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Unread 04-14-2016, 09:12 PM
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So the RAW experiment went poorly. Croft, Goode and Steele are the only ones that I enjoyed booking. Everyone else looks like a surfer dude. Hard to get behind the characters enough to make it fun for me. Croft is like a younger Rich Money!
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Unread 04-15-2016, 12:57 AM
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Originally Posted by lr10540 View Post
So the RAW experiment went poorly. Croft, Goode and Steele are the only ones that I enjoyed booking. Everyone else looks like a surfer dude. Hard to get behind the characters enough to make it fun for me. Croft is like a younger Rich Money!
lol I can understand that. Croft reminds me of rich money, Goode reminds me of Steve, and Steele reminds me of Remo. I've never played as SWF but those are the comparisons I make. As far as everyone else, Captain Wrestling II reminds me of an Aussie Christian Faith. It helps that his bio also says that he was one of the central figures in getting RAW to the level it's at soooo yeah
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Unread 04-15-2016, 01:03 PM
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I just decided to start a tag team tournament, and while developing teams I decided to pair up Ace Youngblood & The Pilgrim...

Assuming there's no negative chemistry, "American Thanksgiving" is born
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Unread 04-15-2016, 03:19 PM
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Originally Posted by lr10540 View Post
So the RAW experiment went poorly. Croft, Goode and Steele are the only ones that I enjoyed booking. Everyone else looks like a surfer dude. Hard to get behind the characters enough to make it fun for me. Croft is like a younger Rich Money!
That is sad to hear, but I can agree, outside of the main event there isn't alot of stand out characters.

Part of the reason I am having as much fun booking Maurice Jackson, he's a hyper cocky babyface who won the Quest Title in his debut, has only lost 1 match and loves going through opponents all with a smile on his face.

I plan on pushing him, having him get more and more success in RAW before snapping, turning on the fans and becoming my uber heel.

Its all about the opportunity, you're the top company in the region, just have fun, take a worker and try something outlandish, take the risks.

if its not for you that's cool though.
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Unread 04-15-2016, 06:05 PM
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Doing dry run of January '91 WCW in preparation for TEW 16. Here are things I did/plan on doing and what I learned from it.

Stan Hansen vs. Vader:
The premise is simple. Stan Hansen took out Vader's eye in Japan and Vader is out for revenge. The setup is a little tougher given that they are both heels at the time and the idea is to turn Hansen rather than Vader. It's weird that a dude who put out a guys eye is the face, but it can probably work.

What I learned: I need to switch WCW Saturday Night tapings to Mondays immediately as Hansen is loyal to AJPW (and a bunch of other guys work there) and since they are bigger than WCW at this time, they get priority. This means I literally can not use Hansen at all unless I move tapings around.

The Dangerous Duo vs. The Team of Tomorrow
The mod comes preloaded with a Paul E. Dangerously/Missy Hyatt feud. Which is weird because neither are wrestlers, Missy doesn't manage anybody and Heyman only managers Mr. Hughes (who himself manages Alexandria York for some reason). So the idea is to partially recreate the dangerous alliance with Heyman managing Zbyzsko and Bobby Eaton as a tag team vs. Missy's duo of Owen Hart and Dustin Rhodes.

The Owen/Rhodes tag team is only a stepping stone for Owen, as the long term plan is to turn him heel, group him with Scott Hall, Kevin Nash, DDP (as a wrestler) and bring in Gary Hart to create the stable Harts and Diamonds.

Things I learned: Nash is a pain as usual, but doesn't have the pull to actually be a detrimental part of the locker room. Actually the locker room is absurdly harmonious. That will probably change in 2016. Also, DDP's contract is manager only and doesn't expire for 6 months so we'll have to tread water in the interim.

Buddy Landell vs. Norman the Lunatic
Sid Vicious's contract comes up in 2 months, Tully isn't in the company. We need a 4th Horsemen and Buddy Landell desperately needs a gimmick change where he isn't constantly compared to Flair. I'm not sure how making him a Horseman will change that, but then again it worked for Tully. This is a something to give Landell a bit of heat beforehand. It's the typical "I'm a smarmy pretty boy heel, get this crazy person out of my sight." Type deals.

Things I learned: Heels outnumber faces on this roster 2 to 1. Some turns will have to happen. Most of the people I bring in will have to be brought in as faces. Unfortunately this meant I brought Cactus Jack in as a face. Which is stupid at this point in his career. On the other hand somehow pairing him with Norman is one of those things that just clicked creatively. And it gives me a use for Mike Shaw, which might be a really good thing come 2016.

The Steiner Bros vs. Doom
This will be a war to unify the United States Tag and World Tag Titles into the WCW World Tag Titles. Because I like having a strong tag division, but 2 titles are just too many.

Things I learned: The Steiners will probably be tag champs for awhile, since most of the other credible, or potentially credible tag teams on the roster are heels.

