Total Extreme Wrestling 2020 getting rave reviews!

The reviews are in for Total Extreme Wrestling 2020! Across the board, TEW2020 is getting rave reviews. Here’s a sample of some of the grades and comments:GM Games -> 9.2/10 “Simply a wonderful game!”411Mania -> 9/10 “Deepest and most accessible entry”Gaming Respawn -> 8/10 “see your free time disappear”SLAM Wrestling -> 4/5 “Highly recommended” If […]

Code of Superheroes is now available for purchase!

Grey Dog Software, a Phoenix based developer of sports management simulation software for personal computers, is pleased to announce the retail release of Code of Superheroes! Have you ever read a comic book and wanted to play the hero on the pages? Now you can with Code of Superheroes, an RPG/strategy game where you don […]