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Unread 12-03-2018, 04:01 AM
War Daddy Rambo War Daddy Rambo is offline
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Default WMMA5 updated default database

I've started a massive overhaul that I highly doubt I'll ever completely finish on my own. Among many, many, other things I've fixed, corrected, or added - Scotties 5 packs, RVZ renders, all available renders from archives, graphics, logos, belts, names - I could ramble about all the good I've done and valuable time wasted lol.

The game's default database is massive and loaded with information but it's incomplete. Fight history is missing. Event history and info is empty. Nobody else ever want to go back and finish/update the event history? I.e. complete the cards and update the missing holes and incomplete info in the default database. Fighter has 8-5 record at ALPHA-1 but only 1 fight shows on his fight history. It's not a good look when you're starting your game.

I'm going to ramble a bit, it'll get a bit more disorganized.. starting here...

I'd personally like to see every bit of historic info tracked, and I think that's why so many people are content with restarting at "the dawn of MMA" and with organic bio's, which I think is cool for a certain play-through, but I like the fighter bios for the base game, since all the newly generated fighters get organic bios anyway.

WMMA wouldn't be WMMA if there wasn't James Foster, Hassan Fezzik, etc. They give it flavor, history, and depth. I like seeing all the events pre-game, I just would prefer the info to be 100% complete or as close to as possible, even filling the #'s and ratings would be ideal, but that's something even I can live without being entirely complete.

I've turned back the clock on a good % of the game without comprising any historical pre-game company/fighter data. I'm resetting a lot of records to only reflect their records with whatever company they were employed by. So if they have 39-12 record but only 11-2 record with GAMMA, their record gets changed to 11-2.

I've fully completed WEFF and XCC. I've knocked out a lot of GAMMA and ALPHA-1 fighter records too.

Again, rambled, since all of this isn't what I'm coming here to ask.

I need help completing event/fight history. It'd be

I.E. after I did a bit of research on what fighters would/should be active and present, it's a rough draft but I completed/updated ALPHA-1's first ever event, and this is what the rest of their card looks like.

ALPHA-1: Ina vs Fujishima
Kunikichi vs local
Fezzik vs local
Funaki vs local
Tadamasa Yamada vs local
Phe Roby vs local
Bakin Sakamoto vs local
Ieyoshi Yamashita vs local
Ein Kawano vs local
Robun Yamazaki vs local

Local = randomly generated name for that region (Japan) I just don't remember what was inserted. All of these fighters records 1-0 after these fights, since it's the first historical event in the game adding that info was easy. I'm OCD a bit, or I just prefer organization, so all the data was recorded in line with the game.



filling this info vs fighters would be a little too time consuming, so in a lot of cases I've just entered randomly generated names based on company region. in some instances I've added accurate fighters.

I.E. on ALPHA-1: Funaki vs Sakamoto - Jan 1995

Fezzik defeats Denbe Ekiguchi

I've rounded up a lot of fighters that have no company affiliation and could be cannon fodder for cards, but to be 100% honest I think it's much easier to mostly stick to random names, but here's an example what I listed as HW cannon fodder; Eughene Clough, Graham Goodbody (Wales, HW until 1998), Solomon Austin, Veeti Kuqi (EU) Henrik Berg, Brian Barnes, Jack Cobblepot, Milton Harvey (US), Nash Harbane (US), Noah Musch, Silvio Scirea (Italy), Soren Jellyman, Barry Strachan (US), Claude Lerond (EU), Grant Shodwart

Originally I intended on trying to use these fighters when I needed to. A lot of them could be used to fill in the voids victories that don't show up in the base game... I added James Foster to the first ever GAMMA card and he beat Eughene Clough by TKO strikes, 1st round, no rewards, average fight rating. Didn't give him extra accolades, just completed information. In retrospect it would of been much easier typing a random opponent name like Dave Thomas than finding and compiling the potential names to use. They say hindsight's 20/20.

How could you help me? So to keep it very simple, say you choose a fighter and he has a record of 5-0 with KDMFC but only 2 recorded fights are present on his fight history, you would go add the other 5 fights to the database. You just gotta figure out where to put them. I haven't edited any contract history, so if a fighter isn't employed by a company until March 1998, I'm not adding a fight with a company in 1997.

Don't do the following: James Foster, Hassan Fezzik, Zvonimir Assonivic, Sakarno, Atep of Indonesia, Go Yamamoto, XCC roster, WEFF roster, or the first 5 events of ALPHA-1 and GAMMA.

It's pretty late, and I've vastly over-typed and will likely edit it later to simplify it or better explain it.
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Unread 02-23-2020, 11:09 PM
cooldude cooldude is offline
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May be a year or so late, but how did it go? Did you ever finish?
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