The Horsemen vs. Sting
The obvious hot angle of the year. And one that I can't not run.

Things I learned: Sting and Flair and way more popular than anybody else on the roster. Which means I probably have to choose between compromising their popularity or have them feud endlessly with each other.

The WCW World Title Grand Tournament
Basically the same deal as Wrestlemania 4. Controversial finish to a Sting/Flair match leaves the title open. The difference being on my part that I plan on trying to bring in a lot of popular outside talent on one-shot deals to give the tournament a sense of prestige.

Things I learned: Ricky Steamboat is unemployed and almost popular enough that I can have him win the whole thing and have it not be a travesty.

The Giant Killers
Two concordant angles revolving around bouncing the US title from Luger to Vader to Pillman. At the same time bouncing the TV title from Zenk to One Man Gang to Eddy Guerrero.

Things I learned: Having Eddy come in as a face with no connection to anybody else on the roster might be a mistake. Reuniting him with Art Barr as a heel is probably a smarter move...but I also learned about Art Barr and I'm not sure I want to employ him.

The WCW Six Man Title Belt
I had forgotten that WCW had this. It's inactive at the time but I will definitely be reinstating it.

Things I learned: A lot of duos on the roster can easily become trios. (Bringing in Austin to team with Larry Z and Eaton, turning Tim Horner to join the York foundation. Adding Pillman to the lily white Rhodes/Owen team).
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Unread 04-16-2016, 12:29 PM
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Running a GCG game in an alternate database, coming close onto finishing my first year.

Started at Cult, ran a number of simpler angles in January-February while keeping an eye on how other wrestlers developed, did a few GCG vs. WEXXV and GCG vs. WSW shows and began grooming youngsters.

Culminated at GCG A Nation Under Our Feet Had Jimmy Cox put over Hyobanshi for the title, Takayuki make himself the new contender by beating Hiroyasu and then SUKI retained over Eagle Kawasawa to end their years long trading of the Openweight Championship.

Underneath those marquee matches I had Pistol Pete Hall beat Tanyu Toshusai, saw my next-gen team Legacy beat Samoan Destruction and had Shotaro/Yasuhide drop the GCG World Tag Team titles to Kiminobu/Namboku.

Took a month off and came back in April for nearly a dozen shows across it and May, culminating in the GCG Anniversary Show in May where I had Takayuki 2000 unseat Toshiharu Hyobanshi for the GCG World Heavyweight title. SUKI lost his GCG Openweight to Yasuhide Tayama, while the GCG World Tag Team titles were retained by Kiminobu/Namboku.

A pair of shows versus EXODUS/WLW guys took place on this tour, along with a lot of few BHOTWG/INSPIRE guys like Sanemoto (retired at the end of the tour and put over Tanyu Toshusai in his last match on PPV), Roy Edison (working alongside Pistol Pete Hall as a tag), Oleg Dorosklov (working alongside Jimmy Cox). Also stole two of PGHW's young lions and raised up Azumemaro Shimizu, so it's official that half my regulars at this point are under 30.

Took a month off again before prepping for the Challenger Series, which is basically my version of the G1 Climax running through the same months.

Centered around GCG Parade of Champions, it ran for eleven 3-hour PPVs with a battle royal for the guys not on the card. Used a lot of ex-BHOTWG/INSPIRE/PGHW/WLW stars, building the series around keeping Toshiharu Hyobanshi, Hiroyasu Gakusha and Takayuki 2000 as top-level guys while building Eagle Kawasawa, Mauchi Furusawa and SUKI as their complementing three. Eiji Hamacho getting released from BHOTWG made him a no-brainer, and while I debated about giving Mabuchi Furusawa the finals win over him (Eiji won Block B), I ultimately let Eiji win so I could book Eiji vs. Takayuki in Novemebr for the World Heavyweight title...

The summer tour was basically me siphoning off as much pop as I could from any idiot who agreed to a tour, rotating the pop around to my regulars and my young guys. Guys like Pistol Pete Hall, Jimmy Cox and Samoan Destruction officially became tour guys rather than regulars, while others like American Elemental, Hell Monkey, The Great Hisato, Black House, Joshua Taylor, Dark Eagle, Arjen Van Den Lynne, Roy Edison & Oleg Dorosklov just took a massive downgrade in popularity across Japan.

PGHW hit national to this point and stole a few of my non-loyal guys like Rejiro Hiraki, as well as my commentators and a referee. Hit back by robbing WLW though, and I've taken on tour a couple of their released veterans like Nobuatsu Tasako and Brynden Holmes.

I've also taken the bold step of issuing my first written contracts, but not to any of my own GCG loyalists. The talents war is getting heated in Japan, and with TCW at Cult and perhaps USPW as well, I decided to look over the Pacific and steal several guys (while grabbing a couple more in Japan).

