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Unread 09-18-2018, 07:23 AM
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JUNE 2017, WEEK 4...

Show Rating: 84

Pre-Show Match: The Natural & Solomon Gold defeated Local Enhancement Talents (62)

Announce Team:

Peter Michaels, Tom Townsend and 'RDJ' Ricky Dale Johnson

The show kicked off with the man who ended last week's show: Sean McFly!! The 'Best in the World' headed to the ring to his iconic Jimi Hendrix entrance theme, looking like he'd never been away... He asked for a microphone, and was handed one... McFly looked delighted to be back, after three months on the shelf... But he also had a twinge of sadness to his voice and actions... He began by saying that he was BACK!! And he let the crowd chant his name...

Sean McFly: “But I also have sad news... I've been offered an opportunity that's far too good to turn down... To go and work in the United States of America again (with USPW)... The U.S. is where I got my start in this business... and it was an offer I simply couldn't refuse... BUT... If I'm going out... I'm going out in STYLE!!”

Fighting the tears, and also fighting through the noise of some opinionated members of the crowd, who booed him loudly, McFly said that at Jeopardy, he'd be going out with a win... Against his Brother-in-law: Edd Stone, in a CANADIAN STREET FIGHT!! Edd was the man that took McFly out the last time he was in a NOTBPW... When they meet next month at Jeopardy, it'll be the last EVER time the 'Best in the World' is in a NOTBPW ring...

Before our opening contest got underway we got a reminder that if Dan DaLay and Derek Frost defeat The Mavericks (John Maverick and Julian Watson), they will battle Cameron Vessey and Christian Price at Jeopardy for the NOTBPW Tag Team Titles!! And then... If Robin DaLay defeats HIS mystery opponent, he'll EARN a shot on the Main Roster... General Manager Alex DeColt doesn't want either of these things to happen... So he'll be watching both matches closely...

Bad Reputation (Dan DaLay & Derek Frost) w/ Robin DaLay [vs] The Mavericks (John Maverick & Julian Watson)

In a match largely considered better than their meeting at Mid Summer Madness, Dan DaLay and Derek Frost were looking for the same result against their rivals John Maverick and Julian Watson. Both teams fought hard for the win, which would be hugely beneficial for either. But in the end, it was big Dan DaLay's 'DaLay Down' that kept Watson laying down!

Winners: Bad Reputation (Dan DaLay & Derek Frost) w/ Robin DaLay
Rating: 73
Finish: 'DaLay Down' Headbutt

Dan DaLay, Derek Frost and Robin DaLay didn't get long to celebrate the big win which has now earned Bad Reputation a Tag Team Title match at Jeopardy... Because NOTBPW General Manager Alex DeColt arrived on the stage... He sarcastically congratulated Bad Reputation, and told Robin DaLay that his singles match... was NEXT... and that the man he'll be fighting against has recently asked him for fresh competition to 'test himself' against... From half way up the ramp, Alex pointed to the stage... and the NOTBPW Canadian Champion arrived!!!

Robin DaLay w/ Dan DaLay & Derek Frost [vs] 'The Monster' Gargantuan

'One Sided'. That's not the only words you can use to describe Robin DaLay's first outing on the Main Roster, but it's a little bit nicer than 'Domination'. Or even 'Pointless'. Robin DaLay was never going to beat Gargantuan here tonight, but he kept kicking and fighting. In the end, he was slammed with the 'Ultimate Backbreaker' (Military Press Drop onto Knee)!

Winner: 'The Monster' Gargantuan
Rating: 79
Finish: 'Ultimate Backbreaker'

Gargantuan left Robin DaLay lying in the ring, as Dan DaLay and Derek Frost stood over Dan's son's broken body... The 20 year old's spirit also looked broken... And Dan knew it... He tried to help Robin to his feet, but the youngster's legs and lower back failed him... He couldn't get up... What does this mean for the future of Robin DaLay on the Main Roster...?! Can Bad Reputation get over this in time for Jeopardy...?!

We cut to two videos next, showing both Steve DeColt AND Jack DeColt arriving at the arena, separately of course... Steve and Jack have been out of action since the Fatal-4-Way Match at Glory involving Ricky DeColt, who is out indefinitely... and 'The Monster' Gargantuan, who caused all three injuries... One of Steve and Jack DeColt will get a Title Match against Gargantuan at Jeopardy, and to decide which one, the two will meet next week, on NOTBPW Championship Wrestling...!!

Katie Cameron was stood backstage, with her guest: NOTBPW Television Champion James Hernandez... 'Mr. Mainstream' said he heard what Tim Westybrook had to say about him last week, where he said he was 'too good' for Hernandez... The Television Champion said that Westybrook should prove it... tonight... in a singles match... Tim Westybrook walked up at this point, and Hernandez got a little defensive, ready for an attack... But Westybrook just wanted to accept the challenge!

