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Unread 12-10-2019, 12:07 PM
DarK_RaideR's Avatar
DarK_RaideR DarK_RaideR is offline
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I'll echo Historian above, I've been a silent fan of this diary for a long while and was curious the other day if you ran any other ones, which is how I ran into your WWE one and read about this one's imminent stop. Never been much of the Canadian CVerse scene myself, but you sure made this captivating and it's worth every monthly award it won!
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Unread 12-10-2019, 12:59 PM
Munit Munit is online now
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Thanks for the diary man. Ive said it countless times and I think even pm'ed you about it but this dairy made me fall in love with the CVERSE and open my eyes to a whole other world out there in the fantasy wrestling universe. Sad to see this go, but also glad that Mainstream came out on top
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Unread 12-10-2019, 09:20 PM
DevilofNG DevilofNG is offline
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Going along with what the other guys said, I have to say thanks man. This diary was a fantastic read. For a while I looked at this board every single day just to see if there was some new update on this amazing story you were telling. This diary really got me into the C-Verse after having not been interested in it at all. Sad to see it go. Hopefully you'll revisit the C-Verse in TEW 2020. Good luck to you with your new diary!
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Unread 12-10-2019, 09:32 PM
Chisoku's Avatar
Chisoku Chisoku is offline
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Location: Ontario, Canada
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This was the diary I tried to keep on top of the entire time I was working, I've loved it so much the entire time. Thank you so much for your hard work! You've been a big inspiration to me for writing narrative, and for hopefully giving Canada a crack in writing a CVerse diary one day. I love Hernandez, he's my favourite non Stone or DeColt worker in Canada, and I'm so happy he got the main title nod. Keep up the amazing work on your WWE journal, I don't generally follow real life, but I'll be checking that out for sure!
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Unread 12-11-2019, 01:05 AM
TakerNGN74's Avatar
TakerNGN74 TakerNGN74 is offline
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Thank you so much for the fantastic read!
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Unread 12-14-2019, 10:27 AM
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The Lloyd The Lloyd is offline
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I just wanted to pop on here and say thank you very much for all the kind feedback there. It was a fun ride, and while I had plenty of ideas, I ran out of steam with everything. I find it easier to write for characters that I can see on TV every week (a lot), so I've returned to WWE. Found HERE. I've always had a lot of success with WWE. So how's about that contract Vince...?!
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