I took Brandon Smith, Cameron Vessey, Greg Gauge, KAZ, and KC Glenn and signed them all to three year written contracts as cheaply as I could manage. Thinking reasonably, they'll be able to provide good matches on the undercard for my regulars as long as I need them to, and once my native young lions (8 all in all) are capable of taking over match-quality wise I'll make it possible for them to go elsewhere and exceed.

Realistically though, they'll be the henchmen to whatever aging popular Big 2 stars I can get to come in to put over my own guys on tours.

So now I'm in October, prepping for the Autumn Outbreak series. This is basically built as GCG vs. Outsiders, with Eiji Hamacho and Nobatsu Tasako as my main heel duo.

Unfortunately Eiji just announced his retirement in three months and I couldn't persuade him, so he's going to "announce" it at the first GCG show, and make a Young Lion Invitational facing each of my lions across eight shows, all the way leading into GCG Against the World where he'll lose to Takayuki. I think I might have the numbers to do an equal number of single specials for Takayuki, but I need to check and be careful.

Card for that so far:

GCG World Heayvweight - Eiji Hamcho vs. Takayuki 2000 (c)
Special Singles - Nobuatsu Tasako vs. SUKI
GCG World Tag Team - Samoan Destruction vs. Kiminobu Kuroki & Namboku Makuda (c)
Special Tag - Cameron Vessey & KC Glenn vs. Bunrakuken Torii & Razan Okamoto
Special Tag - American Bulldozer & Greg Gauge vs. Shotaro Ikina & Sozen Ishinomori
GCG Openweight - Billy Russell vs. Yasuhide Tayama
Special Six Man - Funakoshi Monou, Mabuchi Furusawa & Tanyu Toshusai vs. Eagle Kawasawa, Haranobu Kobyashi & Hiroyasu Gakusha
Special Singles - Toshiharu Hyobanshi vs. KAZ
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I only have 7 PPV's a year now. I did have 16, with 6 Raw/SD exclusive planned out, but just decided it's too much effort and very little build for that many PPV's.

Royal Rumble - Week 4 January
Wrestlemania - Week 1 March
Elimination Chamber - Week 4 May
Summerslam - Week 4 August
Night Of Champions - Week 4 September
Survivor Series - Week 4 November
End Of Year Award Special/Judgement Day - Week 4 December

I did a totally random brand split, and still managed to get teams together and the whole Wyatt Family on Raw!


Raw Heavyweight: Vacant (New)(Going to be either Bray, Cena or Bryan)(Probably end up going the safe Cena route)
Raw Intercontinental: Derrick Bateman (1st Time Champ)(6 Defences)
Raw Womens: Bayley (2 Time Champ)(0 Defences)
Raw Tag Team: Vacant (Going to be either Balor Clubs own Young Bucks or The Wolves)

SD Heavyweight: Seth Rollins (3 Time Champ)(0 Defences)
SD United States: Vacant (US Title was 'unified' a while ago)
SD Lightweight: Vacant (New Title to compete with Womens Title, like old times)
SD Tag Team: The New Day (3 Time Champs)(0 Defences)

If people are interested, I can post up my roster too. Raws main Eventers are Alberto Del Rio, Bray Wyatt, Daniel Bryan, Derrick Bateman & John Cena while Smackdowns are Dean Ambrose, Jeff Hardy, Kevin Owens, Randy Orton, Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins & Sheamus. It's fair to say that Smackdown probably got the better draft, although I will be doing a draft on the Raw/SD after Mania AND the End Of Year PPV.

Anything else y'all want to know, just ask
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Unread 04-17-2016, 03:49 PM
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Now I'm headed into the Royal Rumble in 2017. Bray Wyatt won the WWE title off of Dean Ambrose at the December PPV (Anarchy Reigns), and Kevin Owens won the World Heavyweight Championship off of Finn Balor the month before at Survivor Series by making it a Triple Threat match (also involving Chris Jericho) before it started due to his Money in the Bank privileges.

I fired a couple of tag teams--Epico/Primo and the Prime Time Players--since they weren't doing anything. I wrote off PTP by having BULLETproof (Doc Gallows and Karl Anderson with the leader, a top-heel Roman Reigns, in case you forgot) dismantle them after winning a Royal Rumble qualifier over Young, O'Neil and John Cena, and I had Epico and Primo fired by SmackDown GM Paul Heyman after losing their qualifiers to Enzo and Big Cass (who debuted by defeating the Dudleyz on the pre-show of Anarchy Reigns). People on the "might release soon" chopping block also include The Usos (which might piss off Rock, Roman and maybe Tamina), Randy Orton (I just have nothing to do with him now, which was the reason Big Show and Mark Henry were released), The Miz and, surprisingly, John Cena, who is at the bottom of the firing list, since he has pretty much faded out of relevancy due to Reigns, Rollins, Wyatt, Ambrose and the like; he isn't even a Franchise Player on the list anymore!

