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Unread 12-09-2012, 01:16 PM
Adam Ryland Adam Ryland is offline
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Default TEW Live Chat

(Thanks to D-Lyrium, as this post is just a rewrite of his!)
(Rules 6, 7 & 8 added at the request of chatroom moderator MHero, in response to recent trends)

We have an ongoing IRC channel where you can participate in live chat with other players 24\7 (if you're not familiar with IRC, it's essentially just a chatroom). If you already have an IRC client, connect to (port 6667) and join channel #tew (if you do not, but would like one, check out, which has a 30 day free trial of mIRC. Other clients (X-Chat, Irssi, etc) are available and instant messengers such as Trillian have IRC support built-in).

If you're not familiar with IRC at all, fear not! Browser-based access to the chat, which works in exactly the same way, can be found here: > Click Here For Chat <
Type in any name you like in the 'Nickname' box (no signup required at all, if your name is already taken the client will just add underscores to the end until it isn't!).
Type #tew in the 'Channels' box (it should already be there).
Then hit Join Chat, and you'll be taken to where the action is!

EDIT - Please note that no member of the GDS team will ever ask you for payment details or your license code during a live chat. If someone does ask, they are trying to con you out of money \ your license and should be reported to a moderator.


Rules of The Chat Room

1 - Be respectful. If someone is posting about their work, don’t interrupt with things like “Who cares?” or “I won’t read it anyway”. If the current topic of discussion doesn’t interest you then wait a while or start a new one.

2 - Don’t impersonate GDS Staff. Unless you actually are GDS staff, you will be kicked and possibly banned from the chat room for impersonating members of staff.

3 - Don’t resort to personal insults. Being annoyed is fine but don’t start to attack anyone. This rule especially applies on GDS product launch days, which usually see far higher traffic than the usual chat room regular core (where most rules are often more relaxed). If there is a feature in the game you’re not a fan of then say so, but don’t call out the developers’ skills or attack them directly. Likewise, don't allow personal differences to become flame wars. This isn't acceptable on the boards and will not be tolerated in the chat room either. This will also see a kick & possible ban from the chat-room.

4 - Don’t discuss illegitimate copies of GDS games. We’re all here for one reason - GDS and their games - so don’t attempt to hurt their trade by offering or asking for illegitimate copies of their games. Or any other games, for that matter!

5 - Use appropriate language. We don’t mind the occasional drop of adult language (again, this is more relaxed during the quieter periods) but nothing extreme. If you wouldn’t say it in the presence of your parents/co-workers/adults you do not know, then odds are we’re not going to be too pleased with it in the chat either. Frequent breaking of this rule will result in a kick & eventually ban.

6 - Don’t spam the chat. This goes hand in hand with rule number one but a recent spate of chat spamming leads it to be its own rule now. Discussing your own save and asking for opinions/thoughts on where to go is fine. Spamming the chat and attempting to turn the discussion topic purely into being about your own save is not.

7 - No gimmick posting. By this, I mean don’t put on a character and spam the chat with 'in-character' nonsense. This is not an eFed, and doing that kind of thing for laughs stopped being funny in approximately 4BC.

8 - No blatant advertising. Do not enter the room, throw a link out to a stream or a video channel and then instantly leave. Promoting your stuff is generally ok if you're an active contributor to the chat, but not if it's done in such a way that it's obvious that the promoting of your stuff is your primary reason for being there.

Other than that, feel free to come in and join in on the discussion!
Adam Ryland
Designer of TEW, WMMA, WreSpi, and Comic Book Hero

Last edited by D-Lyrium : 08-24-2016 at 02:32 PM.
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