Tim Westybrook: “Yeah I'll fight you tonight Hernandez... It'll be a good 'tune-up match' ahead of my Open Challenge at Jeopardy... I'm hoping the man that accepts my challenge is JUST like you...”

James Hernandez: “Ohhh 'Iron Man'... I'm going to make you regret those comments tonight... See you later...”

Ahead of our next match, we saw a Twitter exchange between Lord James King and Wade Orson, where the former told Orson that he will grant the British newcomer a singles match against him... But only if... Orson and his tag team partner can defeat 'The Gentleman' and his partner: 'Shooter' Sean Deeley!! Wade Orson's final response was that he'd chosen a partner equal to or greater than Deeley... 'The Ace' up his sleeve, Aaron Andrews... King hasn't responded since...

Wade Orson & Aaron Andrews [vs] Lord James King & Sean Deeley

Wade Orson's pick as his partner: Aaron Andrews, proved to be a wise decision. Andrews is a former World Champion in TCW, and has an incredible wrestling acumen. Of course, the same can be said for Lord James King's chosen partner: 'Shooter' Sean Deeley, who is one of the best in-ring talents NOTBPW has ever seen. Orson's clear advantage though was that Lord James King is scared of him! Tonight, that was clear, when LJK left his partner Deeley high and dry. Orson hit his 'Bounce Back' DDT finisher, and then pinned the Shooter!

Winners: Wade Orson & Aaron Andrews
Rating: 81
Finish: 'Bounce Back' (Kip-Up DDT)

Lord James King didn't hang around... He ran up the ramp backwards... desperately trying to find a way to get out of the singles match he'd promised Wade Orson if his team won... which they did... But 'Shooter' Sean Deeley wanted to speak to Aaron Andrews directly, so grabbed a microphone... Deeley told Andrews that first of all, 'The Ace' got lucky tonight... Wade Orson was a great partner... while Lord James King was a chicken***t...!!

Sean Deeley: “But let's be real Aaron... All you've done since you've been here in NOTBPW is LOSE big matches...!! You arrived with so much hype... and you're great in the ring... But you lose... and lose... and LOSE...!! Now... I want a BIG match... against YOU... at Jeopardy!!”

Aaron Andrews accepted the challenge, and warned Sean Deeley to be careful what he wished for... Andrews hasn't won a match on pay-per-view since he got here, but he HAS faced the best of the best... He entered the Super Slam Battle Royale in his first match here, and made a good showing... He then faced James Hernandez, Sonny Wildside, and Deeley at Glory, coming up short against Hernandez... and it was 'Mainstream' Hernandez who beat Andrews 1 on 1 at Mid Summer Madness... Deeley believes Andrews simply MUST win his next big pay-per-view match...

'All Business' Harrison Hash [vs] 'The King of the Wasteland' Mutant w/ Aldous Blackfriar

Another one-sided affair here, but much less so than the Robin DaLay versus Gargantuan match from earlier tonight. Mutant is a big man, and one that Harrison Hash struggled to move around the ring. But Hash has been wrestling for longer than Mutant has been alive!! He knew how to get the big man down and keep him there!! In the end though, he ran right into the 'Tina Turner' from Mutant, and was pinned by the 360lber!

Winner: 'The King of the Wasteland' Mutant w/ Aldous Blackfriar
Rating: 73
Finish: 'Tina Turner' (Brick Wall Clothesline)

Aldous Blackfriar grabbed a microphone, and stood in the ring with his friend and bodyguard Mutant as Harrison Hash struggled to get to his feet on the other side of the ring... Aldous said that next week, Harrison Hash's life won't be getting any easier... because it'll be Hash and Blackfriar... 1 on 1... in a re-match from their outing two weeks ago, which Hash won!! After Mutant had 'softened up' Hash, Aldous now believes the match will be a 'fair' 1 on 1 match!!

Backstage, Sonny Wildside and Solomon Gold were in a locker room, thanking The Natural for his help last week... The veteran American saved the two fan favourites from a beating at the hands of Sean Deeley, Ernest Youngman, and The Ring Generals Dean Waldorf and Marv Statler... The Natural said that Wildside and Gold were BOTH in contention to be his new tag team partner in the absence of Owen Love... But Wildside said he thinks Gold would make the better partner... Dubbing them 'The American Blondes'...!!

Ernest Youngman, Dean Waldorf and Marv Statler walked up at this point, laughing at what they'd just heard come out of Sonny Wildside's mouth... 'The American Blondes' sounded stupid to them, and they're going to prove how stupid a tag team pairing the two are next week... The Natural and Solomon Gold in their first televised match together... Taking on 'The Ring Generals' Dean Waldorf and Marv Statler!! Sonny Wildside said he'd gladly fight Ernest Youngman TONIGHT... But he can't...