I gave some of the midcarders like Goldust and R-Truth a break from the main roster by letting them hang out in NXT for a little bit. The end result is Goldust winning the NXT title and having a few great matches with the hopefuls.

In NXT's uppercard currently, are Chris Scobille (Jimmy Jacobs), Jimmy Havoc, Evan Bourne, R-Truth, Michael Hutter (EC3), Ted DiBiase Jr., Extreme Tiger (Tigre Uno), London and Kendrick, The Mechanics, Blake and Murphy, William Regal, Rhyno, Austin Aries and Alex Riley.

Then NXT's women's division includes Christina Von Eerie, Tessa Blanchard, Tamina, Summer Rae, Naomi Alexa Bliss, Adrienne Reese (Athena from SHIMMER), Santana Garrett, the Bella Twins (brought down to train the younger generation) and so forth.

Some of the workers I've got an eye on in the other promotions include Marty Scurll (I could have him in a heel tag team with Adam Rose), Kazuchika Okada (2016 Wrestler of the Year), Roderick Strong (surprisingly one of the most over guys outside of WWE in this game, in the mid-70s of popularity) and Pentagon Jr. (might have him and La Sombra join forces) Then there's Trent Baretta, doing great in PWG and ROH to the point of being a main eventer there, then Katsuyori Shibata, and then Rey Mysterio's still growing in his 40s,

The Young Bucks and Kenny Omega I already have plans to bring in and be The Elite in WWE, maybe feuding with New Day down the line after WrestleMania; who knows what might happen?
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Unread 04-18-2016, 02:59 AM
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Originally Posted by HRTVAndrew View Post
Just moved to a different apartment but got into June 1996 the other day. Razor Ramon did leave the promotion, but Diesel re-upped for three years (had to keep him off house shows as a perk, but that was it).

I'm building up KOTR '96 as a big show, with a couple of major blow-off matches. My HBK-Taker feud will finish at Hell in a Cell, while the Steiners and Harts will face off in an "I Quit" match and Foley/Funk will defend the tag titles against Piper/Jarrett. The tournament itself will start on Raw, and since I've got several midcard to upper-midcard guys not doing much, the bracket should be pretty easy to fill (at the moment, I'm leaning towards HHH winning and continuing his push up the card, but that isn't set in stone).

Steve Austin beat Owen Hart for the IC title (thanks to interference from the Steiners), and after his first title defense against Barry Windham, a surprise appearance from The Great Muta prevented him from doing further damage. I got Muta in a talent trade with NJPW; when I signed Dick Togo and Men's Teioh a while back, I had loose plans for them. However, they haven't caught on, so I've mainly gotten use out of loaning them to Japanese promotions and getting some cheap talent in return (for a little while, Jushin Liger had the ability to work for both WCW and WWF!). In this case, I sent Togo, Teioh, and Ultimo Dragon to Japan for the right to use Muta five times, and he'll face Austin for the IC title at KOTR.

My other big development is in the cruiserweight division. Mysterio just finished a feud with Vader (Vader won the blow-off, but Mysterio got a ton of offense and got a big rub by being involved), and following a match with Hakushi on Raw, 2 Cold Scorpio debuted by attacking him. I have this planned to set up a feud for the brand new WWF Cruiserweight Championship, culminating in a ladder match at SummerSlam.

Other feuds: Ahmed Johnson-Steven Regal will finish at KOTR. Diesel is having a short feud with Sgt. Slaughter leading up to that show, and Lance Storm and Dean Malenko continue to move up the tag team ranks by feuding with the freshly-signed duo of Crush and Smash (Ax retired, unfortunately, so no reunion of the original Demolition). Doug Williams (who's been given a Street Fighter gimmick, so think of him as a British version of Dean Ambrose) is feuding with Windham to get him some exposure, and I've paired him up with Brother Love as a manager.

In developmental news, many of my signings are complaining about being cooped up. However, a bunch still have plenty of room to improve, so they'll stay down there a few months. We're getting close to the debut of one Dwayne Johnson, in particular. My only recent signing of note was Adam Pearce; it's been pretty quiet in terms of new guys being generated.
In one of my "on again, off again" runs of playing, I've gotten through KOTR '96. As an aside, I have a Mac, so until someone posts a tutorial of how to get TEW '16 to a Mac using Wine or a similar program, I'll be rolling with TEW '13.

I have no complaints about that, because KOTR was a really good show, complete with the weirdest "shockingly good" match I've ever seen. Diesel and Sgt. Slaughter (yes, THAT Sgt. Slaughter) had an 89-rated match in the midcard. Meanwhile, the Harts and Steiners put on a clinic (94), and HBK defeated Taker in the Cell due to interference from Vader. Meanwhile, HHH beat The British Bulldog to earn the KOTR crown, and the game is now prompting me to make him a Main Eventer. I'm not ready to do that quite yet, but it's nice to know that my effort to get some momentum going worked out.

