roster Overview and then going immediately into that worker’s profile would cause a crash
Trying to view a trios title where the combined “team name” of the three holders / former holders was particularly long would cause a crash
The skins window referred to TEW2013 in its title
Using Fix Location for an event come sometimes fail to create the desired effect
You could be blocked from starting a show even with Analysis showing no problems under some circumstances
It was possible for new bookers to not be forced to leave their existing employers when signing a written deal
You could be blocked from making a mentor relationship (in game only) under some circumstances
Some issues with owner goals blocking child company hirings have been addressed
Creating tag titles could accidentally set the first champions in the history to Vacant rather than leaving it blank
Changed the game to not round up numbers when showing grades, thus stopping players from thinking they’d acheived X when actually they were a fraction below it
Fixed an issue with attendances being incorrect
Blocked cliques from messing with people who any of the members like
Altered code to stop people complaining about lack of push on the same day that they returned from absence
Adjusted way titles are vacated to synch player and AI
Changed how Epic and Spectacle work to make it easier for users to grasp
Altered way AI reactivates teams by user request
Fixed a typo in the internet section
Fiddled with some of the road agent note effects to make them work better
Altered the way alliance titles are created to stop circumstances where they may become “trapped” in a specific company
Fixed a glitch in the angle “gap” fix that was added in the previous patch
Fixed issue whereby forcing a Hall Of Fame entry could reject people who should have been included
Added pre-game check and warning for users without the correct language packs installed to reduce need for people posting about it
Some cosmetic changes
Reduced low popularity gains for angles, turned off entirely if worker isn’t actually doing anything
Add notification for when toxicity ends
Added blocks to stop people creating angles with “gaps” in the participant list as it caused crashes
Deleting companies did not update tour names that were linked to said company
Tweaked the way Spectacle, Epic, and Storytelling notes work to make them more forgiving and to add clarity to feedback
Probably other stuff that I’ve forgotten about
Cosmetic changes
Angle participants could look to have been altered if re-entering a booked angle involving a road agent
Workers could not be added from a pre-booked angle if they were injured, even if they should be allowed to do angles
Refusal to unmask could show wrong text and create situations where the person would never accept
Cosmetic issues
Put an upper limit on how long the AI will keep someone in development, by user request
Allowed AI companies to use a double main event so that both their main title and an alliance title could headline shows, to increase alliance title usage
Made the lower popularity mechanic apply to workers in angles as well as matches
Increased the maximum amount of popularity a worker can gain from the lower popularity mechanic
Allowed high graded segments to give extra popularity boost to workers using the lower popularity mechanic
In rare circumstances a tag team from a defunct company could generate a glitched story about breaking up
Upgraded multi-advance which is both faster and smoother to look at
Added clarification text when receiving blocked messages when adding tag teams and making a mistake
Bonus text in contracts could be incorrectly displayed
Cosmetic changes to fix some typos and display issues
Alliance titles could end up not being defended in very specific situations
Fixed crash when using in-game editor to rename a tag team to a name that is already in use by a different team
Fixed freeze during hiring that appears to be exclusive to people using German language operating systems
Altered it so that initial Power 500 doesn’t include people who only just debuted by user request
Added Personal Reasons as potential absence by user request
Title defence history could be in wrong order if the same title was defended multiple times on the same show
Workers could work more than one tribute \ independent show on the same night
Worker could be hit twice with the same morale penalty in some circumstances if a friend got released
Potential runtime error when changing the name of a character in the roster screen while certain filters were active
Removed block on large companies signing other owners and bookers to PPA deals
Development workers could come up as if they had already debuted on the main roster (this fix only applies to workers sent down after the patch is installed)
Reduced stamina demands for multi-man matches to simulate standing-on-the-apron time
Closed loophole where workers without a push could be illegally added to a show
Cosmetic issues
Changed booking skill to increase and decrease over time, unrelated to performance, by user request
Fixed minor error whereby a storyline that had ended could be said to be progressed later in the same show
Updated and enhanced Player’s Handbook with new topics and information
Downgraded some bonuses to make high match ratings slightly less easy to get
Some cosmetic changes
Reduced impact of ‘lack of psychology’ notes on match ratings
Made storyline inactivity penalties less severe to make it easier on players
Made storyline inactivity take into account brands (branded shows do not add to the inactivity counter if all the participants of a storyline are on a different brand)
‘B’ shows no longer count toward storyline inactivity counter at all
PPA workers cut from a development territory no count it as being fired by the parent company