Sonny Wildside: “As much as I'd love to beat you again Ernest... Tonight I have the former NOTBPW Canadian Champion: Jack DeColt... in the Main Event!!”

'Mainstream' James Hernandez [vs] 'The Iron Man' Tim Westybrook

James Hernandez and Tim Westybrook are no strangers to one another, and it was no surprise to see them put on the match of the night here. Hernandez used his quickness to stay out of Westybrook's grasp, and keep the big man guessing. Westybrook is an experienced competitor though, and he knew what he needed to do. Stay patient, and stay focused, and that's exactly what he did! As soon as he got an opportunity, Herandez was taken down, and was in real trouble! However, Hernandez is as resilient as they come, and he was able to withstand the barrage of attacks from the 290lber. In the end, he was able to hit the 'Apparition #14' twice, and keep Westybrook down for three!

Winner: 'Mainstream' James Hernandez
Rating: 85
Finish: 'Apparition #14' Spear

After the match was over, James Hernandez had his hand raised, and 'Mighty' Danny Cavanagh made his way to the ring... Cav is Hernandez's opponent for Jeopardy, but he's been in a rivalry with Tim Westybrook for the best part of a year!! At first, it looked as though Cav was going to take out Tim Westybrook, and the big 'Iron Man' cowered in the corner... But the big fan favourite slammed into Hernandez, knocking him off his feet initially... A shoulder tackle, followed by a big 'Dominator' was enough to keep the NOTBPW Television Champion down... But Cav still felt the need to hit his sit out spinebuster finisher!! He then grabbed a microphone...

Danny Cavanagh: “You have been sticking your nose in too much business James... The only thing you should be focused on... is ME... And Tim Westybrook... Buddy... I'm going to BEAT James Hernandez for the NOTBPW Television Title... and then I might just answer your little open challenge in the same, damn, night...”

Next up... We saw a promo video for the returning Joey Poison!!

Seemingly now known as only 'Poison', the 40 year old Canadian has had a great career... but finally got a big break when NOTBPW signed him around 14 months ago... Unfortunately for Poison, he suffered a career threatening concussion that many thought would force him to retire from in-ring competition... But almost 12 months to the day later, and this was the first promo video for his return!! No news on a return date just yet... but it can't be far away...

'The Man Without Fear' Sonny Wildside [vs] 'Wild Man' Jack DeColt

Two men with very different styles in this Main Event, and the clash was interesting, without being spectacular. Sonny Wildside is a high-flying daredevil who will do absolutely anything to win a match or entertain a crowd. He lives up to his nickname as 'The Man Without Fear' every time he competes! The same could be said for 'Wild Man' Jack DeColt. All of his matches are wild brawls, and that's just the way he likes it. He can brawl with anyone 1 on 1, and can turn any match into the match he wants to have! Here tonight, Wildside tried, but he was no match for the cunning DeColt, who won it with his 'End of Days' finisher!

Winner: 'Wild Man' Jack DeColt
Rating: 81
Finish: 'End of Days' (Baron Corbin's Finisher)

After the match was finished, Jack DeColt stood on a turnbuckle and scoured the crowd for his brother Steve DeColt... 'The Outsider' likes to sit deep into the crowd and watch from a safe distance at times... It didn't take long for both Jack DeColt and the cameras to pick Steve out... He stood up and glared at his brother... The two DeColts will do battle here next week, for the chance to face Gargantuan at Jeopardy... It's not exactly a desirable prize to want to win... But at least they'll be getting a NOTBPW Canadian Title shot...

Bad Reputation [def.] The Mavericks
Gargantuan [def.] Robin DaLay
Wade Orson & Aaron Andrews [def.] Lord James King & Sean Deeley
Mutant [def.] Harrison Hash
James Hernandez [def.] Tim Westybrook
Jack DeColt [def.] Sonny Wildside

USPW have completed the signing of another former SWF World Heavyweight Champion: 40 year old Rogue, whose second reign at the top of SWF only ended four months ago... USPW's roster is looking really good right now, but a lot of their recent signings are the wrong side of 40... (Rogue, Sean McFly, Duane Stone, Eddie Peak)... The 27 year old Jared Johnson is the only recent new arrival that bucks that trend...

In the 'Half Year Awards', two NOTBPW stars have been named among the winners... and potential winners of the full prize... Sonny Wildside has been named as 'Young Wrestler of the Year' (so far)... and Steve DeColt is up for 'Veteran Wrestler of the Year' (so far)... There's still a long way to go, but it's good to see some NOTBPW in the running...

[OOC] Prize winners for the month of June will be announced shortly!
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