I've started formulating my SummerSlam plans since that's the next big show. Owen Hart will get a shot in the main event, as he's slotted with HBK in title matches. Taker will seek revenge against Vader in a pretty easy storyline to write, Lance Storm and Dean Malenko get their shots at the tag titles held by Mick Foley and Terry Funk, and, in the program I'm most excited to run (and it's NOT close), Roddy Piper will turn face and challenge Steve Austin for the Intercontinental title (Austin retained against Muta, who went back to Japan after fulfilling his five dates).

Other feuds: Ahmed Johnson (who defeated Steven Regal) will go up against the Steiner Brothers, Bam Bam Bigelow will feud with John Layfield (who I called up a few months back and has had a few good matches), HHH gets Goldust, and Bret Hart (who I have nothing else to do with at the moment) will feud with Yokozuna (who he's got freakish chemistry with; thank you, TEW Gods, for giving me SOMETHING useful from the big guy!).

The Diesel/Slaughter and Scorpio/Mysterio feuds will continue. Originally, I had other plans for Slaughter (I wanted to try him and Duggan out as a patriotic tag team, and I still might do that down the line), but the matches he's having with Diesel are too good to not continue the feud for at least another month. Meanwhile, Scorpio became the first-ever WWF Cruiserweight Champion at KOTR, and Mysterio goes into title-chasing mode.

I've thrown a ton of the younger guys into a Cruiserweight Division storyline. It gives them something to do, plus I can throw a lot of their matches on Superstars and give guys the rub based on that. It keeps guys busy, and I should get some fun openers out of it.

I'll probably be calling a few guys up once the calendar rolls into July (so I can get the extra month of development out of them that kicks in on July 1st). There's a few who are almost ready for prime time, and the early favorites to get the call are Ekmo (aka Umaga), Billy Kidman, Yoshihiro Yamazaki (Tiger Mask IV), and some guy named Dwayne.
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Unread 04-18-2016, 04:48 AM
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Am just a few weeks away from Wrestlemania 1997. I'm pretty happy with the card I've got so far;

Shawn Michaels (c) vs. Steve Austin - WWF Title

Austin won the rumble and has been making Michaels life hell ever since. HBK has been getting frustrated that his "good guy" approach is only resulting in ass kickings. He won a 4 corners match at February's In Your House to confirm his status as champion and Wrestlemania main eventer only for Austin to jump him after the match and beat him to a bloody pulp. The plan is for a double turn at Wrestlemania with HBK retaining.

Undertaker vs. Mankind -

Undertaker has undertaken (that sounds good!) a 3 stages of hell challenge from his former mentor Paul Bearer. The stipulation was that at each PPV he would face one member of Bearer's army. If he lost to The Executioner at the Royal Rumble, he would be banned from entering the Rumble event. He won, but the army screwed him out of winning the rumble later that evening. If he lost to Vader at In Your House, he would never be allowed to wrestle at Wrestlemania again. He won this also. The finale is him and Mankind. If Undertaker loses, Paul Bearer will forever own his soul. If he wins however, he gets Paul Bearer 1 on 1 in a Hell in a Cell match. Undertaker will win.

Bret Hart & Jim Neidhart vs. Owen Hart & British Bulldogg

When the family feud reignited, Bret Hart turned to his old tag team partner and fellow family member Jim Neidhart. Owen + Bulldogg had challenged Bret and a partner of his choice to a tag team match with their titles on the line. Bret revealed The Anvil as his partner and won the tag titles on an episode of RAW. Owen + The Anvil's fighting on the outside of the ring, caused both the Bulldogg and Bret their chance at WWF Title glory in the 4 corners match at In Your House. Caught up in this feud is long time family friend Brian Pillman. Both sides are vying for his alliance and he is torn on where to side. His unintended distractions have cost both sides matches. He has been given the power to shift the balance at Wrestlemania. Brian Pillman will make a choice and join one of the teams to make it a handicap match. I'm yet to decide which team it will be, but whoever he choses will win.

Hunter Hearst Helmsley (c) vs. Ahmed Johnson vs. Buff Bagwell

HHH and Ahmed Johnson have been involved in a class war since January. HHH looks down on Ahmed, his background, the way he speaks, everything. Ahmed doesn't care, he just wants the Intercontinental Title and to shut HHH up. A debuting Buff Bagwell, desperate for attention, decided to interject himself into the feud. Buff doesn't care for eithers personal issues with each other, he just wants the focus to be on him. The 3 battle for the IC Title, where I expect I'll hand Buff the title (as I had to pay him a fair amount to steal from WCW)

The Headbangers (c) vs. ??? - WWF Tag Titles

Farooq vs. Crush vs. Savio Vega - For the rights to the Nation of Domination stable

