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Unread 07-13-2019, 04:21 PM
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Default Gender Identity, Sexuality, etc.

Currently in wrestling there is an upswing of transgendered wrestlers al over the world.

Currently there is no way to correctly sim how all available playable areas actually handle this. In Japan they allow wrestlers like ASUKA *not the WWE wrestler) wrestle in women's promotions. I the US you have Nyla Rose who again competes with females. In Mexico however you have several of the exoticos that aren't just gay/and or playing a character, but luchadors like Miss Gaviota and Estrella Divina who identify as transgendered women, Gaviota going through and getting a reassignment surgery. Now in Mexico they wouldn't allow the 2 mentioned wrestle in a women's division/license as a women wrestler. They delegate them to being an exotico, but not able to compete for a women's championship.

Now I think to sim this it should be included the gender choices of male-female transsexual and female-male transsexual to better sim the reality of the current wrestling scene. And with that maybe adding to titles that a transgendered male-female can compete for and with women and women titles without making things as simple as mixed gender matches.

Now sure you could assign those wrestlers as their identified genders of female, but again it doesn't apply to all game areas in creating a realistic sim as some of the available game areas aren't as progressive as others nor allow for possible realistic storytelling/ vs a man or woman playing the opposite gender in a Harvina/Santina Marella offensive representation.

Also with the possibility of adding transgendered individuals the sexuality of pansexual, as well as asexual could possibly be added to further sim reality.
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