Angles were not correctly counting towards a traded worker’s appearance count
Increased the maximum popularity cap for untelevised Local promotions to make it slightly easier on the player
Fixed issue where employment history didn’t get updated if calling up workers directly via a contract signing
Adjusted the consistency skill impact on matches to make it a little less linear
Allowed wrestlers who are already confirmed as leaving and who have negative morale to phone in their performance
(1.40 – Part III; released as an addition because the reason for the freeze issue was finally found)
Fixed occasional freeze \ RTE3265 that could be generated during AI booking
(1.40 – Part II; released as an addition because I forgot to add a fix for a customer in the original 1.40)
Fixed an issue whereby if a company jumped size on the same day that they would otherwise have gone bankrupt they would skip closing and be able to continue in debt for many years until the bankruptcy counter overflowed and caused a crash
The Meddle feature did not include every possible fighter
Made high level AI bookers able to squeeze a few more percentage points out of their workers to simulate their booking skill
Made large (Cult and above) companies more likely to use main eventers on TV to boost ratings
Fixed national battle minor glitch that could allow companies to enter Canadian and European battles with 3 rather than 4 eligible regions
Removed minimum screen size pre-game block
Fixed very rare freeze that could occur in historic watcher games
AI created alliances could swap British and Japanese geographical settings
Fixed a rare crash when creating MDB file
Added remote assistance code “shakeitup” to allow the secret feature to be enabled
Added remote assistance code “nosurprises” to disable the secret feature
Cosmetic changes
Added extra potential popularity gains for Local, Small and Regional companies by request. These sized companies can now gain an extra few percentage points for good quality shows. This makes it marginally quicker to move up in size, even if the industry is in a poor state.
Fixed issue with workers returning from excursions to the wrong place; note that workers who are already on hiatus, except those pre-set to, will still be potentially affected as the issue is caused at the point of going on excursion.
Cosmetic stuff
(1.38 – Part II)
Fixes error that was accidentally introduced in original 1.38 where a worker can lose lots of popularity if appearing on a smaller network
Capped potential popularity gains for smallest broadcasters
Altered popularity gains from previous patch
Fixed Set Genre mass editor to include all options
Cosmetic changes
Rare issue with second show on same night being skipped for player
Potential RTE400 in very rare circumstance when going into a worker’s profile from another’s
Lowered potential popularity gains from very small broadcasters
Fixed loophole with offering PPA deals when target was touring with a company who had a working agreement with player
Cosmetic issues
Broadcaster Changes were not removed pre-game when they should have been
Reworked hiring block between companies at war; now is removed as soon as the worker leaves and is much shorter
Added Player Handbook entry on notice periods
Pre-show speeches would show a glitched ‘next’ date if done in November
Worker’s ‘are they away?’ field is now updated immediately upon signing rather than next loading period, avoiding small window where it was incorrect
Cosmetic stuff
Releasing a worker who asked for it would sometimes not update his employment history correctly
Deleting companies from editor did not update belts’ original owner field and could result in crashes when viewing affected titles
Import filter did not work when doing companies by ‘active’ only
Cosmetic issues
Adjusted backstage handling by user request so that minor entities can’t turn the locker room against major names
Adjusted backstage clique building to be more realistically handled by user request
Fixed issue introduced in contract importer in previous patch
Increased maximum amount allowed when offering bonuses by user request
Changed morale text regarding bonuses when talking to a worker to include the actual amount
Added ability to import contracts via editor (accessible via the company section of the importer)
Potential crash if user shut down own broadcaster and immediately viewed a contract without having left the screen first
Potential crash if editing user-made TV show if it was created after reverting to an older patch beforehand
Added clarifying text for when storyline heat is adjusted or created
Added clarifying text to better explain how storylines work to the “?” heat button in the storyline screen
Tinkered with morale in relation to dealing with incidents
Tinkered with some ratings stuff when matches \ angles are being run
Reduced storyline heat drop when failing to advance them despite having the participants on a show
Cosmetic stuff
Due to a previous fix, pre-show “turned up too wasted to work” incidents were being hidden and turned into “wrestled high” incidents that appeared in AM mode instead; type of drug would be switched as a result (i.e. soft drug incident would become a painkiller issue, etc)
Removed outdated info from “?” button in alliance creation page
Pre-game loans could become locked into place and never end
Parent company could be blocked from changing child company’s schedule
Massive OTT PPA contract offers from player when competing with written could product a constant cycle of signings and resignings
Removed young lion system block for companies with certain product settings
Made ‘blameless’ botch morale note more intuitive by adding a second version
RTE3021 when editing a belt from an alliance that has since closed down
Cosmetic changes