Bull Nakano (c) vs. Luna Vachon - WWF Womens Title

A Battle Royal

Other news from around the game, Ric Flair's contract was up. I tried to sign him but couldn't match what WCW gave him. It was around $74,000, 5 years, creative control, and it's a PPV only deal. No way I was giving PPV only to a man of his age, for that much, and that many years!
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Unread 04-18-2016, 05:38 AM
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Originally Posted by HRTVAndrew View Post
In one of my "on again, off again" runs of playing, I've gotten through KOTR '96. As an aside, I have a Mac, so until someone posts a tutorial of how to get TEW '16 to a Mac using Wine or a similar program, I'll be rolling with TEW '13.
It will be literally the exact same way for both games. If you have TEW13 running on a mac, do the same for TEW16 and it will work.
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Unread 04-18-2016, 10:40 AM
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I've been going through the 1995 Real World mod, and so far I've been having a blast doing so. I'm a month away from Starrcade, with World War 3 having just wrapped up. Here's the card that went down:


The American Males d. Big Bubba Rogers and Scott Norton

During the buildup to the giant 60 man battle royal I had these four guys in a ten man battle royal that The Giant won. The narrative goes that during that match the American Males went on a decent clean up, their biggest ones being Scott Norton and Big Bubba Rogers. Not happy at being thrown out by a couple of pretty boys the duo attacked the Males and challenged them for a match at WW3. End result was victory thanks to a flash pinfall by Marcus Bagwell, giving the Males good momentum since I'm putting them against the Heat at Starrcade.

Masahiro Chono d. Perro Aguayo

This match was due to me not realizing that Chono and Aguayo wouldn't wrestle for an hour in the battle royal, so I had to improvise and put on a "NJPW vs AAA Showcase." They did pretty good tho, and odds are I'm gonna use Chono again because I love his look, plus he's got decent pop in the US.

Main Show:

Johnny B. Badd d. Diamond Dallas Page in a Two Out of Three Falls Match for the WCW World Television Championship

This one has been going on for a while, and after months of Johnny chasing a cheating champion, DDP gave Badd one last chance, with Badd accepting provided that this time DDP not bring Diamond Doll to the ring. But Diamond hasn't been happy about this, even going so far to interrupt an double interview and call them both morons before storming off. DDP autopushes to the Main Event so I'm more than happy to get the TV title off of him, and Badd is basically JTTS for life in this game. I'm still shaky on my plans from here, but so far I'm looking at a DDP face turn as he faces Col. Parker's new Stud Stable, with the all Canadian force of Rick Martel, Chris Jericho, and Lance Storm being led by a vindictive Diamond Doll.

Eddie Guerrero d. Dean Malenko for the WCW Cruiserweight Championship

I made Eddie the very first Cruiserweight Champion back in fall, and so far he's done pretty good. I'm trying to go with a sense of establishing the division, so having these two go back and forth seems to be the best way. Dean is hellbent on proving he's the best while Eddie just wants the guy to fight him with the same respect Eddie has towards him, but considering after this match Dean rejected a handshake proves that won't be happening soon. This won't be their last fight, I'm planning on adding Jushin Liger and Sabu to this story, leading to a four way Cruiserweight Championship match at Starrcade.

Chris Benoit d. Brian Pillman

Back in September I had the Horseman start to reform, with Arn and Ric announcing their intentions to watch WCW talent to choose their next Horsemen. At Fall Brawl they had chosen their 3rd man in Brian Pillman, whose been fanatical with his defense of his mentors so far. After Brian I had them hype up Chris Benoit so much...only for him to end up rejecting their offer, saying that if he was going to be a top guy in WCW, it'll be through his own efforts.

And of course the Horsemen being the Horsemen, they beat the holy hell out of him. Cue forward to Halloween Havoc, where after saving the American Males from a beatdown by Arn and Brian the Rock and Roll Express offer their help to Benoit, leading to a 3v3 match that the Horsemen won. With Ric and Arn looking forward to WW3 I had Pillman straight up attack Benoit after the Havoc, saying that he won't let Benoit anywhere near the three rings in WW3, let alone Ric and Arn in the match. After weeks of constant attacks Benoit finally got one over the Horsemen, getting entry into WW3 as well as being the one to throw out Ric Flair.

From here I'm definitely making it Chris Benoit vs Ric Flair at Starrcade, the question now is how to get their with Arn also blocking the way.

Randy Savage d. Raven

So far this feud has been my absolute favorite. After Fall Brawl the babyfaces of Randy Savage, Sting, and Hulk Hogan all went their separate ways, not really having the time to worry about each others problems anymore. For Savage this was all thanks to a three man attack by a debuting Flock consisting of Raven and KroniK (Brian Adams and Bryan Clarke). For the next few weeks they would taunt Randy, with a mystery 4th man also joining in their verbal torment and dodging Randy's demands of a fight. In the end it was all thanks to WCW Commissioner Dusty Rhodes who got a match, by not only booking it with his authority, but putting himself in it!

