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Unread 07-15-2019, 08:54 AM
steev42 steev42 is offline
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Default An End to Areas...

...sort of. This is less a suggestion for even 2020, and more just a general 'wouldn't it be nice if' type suggestion.

So, if I have a promotion that has reached D+ importance in Tri-State and Mid-Atlantic, they're cult. But if instead, a promotion reaches D+ importance in New England and New Brunswick, they would not be advanced.

I'd really like to see promotion sizes phased out, or at least made more cosmetic. I want to be able to run a promotion across national borders and have the same effect as if it was all in one country. Perhaps instead of Cult/National/International/Global ratings, a promotions "size" would be a set of numbers -- how many regions you've hit D/C/B/A importance in. So, both examples above would be 2/0/0/0 promotions, and considered the same size.

This could tie into negotiations and written contracts as well. Perhaps worker A won't sign a written unless you've hit */3/0/0, but worker B would do it at 2/0/0/0. This would allow for more dynamic personalities and promotions, and wouldn't force companies to stay in one country.

I mean, with spillover, a company starting in Tri-State or New England would be more naturally going into the eastern part of Canada than trying to spread to the western US anyway -- why shouldn't their 'size' take that into consideration?

Like I said, I don't think this has a chance of getting in for 2020, but maybe something to consider going forward?
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