World of Mixed Martial Arts 4 Patch 1.52

Patches are small updates that allow me to address user’s requests and problems quickly without having them wait weeks for a major update.

Please note that patches are designed to prevent errors from happening, not to fix things that have already gone wrong. As such, you should always try and be up-to-date with the latest patch before playing.

Retail Version Patch 1.52 (13 August 2017)

Please note that there is no current trial patch as the trial installer available from the Downloads section of this site is already the most up-to-date version.


– Unzip the file
– Copy the WMMA4.exe that you find
– Paste it over the top of your existing copy (normally found in Program Files \ GDS \ WMMA4), making sure WMMA4 is not running at the time

If you haven’t installed WMMA4, you can download the main files here first:

Main install

Free demo

You can get more information about the latest patch in our forum here.