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Unread 05-20-2018, 10:59 PM
RyanR93WKU RyanR93WKU is offline
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Default Smokey Mountain Wresting 2018

Smoky Mountain Wrestling is back and it started in May of 2018 when Jim Cornette started to miss old time wrestling. He thought about buying OVW but he didn't want to shell out the money. He decided to use profits from the Jim Cornette Experience to restart the Smoky Mountain Wrestling. WWE gave him his blessing to use the name since he originally created it. He put in $2,500 of his own money and let fans all over the world donate some money over the course of May and June to a total of 13,000. He couldn't find any networks to put it on and have decided to go against putting it on digital. He wants this to be old school so he has put together a pool of 60+ wrestlers that said they would work his events. They said there will be no titles until they get a television deal and want to put out a product to start a buzz. This company will remain in Kentucky until Cornette feels like they could move into other states. The first event will be taking place the last Saturday of June. They hope to run a show every Saturday at the end of the month until they get a good TV deal in the US. These shows will only be 1 hour and feature 2 to 4 matches and a few segments to cut down on costs.

Hope you all enjoy this. I plan on covering several years with this as I hope to take this from Local to National. Right now we are currently 54th in the world. I will give financial and ranking updates monthly.

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Unread 05-22-2018, 12:12 AM
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This sounds really good. A very unique and long idea,I'll definitely be reading.
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Unread 05-22-2018, 01:33 AM
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You know you maybe onto something here. I mean he just had a huge Kickstarter for a graphic novel where they raised over $60k so why not for startup funds for a traditional wrestling company. I like the idea
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Unread 05-22-2018, 02:19 PM
RyanR93WKU RyanR93WKU is offline
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Default Smoky Mountain Wrestling Super Saturday 1

Smoky Mountain Wrestling is back for a local event in London, KY. This show is held in front of 90 people in the Laurel-London Optimist Club. No Locker Room incidents and all the talent is ready to go

The show starts off as Shawn Daivari comes out waving the Iranian Flag. He enters the ring and picks up the microphone. He starts out speaking in his native tongue as the crowd is getting hot.

Daivari: "Let me tell you in a language you will understand. I am better than each and everyone of you because I'm not American. You all will bow down to me and the Iranian people."

Shark Boy's music hits and he comes running down doing his gimmick. He enters the ring and starts chasing Daivari. Daivari leaves the rings and a referee comes down to start the match. Sharkboy is firing up the crowd as Daivari wants him to get back so he can enter the ring.

Segment Rating - 41

Shawn Daivari vs. Shark Boy

Daivari is still on the outside of the ring and the ref rang the bell. The ref starts counting and Daivari grabs his ears as they chant USA. Daivari goes to leave and Shark Boy grabs him tossing him in the ring. Shark Boy slides in and Daivari catches him with a series of stomps. Daivari dominates the match and has Shark Boy in the sleeper hold. Shark Boy fades all the way down to the mat and the ref checks the arm. The crowd keeps chanting USA! and Shark Boy's arm doesn't go down for the third time. Shark Boy fights up and out of the hold. He hits a series of moves followed by the Stunner for the victory in a fun opening match in about 10 minutes.

Match Rating - 35

John Skyler vs. Ricky Ruffin

John Skyler is playing up the heel to get some boos. Ruffin is a crowd favorite being a local guy. The bell rings and Skyler is taunting Ruffin. Skyler gets in his face and slaps him. Ruffin hauls off with a series of punches sending Skyler down and out of the ring. Skyler starts taunting the fans who are making fun of him. Ruffin reaches over the top and pulls Skyler by his hair up to the apron. Skyler reverses and takes control. Skyler dominates from this point on. Ruffin makes one short comeback, but gets stopped when he goes to the top. Skyler dodges the splash and hits the Spoiler Alert for the victory in around 8 minutes.

Match Rating - 36

John Skyler grabs the microphone and kicks Ruffin out of the ring.

John Skyler: "You all will never forget the name of John Skyler. I am your "Southern Savior" and I will be here in Smoky Mountain Wrestling again next month because I'm challenging that fool you seen earlier. That's right. I challenge Shark Boy. There is no room for a comedy character in my world."

Segment Rating - 22

Jim Cornette comes down to the ring.

Jim Cornette: "Thank you all for coming out, but it's not time to go just yet. It's time for our main event. Where you are going to witness Doug Basham face Nick Dinsmore."

The crowd gets excited for the main event and Jim Cornette goes to the back as the ref comes out for the match.

Segment Rating - 35

Nick Dinsmore vs. Doug Basham

This match between two veterans who had their big breaks in the state of Kentucky go at it. They do a great job telling a story during the match as they have a lot of up and downs. Doug Basham uses a foreign object in his tights to knock out Dinsmore. He goes down hiding the object as the fans are booing. Basham is signaling to the crowd it's over. Basham picks up Dinsmore and grabs him for a Reverse DDT. Dinsmore grabs the waist and hits a bridging German Suplex for the pinfall victory in a 16 minute match.

Match Rating - 41

Show Rating - 39
Jim Cornette's Thoughts:
  • John Skyler is going to be a huge star.