So at Halloween Havoc it was Dusty and Savage against KroniK, but mid match Raven destroyed Dusty with a chair, causing a DQ victory for him and Savage. After the match The Flock still wasn't done with Savage as "Stunning" Steve Austin made his return to WCW, coming out from under the ring and attacking Savage as he checked on Dusty. So with that in mind Randy's been on a warpath, making demand after demand for Steve Austin to fight him at WW3. But considering the battle royal is for the World Heavyweight Championship Austin has put Savage in the back of his mind, leaving Raven and KroniK to deal with him.

So Randy goes after the next best thing, challenging Raven to a match, saying that if he can't get the head of the snake he'll at least shut up his noisy bird! But Raven doesn't take kindly to that and uses a chair to bust open Savage on the go-home show, signaling that he accepts. At WW3 Randy has a good fight with Raven and wins, but gets brutalized by the entire Flock once more, barely fazed by the loss and more happy about laying out Savage again.

But that comes back to bite them as a bleeding but full "Madness Mode" Savage runs in during the WW3 battle royal and eliminates Steve Austin, leading to a full out brawl before security swarms both men and separates them.

After some build-up and promos by Austin explaining the purpose of The Flock it's going to be Savage vs Austin, and currently I'm still on the fence of who to have win since Austin's popularity is a good 30 or so points from Randy's in the US. But hopefully I can build it up for the PPV in 4 weeks.

Lex Luger beat Sting for the WCW United States Championship

Ok, so remember how I said that after Fall Brawl each big babyface went their own path? Well for The Man Called Sting things went pretty bad as after a Wargames match at Fall Brawl he got put in the Torture the man he just partnered with and spent weeks defending from suspicion, Lex Luger. For Luger his justification is pretty simple, Sting is too content with who he is lately, and who Sting is is just another Hogan lackey. While Hogan holds the World title, Sting is happy to just be US Champion, while it's always Hogan leading the "Good Fight" it's always Sting being the "YEAH!" guy. As a result Lex is sick of it, and if a match as violent as Wargames against four monsters won't bring back Sting's fire, then Luger will do it himself.

From there Luger and Sting had a match at Halloween Havoc, with the build-up including back and forth promos, and a snarling Lex Luger breaking Rey Mysterio Jr. in the Torture Rack after he tried to defend Sting from Luger's taunts during a week that Sting wasn't available to be at Nitro. It led to Sting retaining, but things only just started. Following Havoc Sting called out Luger, trying to tell him that he proved he still has that fire, but Luger wasn't convinced since Sting won via roll-up, and told Sting to prove it that night in a Main Event tag team match against The Faces of Fear (Meng and The Barbarian) with Luger as his partner.

So they teamed up, but mid way through the match as The Faces take control of Sting Luger leaves, resulting in the Faces beating Sting 2v1. From there it's been pretty tense, both men having matches against other top talent to one up their opponents performances. Luger's had the control of the feud with his mind games, and as a result it led to him beating Sting, taking away the US Championship and probably some of Sting's pride.

Harlem Heat d. The Nasty Boys for the WCW World Tag Team Championship in a Tornado Tag Match

This was mainly something to pass time as I like Harlem Heat too much to ever let the Nasties touch the titles. It started as the Stud Stable against the Heat, but both teams were heels, so I had to include faces somehow. The narrative goes that the Nasties encouraged Col. Parker and Sherri's romance, egging each of them on to have them run out during their respective team's matches and cause some major distractions to their clients. While it was good-hearted (and mischievous towards their tag team competition) in nature, the Stable and Heat were not happy, leading to a three way match at Fall Brawl that saw the Heat retain after pinning Bunkhouse Buck and Dick Slater.

Since it was the Stable that ate the pin the Nasties moved onto being the top challengers for the Heat's title, with the build-up to Havoc having been verbal offense, only to become constant brawls on the way to WW3 after Sherri helped the Heat win at Havoc. As a way to make sure everybody would be distracted the Nasties challenged the champs to a Tornado Tag match, telling them that if Sherri got involved they'd throw her right out the ring. Which they did, but all that happened was a opportunistic Heat using that to get the win.

Sting won WW3 for the WCW World Heavyweight Championship

So going back to the seperate ways thing, with his partners now in their own conflicts it was just Hogan left to fight against the Dungeon of Doom...and with Hogan being Hogan he beats every single one of them except for The Taskmaster or The Giant on the way to Halloween Havoc. But during Halloween Havoc Hogan gets injured by his opponent thanks to a vicious Chokeslam through a ringside table, resulting in the DQ. Unfortunately Hogan is reported to be out for longer than 45 days, resulting in the title being stripped from him by a One Night Only Commissioner Eric Bischoff the night after Halloween Havoc since Dusty is still out from the attack by The Flock.

