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Unread 03-01-2018, 01:41 PM
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Default ERGO: Remmy's Bizarre Adventure

Our story begins like many do, with a winning lottery ticket...

Dude! I won five bucks!

These days there wasn't much else for Remmy Skye to do besides buy scratch-off cards to kill the time. He'd blown his job with CZCW thanks to his passion for video games, Funyuns and a certain "medicinal" herb. Once he was diving off ladders to the roar or tens of...hundreds at shows across California, now he sat around in his hometown of Athens, Georgia bored out of his mind. Sure a booking or two would come along for some micro indy, but no name promoter wanted to look at Remmy. Not even Brother Grimm! Oddly, that was the one that stung the most and the final straw that convinced him to give up the grass. But no matter how much he pleaded, nobody believed Remmy had changed.

So why don't you just make your own promotion?

It was at this moment Remmy finally noticed the talking bear sitting next to him on the couch, startling him enough to knock the surfer dude out of him for a moment.

Whut in tarnation!? Where did you come from!?

You remember that time you smoked more than you weigh in one night?

Green Tuesday?

Yeah. Turns out it was the exact amount to burn me into your subconscious enough that I can appear even when you're sober.

Ah, that makes sense. So why do you look like-

You played a LOT of Tekken that night.

I see. So what was that about my own promotion?

Well, I was just wondering why you don't just make your own promotion if you nobody else will give you work?

It's not that easy, I mean I'd need some money...

You've got five bucks right there.

That's nowhere near enough!

Isn't there an art studio just behind us filled with paintings you can sell?

Oh yeah! Man, my peripheral vision sucks today.

Tell me about it, you haven't even noticed the logo right in front of you.

Whoa! When did I make that?

You didn't, it was some guy who calls himself willr0ck.

Wait, what?

Nothing, it's for the sake of the audience.

What audience?

The audience eager to see Remmy Skye's ERGO! Now get with the hiring!

Uh, alright...I'll go make some calls!
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