  • I'm not going to be able to rely on Dinsmore as he is getting out of shape as my big star.

  • Shark Boy I never liked the gimmick, but I like the guy behind the mask. Using him for the kids and I hope to keep him there to get other guys over from this point.

  • Shawn Daivari got the biggest heat of the night. Won't be able to book him much since he is touring with NJPW, but I like the exposure he gives us by going to do some work in Japan.

  • For the month of June we squeezed out a $767 profit. Hoping our DVD sales of this event help out with some merchandise through my site. We have $9,891 in the bank. Next month's show will hopefully run cheaper on the talent end and clear over $10,000 in July. We moved up to 53rd. We have no prestige and 1 momentum. It's going to be a slow build and no broadcasters are interested yet.
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Unread 05-22-2018, 07:03 PM
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Hey bro, really nice story so far!

I'm a big Cornette fan (to some extend haha), and I'm currently playing a Rising Storms mode with SMW, it's been nice!

I'm just curious to see what are your next steps, if I can give you some about bring some of Cornette's favorites from his OVW/TNA time? Guys like Mike Mondo, Matt Morgan, Muhammad Hassan, Kenny Dykstra, etc.? I know you already have Doug Basham and Nick.

I'll be following the diary!
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Unread 05-23-2018, 02:38 PM
RyanR93WKU RyanR93WKU is offline
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Default Smoky Mountain Wrestling Super Saturday 2

Smoky Mountain Wrestling is back for its second show this time in Irvington, KY. This show is held in front of 93 people in the Irvington Town Square. Only one problem leading into the show when Ricky Ruffin showed up late.

Adam Revolver comes down to the ring to kick off the show.

Adam Revolver: “I am the greatest wrestler in Kentucky, which means I’m the greatest wrestler in the world. Nobody especially anybody from outside the United States of America can beat me. I don’t have an opponent from tonight. I was going to issue an open challenge to anybody outside of the United States, but I all see here is the fat slobs here in Irvington, Kentucky.”

Segment Rating – 26

The Croatian born, Mario Bokara, comes down to the ring ready to fight. Mario Bokara enters the ring and grabs the microphone away from Revolver.

Mario Bokara: “I accept!”

Segment Rating – 21

Mario Bokara vs. Adam Revolver

Mario Bokara stayed on the attack as Revolver tried to escape every chance he could get. Revolver did manage to trick Bokara using the ref as a shield to get the advantage. Bokara fought back and hit a snap suplex. Bokara took to the top rope and hit a frog splash for the victory in around 13 minutes.

Match Rating – 31

Beastly Brody vs. Ricky Ruffin

Beastly Brody dominates the entire match with Ruffin only getting a few shots that didn’t faze Brody. Brody hit Ruffin with the Bestiality to put him down in 6 minutes.

Match Rating – 27

After the match Beastly Brody left the ring as the fans were booing him. Brody ran back into the ring and started pounding on Ruffin. The music hit and the almost 7-foot-tall Big Sean Studd comes down the ramp. Brody stops the pounding and gets ready for the big man. He attacks Studd but gets pushed back almost across the ring. Studd gives Brody a big boot and clotheslines him over the top rope. He checks on Ruffin as Brody retreats up the ramp.

Segment Rating – 49

Jim Cornette enters the ring as Big Sean Studd is still standing tall.

Jim Cornette: “Next month on Smoky Mountain Wrestling, Big Sean Studd will be facing Beastly Brody in a No Disqualification, No Countout match.”

Segment Rating – 50

John Skyler comes out before the match with a microphone.

John Skyler: “Last month, I told you all. I’m still here and I’m looking to make good on my promise. Shark Boy is going to face “The Southern Savior” and he is going to find out why I am the future of Smoky Mountain Wrestling.”

Segment Rating – 24

John Skyler vs. Shark Boy

John Skyler and Shark Boy put on a decent match with some low spots. Shark Boy takes control and looks like he is going to pick up the victory. Skyler pushes Shark Boy away when he attempted the Stunner but he gets pushed into the ref in the corner but stops. Skyler uses the distraction and rolls up Shark Boy putting his feet up on the rope for the victory in 15 minutes. He exits the ring and starts to gloat about his victory.

Match Rating – 26

Show Rating – 23

Jim Cornette’s Thoughts:
  • Beastly Brody and Big Sean Studd have good looks as intimidating characters. Hope their big match next month does well.

  • Ricky Ruffin who is our monthly jobber is in some hot water after showing up late. He was fined and hope to avoid this next month.

  • Our production values are hurting us, but we can’t afford them. We will just struggle through and not worry about our quality until we get closer to that television deal.

  • I was hoping to have $10,000 in the bank after this show after cutting back some more expensive talent and it worked. We made a profit of $2,764 dollars and currently have $11,684 in the bank. We are still ranked 53rd in the world and our momentum is up to 2 and our prestige is at 0.

  • Our current plan is to keep turning this type of profit up until January and try to do two shows a month to show everybody that we are expanding and ready for television. Or we could invest the money into improving our quality in hopes to get a broadcast deal. Either plan should have us on television screens by June to September 2019.
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