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Unread 12-02-2014, 08:14 PM
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Default Modern Warriors 2009 (Community Mod)

FIRST (mod of the season, anyway)

This is my second attempt at getting a community mod up and running. I've linked my WMMA3 attempt below and pretty much just copied the text here as well for some background. The idea is that this mod is for anyone in the community to take a stab at modding. Just post your completed mod download link in this thread and I'll create a master list of sorts.

This mod is set in 2009 and is ported directly from WMMA2 -> WMMA3 -> WMMA4. I've done very little with this other than clean up bugs and make a few minor changes. It doesn't have a face pack but includes banners and logos. Do whatever you want with it. Hopefully some of you itching to try your hand at modding but not ready to commit to giant project will take some time to polish this up, bit by bit. It has a lot of potential and could fill a void for historical mods in that era.

Copied from the post linked above:
Through some pretty incredible luck, I dug up Modern Warriors v.4 for WMMA2 and converted it to WMMA3. I've been trying to decide what to do with this for a while now. I had hoped, and am still hoping, to find a mod from WMMA1 since that was an interesting time in MMA, but I haven't had any luck.

Regardless, MW 4 was set in May 2009. At first I didn't remember this to be a particularly interesting time in MMA until I reviewed the mod. It's actually a time of change for the fight world's up and coming promotions as EliteXC has just died, WEC is trying to prove its worth, Strikeforce is making its push to be the world's number 2 promotion, Affliction is nearing it's tumultous conclusion, and Dream is battling Sengoku to rule Japan. In fact it's old enough that Bellator isn't in here at all.

I started cleaning up the mod to do a historical release and realized it needed a lot of work. The stats are not good, and they don't take into account any of the new stats not seen in WMMA2. Weight cutting specifically is a pain. And adding Bellator would probably be helpful. Instead of tackling this myself, I decided this was a good project for the community. There have been posts asking for a community mod for years, so here you go. The link below is only the database but is compatible with the current MW pic pack.

Feel free to download this and tweak it to your liking. If you come up with an improved version that you'd like to share, post it in this thread and I will link the download in the main post. Competing versions of the mod are encouraged. Borrow from each other to really flesh it out. The options for adding a bunch of narratives and making the mod playable from 2009 to the present (and beyond) are there.

Hopefully this is something everyone can have fun with, and that lead to a really complete, well thought out historical mod. It also could be used as a starting point for a historical mod in a different time frame. At worst, it's something you can waste an afternoon with. Enjoy, nerds.
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