Online Onslaught has recently posted their interview with Adam Ryland. The interview discusses TEW2007, the Wrestling Spirit series, and much more. Here’s a glance:

MH: Is there ever any pressure, in your mind, to make TEW less complex? Certainly management sims aren?t for everyone, but the sheer amount of statistics and options in a game like TEW can be a little overwhelming for a new player.

AR: I don’t think complexity is really the issue. The key is how you present it. For example, as statistically dense as TEW05 was, what you could actually see on-screen was just scratching the surface, there was a whole new level of depth that was hidden “behind the scenes”. So with TEW07, what we were trying to do was add even more depth and attention to detail, without overwhelming the player. What I’d hope is that the player can feel and appreciate the depth, while still feeling that he has easy control over everything.

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