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Unread 12-11-2019, 07:28 AM
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Headingley Court
Attendance: 2000 (Sell Out)
TV Rating: 0.70

The Revolution Will Not Be Televised

[Our show opens on Alex & Jack DeColt in the ring. they stand together both with a look of anger on their faces. Alex has a microphone and starts to speak.]

AD: Iíd like to start of this show by saying that the actions of our younger brother, Ricky DeColt, and he affiliate Prometheus will not be tolerated. Iíve tried to keep our family together. I know that what happens in this ring is about competition. But what happened after the match at Elimination wasnít competition. It was a blatant attack on both Jack & I, and whether we want to admit it or notÖ They both got the jump on us.

[Jack looks particularly angry at the mention Ricky was able to get the up on him at Elimination.]

AD: Now the question remains as to whether or not Ricky deserves a title shot. He certainly thinks he does. Iím not convinced. And while Jack would very much like to get his hands on Ricky, Iíd be more than happy to make that match right here, right now. But the title wonít be on the line.

[Jack looks at Alex. His expression marks that he doesnít agree with Alex on this one. Jack is known as a fighting champion. He and Alex leave together, but they donít seem like their on the same page anymore either.]

Shane Nelson vs Sayeed Ali w/The Guru

Another match involving The Supremacy that doesnít even get off the ground. Shane Nelson is heading to the ring when he is ambushed seemingly by a fan in the audience. Security is on the ďfanĒ as Art Reed & Greg Black are out fighting off the security revealing that the ďfanĒ to be Grandmaster Phunk. Reed, Black, and Phunk drag Nelson to the ring. the roll him in but the referee is refusing to ring the bell as Nelson isnít ready to compete. The Supremacy surround the referee and bully him into ringing the bell. Sayeed Ali just covers Nelson, and the referee reluctantly makes the three count giving Sayeed Ali the win.

Winner: Sayeed Ali via Outside Interference

From Strength to Strength

[Hailey Hunter is backstage with Christian Price.]

HH: Youíve had your issues with Gargantuan who recently is being mentored by your long time rival Dan DaLay.

CP: Dan DaLay has always had a problem with me. Weíve had our fight, I came out on top. As much as I canít stand to be in the same room with the man, I have nothing but respect for what heís done in this business. We had our scrap. We settled our score. Now he wants to bring it all back up again. But instead of standing across the ring from me like a man, heís decided to let Gargantuan do it for him. Gargantuan is bigÖ Real big. And incredibly strong. The guy looks like a super villain. But Iím strong too. I have the heart of a lion, and Iím not going to back down. If Dan DaLay thinks that Gargantuan is going to end my careerÖ Heís got another thing coming.

[Christian Price walks away as we go to commercial break.]

SURPRISE!!! But This Ainít No Party

[A car is seen pulling up outside the arena. Ricky DeColt and Prometheus get out of the car having just arrived to the show and are met by the CGC roving Cameraman.]

RCM: RickyÖ Ricky, can we get your thoughts on Alex DeColt not giving you a CGC World Championship match against Jack?

[Hearing this, Ricky who moments ago had a smirk on his face now expresses disdain as he and Prometheus look like theyíre heading towards the ring.]

Tamara McFly vs Suzanne Brazzle

An exhibition of the brand new CGC Womenís Division here with McFly taking on Brazzle in the first one-on-one match for the division. This one starts off like most McFly matches with Tamara utilizing her slick chain wrestling thatís become synonymous with her family legacy. Brazzle holds her own though finding an opening to cut down McFly with some stiff shots followed up by a particularly gruesome face buster that McFly is able to kick out of.

Brazzle works over McFly for the bulk of the match having her ego get the better of her at times costing her what seemed to be easy pinfall wins. One chance too many for McFly to gain the advantage sees Tamara take over with a flurry of clotheslines. Brazzle is able to fight back though going for her Brazzle Dazzle signature move. Itís reversed by McFly. McFly Roll is locked in. She has it Brazzle prone, who has no choice but to tap out.

Winner: Tamara McFly via McFly Roll (Rolling Knee-Bar)

What A ShockÖ

[Immediately following the match, Ricky DeColt and Prometheus walk out from the entrance, Ricky already holding a microphone. He takes the show hostage with the two ladies still in the ring. The crowd shower the two villains with jeers as Ricky starts to speak.]

RD: Iíd like to say Iím surprised. Iíd like to stand here and say that Iím outraged that Iím not going to get the title match that I truly deserve. Iíd like to say that my family let me down. But thatís something theyíve been doing my entire life. I deserve a shot at that World title. I deserve a match again my brother Jack. Iíve continued to win my matches which is truly what matters in this business. But Alex has decided thatís not what itís all about. Well, if youíre not going to willingly give me the title shot that I rightfully deserveÖ Then Iím going to make you give me the title shot that I rightfully deserve.

[Ricky and Prometheus leave the stage as we go to commercial break.]

CGC World Tag Team Championship
The Dirty White Boys vs The Predators©

Back from break, The Predators are making their way to the ring with their tag team championship. The Dirty White Boys hit the floor, a nd these two teams start this match with a legit brawl on the floor. Black has paired off with Grease, and Technique with Belly. Each pairing are trading blows around ringside which eventually spills out into the crowd. The fans are cheering the DWBís, and booing The Predators.

Both teams make their way around the crowd towards the entrance way. Theyíre both up on the stage with The DWBís taking control teeing off on the champs. The DWBís have their reputation from doing without thinking. This was no different. The champs are standing near the edge of the stage knocked silly. Behind them off the stage are two conveniently placed tables. The DWBís rush the champs with a pair of spears that take all four men off the stage crashing down through the tables below.

This match never starts, and given what had just transpired, the referee had no choice but to call this one off, marking it as a no contest.