With a vacant title and high tensions Eric makes the decision that at the very first World War 3, for the time first time ever, the World Heavyweight Championship will be decided in a 60 man, 3 ring battle royal! And from there beings the hype of anybody possibly being champion, with The Giant, Jim Duggan (I know I know), and Ric Flair being some guys I gave tv time to for hype. I wanted to really sell that "Hogan's gone, The Giant might actually win!" vibe, and honestly with how much good I did by The Giant, even giving him a 10 man battle royal victory, I'd say I did ok.

During the match feuds continued, Savage was declared unfit to wrestle following the attack by The Flock, but still charged in and eliminated Austin anyway, Chris Benoit was in the match and ended up eliminating Flair, and Lex Luger let his earlier victory and control of Sting in the battle royal get to his head, leading to Rey Mysterio helping Sting eliminate his former friend. Officially the final four was Austin, Sting, The Giant, and The Taskmaster, but Austin got cleared by Savage and The Taskmaster got cocky and tried to get in Sting's face, only to get flung over.

In rage at his elimination The Taskmaster ordered the Dungeon (all eliminated by Sting one by one previously) to come out and surround the ring, waiting for The Giant to throw Sting out for them to give him a vicious beating. But from out of nowhere "American Made" starts playing and Hulk Hogan comes charging down to the ring! Punch after punch is thrown and the Dungeon is laid out, with a vulnerable Taskmaster left standing as his Giant fights Sting in the ring. Distracted by Hogan getting close to The Taskmaster The Giant stops his fight against Sting and goes to the ropes to yell at Hogan, but the Stinger moves quick and uses whatever strength he has left to toss him up and over, leading to his 3rd World Championship.

From here it's going to be Luger against Sting as the Starrcade Main Event for the rubber match in an I Quit Match, Luger using the US Championship's "Number One Contender" clause to get his match, something he's mocked Sting for not using against Hogan. From there I'll have something for my upper midcard/midcard to do in a US Championship Tournament once Luger vacates it for his shot.

Meanwhile for Hogan he'll run through the Dungeon once more, leading to a match on the go-home show against the Taskmaster with the stipulation that if Hogan wins then The Taskmaster won't be at ringside, but if the Taskmaster wins then he makes the stipulation for the Starrcade match. I'll have an earlier angle that show for The Giant to totally demolish Hogan, leading to a "Forfeit" angle that allows The Taskmaster to stack the odds as much as possible against Hulk Hogan. Hulk Hogan versus The Giant in a Steel Cage Match, with The Taskmaster as the Special Guest Referee!
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My plan is to book until I purchase TEW 2016 but here is my main storyline. Lex Luger finally defeated Hulk Hogan at Mania 92 to send Hogan packing (really I put him on vacation and will let his contract run out). Luger wants his title shot but because he lost to Flair back in December he cannot get a one on one match with Flair. The stipulation was that if Flair won the fourth battle, Luger wouldn't get a straight one on one shot again.

Luger wants General Manager Andre the Giant to overturn it but Andre refuses until Luger earns or does something amazing. Andre provided Luger with an opportunity to do that, a perfect opportunity (Mr. Perfect debuts back in the WWF!) Luger and Perfect engaged in a four week rivalry to the pay per view until they both knocked each other out and got a double count out. More on this in a second.

Meanwhile after Ric Flair retained his World Title against Randy Savage at Wrestle Mani, he has turned his attention to Rowdy Roddy Piper (beat Steamboat in a number one contender match) At the April Pay Per View, Piper got DQ'd after he slammed a guitar over Flair's head when he was stuck in the Figure Four Leg Lock.

The next night on Showdown - Andre announced "Flair vs. Luger vs. Hennig vs. Piper" for the belt at the pay per view "Southern Justice"

The plan is for Flair to retain and take on Piper at King of the Ring in June. Hennig and Luger will both make it to the finals of the King of the Ring and have Hennig pick up the win. Hennig will take on Flair at Summer Slam and win the belt.

Luger will eventually win the belt off of Hennig, Flair wins it from Luger, and Hennig wins it again.

Bret Hart wins the Royal Rumble

Mania 93 - Bret Hart vs. Ric Flair

Flair leaves the company the next day after Mania 93
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Originally Posted by Derek B View Post
It will be literally the exact same way for both games. If you have TEW13 running on a mac, do the same for TEW16 and it will work.
You're a saint! Thanks.
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Had to post this because it's a fun subplot in my game. I've been able to successfully bid up WCW on some big names, making them pay WAY too much for Warrior and Lex Luger (more than $50k a month, plus various extras I would never give somebody). Add another name to that list: Gene...Okerlund?

His WCW contract is up, so I sent out a respectable offer and upped it once to $8k a month. I'm not going to pay an announcer more than that; that's just not smart. WCW came back with an offer of $13k a month, plus bonuses. For comparison's sake, that's more than I'm paying several upper-midcard guys. Props to Gene's agent!
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