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Unread 04-12-2015, 12:18 AM
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Default Installing C-Verse Expansions Load Order

I'm having some serious health problems and am bored so I thought I'd do this as a short project.

I've spent time off and on for a few weeks getting my original WMMA3 Community Fighter Share project fully updated. Additionally, since Eyeball is seemingly not around anymore (I IM'd him a month or two ago to no response) I've went ahead and updated Eyeball's WMMA3 expansion to WMMA4 with updates based around the bios he provided. That's mostly just adding Attributes for the fighters for how they'll fight.

So with that said, if you want the "best" WMMA4 modded experience, follow these steps.

And this is just MY opinion on how it should go; this could be fiercely debated but it's just mine.

#1 - Install Scottie's Ten Five Packs at

#2 - Install the Optimized Weidt Broadcaster Database at

#3 - Install my CFS 1.0 expansion at

--The reason Scottie's comes first is due to my including several of his fighters in my pack originally for my own personal convenience.

- Also, there is some redundancy with the Optimized Weidt Broadcaster Database. By doing that first, you get the best versions.

#4 - Install Eyeball's Pack for WMMA4

-- There are probably reused renders between Eyeball & the default database. It was originally a WMMA3 mod after all. I'm not Eyeball, all I did was update attributes and other things of that nature. IMO, it's still the best expansion for WMMA ever made despite that. The Bradley Family alone add depth to the WMMA universe that was lacking.

#5 - Install the C-verse Expanded Mod at

--This one is the most "controversial" of the mods in where it should be on the list. Not only does it contain many of the fighters from my mod in it but it also contains the entire WMMA4 database. By installing/importing/whatever last, you get the most up to date versions of my fighters and then get the CVE characters. You could do this first as the base, but then you wouldn't get my updated fighters optimized for WMMA4 unless you manually went in and deleted them prior to importing. There shouldn't be as much overlap between the two mods as once was, but there is still some. Either way you decide to do it is up to you.

-- OF NOTE: There are a lot of reused renders when comparing CVE to the other mods. If reused renders bother you, you may want to choose one or the other. Or simply remove the reused renders.

I also converted the Weidtverse mod by Weidt for fun. This mod never had renders or bios for any of the fighters, but it does contain 3,600 fighters of various skill and debut date along with other. If that doesn't bother you, the links are here:

Between the four mods (five if you count Weidtverse) you'll have a significant increase to virtually everything in the game, providing a much richer overall experience.

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