Winner: No Contest

If Itís A Match He WantsÖ

[The roving Cameraman is back, this time we find him in Alex DeColtís office backstage.]

RCM: Alex, the fans are wondering what your thoughts are on Rickyís strong comments earlier tonight.

AD: My thoughtsÖ Real simple. If itís a match that Ricky wants, then itís a match that Ricky is going to get. So right here tonight, Ricky & Prometheus will be taking on the the four time CGC World Tag Team champions Zeus Maxmillion & Stevie Grayson.

[The crowd pops at the mention of Zeus & Stevie as Alex gets back to work at his desk and we go to commercial break.]

Whatís In A Name

[Jack DeColt is sitting backstage looking dejected. Zoe Ammis walks into frame, startling Jack who is surprised to see her. They embrace.]

ZA: Itís been too long Jack.

JD: Itís great to see you Zoe. Iíve been keeping an eye on you since you left the Power House, and youíve done really well for yourself. Iím happy that youíre back here.

ZA: Iím so sorry with whatís going on with the family right now. Youíve done so much for me, and your family has done so much for me. And I want to honour your family. Youíve trained me, youíve treated me like family. And for that, I want to be recognized as a DeColt. So, with your blessing, for now on, I want to be called Zoe DeColt!

[Jack is taken aback by the request, but he smiles at Zoe, and them embrace once more. Zoe leaves Jackís dressing room as we head to the ring for our next match.]

Whippy The Clown vs Ozzie Golden

While not the finest wrestlers in the game, the next match features two wildly entertaining athletes with the comedic Whippy taking on the vain Ozzie who takes his sweet time getting anywhere near the ring opting once again to admire himself in the mirror rather then step through the ropes. Whippy is in the ring waiting on Ozzie. With Ozzie staying still on the apron with his mirror, Whippy has waited long enough using the ropes to vault Ozzie into the ring slingshot style.

And theyíre off. Whippy using the ring to his advantage marching Ozzie around all the corner pads bashing Ozzieís beautiful face off of each one much to the fans delight. Ozzie sells his nose, really milking that heís now devastatingly injured. Whippy keeps on the attack with a pair of body slams followed up with a heavy looking senton splash.

Ozzie is finally able to get on the attack using Whippyís forward momentum to pull him face first into the second turnbuckle. Ozzie takes his time spending more time worrying about the shape of his perfect nose rather than trying to win the match. A lot of flimsy covers that Whippy easily kicks out of. Ozzie still on offence heads up to the top rope which is really out of the ordinary. Almost a foregone conclusion that Ozzie would leap off trying to hit a flying elbow but misses, and hits hard.

Whippy is back up and going in on Ozzie. Ozzie is reeling, and Whippy is on fire. Ozzie is in position for Whippy who picks Ozzie up on his shoulders and hits No Laughing Matter! Whippy gets the pin, and get the win.

Winner: Whippy The Clown via No Laughing Matter(Samoan-Knee Drop Combo)

Enough Clowning Around

[Whippy is celebrating his win when Antonio Del Veccio hits the ring blasting Whippy from behind. ADV seemingly not pleased about being beaten by Whippy at Elimination slaps on his patented Arm-Bar Submission on Whippy, and pulls back really hard. Security is in to try to break it up, but the bulldog Del Veccio wonít let go. He keeps pulling on the arm with Whippy screaming in agony. One final yank and ADV lets go of the hold having done the damage he set out to do. ADV leaves Whippy in the ring being tended to be medical personnel as we go to commercial break.]

Zeus & Stevie vs Ricky DeColt & Prometheus

Itís main event time with an irritated Ricky DeColt teaming with his menacing giant Prometheus against the happy go lucky team of Zeus & Stevie who havenít had the best of luck recently, and are looking to turn it around here in this incredibly high profile match. Prometheus starts and poses a huge threat to the much smaller team. This means nothing to the power of the duo as Zeus squares up with the giant.

As strong as Zeus may beÖ Heís no match for Prometheus who uses his size and power to turn Zeus into the smallest of cruiserweights. The giant tosses Zeus around like itís nobodies business. Grayson is tagged in and has the same effect against Prometheus as his partner. Prometheus looks like heís having fun decimating his two foes.

Tagging in Ricky to pick the bones of Grayson, Ricky spends his time in the ring berating Grayson, and referring to Jack with some strikes, and Alex with others, telling Stevie that itís the DeColt families fault heís getting beat the way he is. Grayson finds this as an opening to take over on Ricky. Grayson is rolling as he tags into Zeus who keeps the momentum going.

Ricky catches Zeus with a lethal European Upper Cut that almost sends Zeus out. Ricky hits the ropes but runs into Zeus ready with the Olympian Clutch. Squeezing the life out of Ricky, Zeus looks primed for victory when Prometheus is back in landing Godís Chop to the back of Zeusí head. He releases Ricky after the shot, and crumbles towards the corner.

Grayson jumps off the top rope but falls into Prometheus nailing another Godís Chop which knocks Stevie out cold. Ricky is cocked, and loaded. Zeus turns from the corner post and eats a DeColt 45 which blanks Zeus. Ricky is on the pin, and gets the three count for his team. Ricky and Prometheus stand victorious as the show comes to an end.

Winner: Ricky DeColt & Prometheus via DeColt 45

Final Show Rating:
The Show Gained Popularity In 7 Regions
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CGC Title Bout Wrestling

With Ricky DeColt picking up another win, will Alex DeColt give Ricky what he's asking for... A shot at the CGC World Championship? The Dirty White Boys sacrificed their World Tag Team title opportunity to send a message to The Predators. What will The Predators do in retaliation? An update on Whippy The Clown following the brutal attack by Antonio Del Veccio and more this week on CGC Title Bout Wrestling!





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