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Unread 12-19-2008, 09:11 AM
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Default Contents Page for TEW 08 Alternate Picture Thread

TEW 08 Alternate Picture Contents Page

This thread will act as a contents page to the absolutely massive Alt Picture thread that has surged in popularity. I’ll update this page as the thread grows even more. Essentially every picture in the thread is listed here, along with the artist, so that the thread is much easier to navigate. If you need to find a certain alt, use ctrl+f and then type the search item and it should highlight the terms on the page. This enables people to find alts for a certain worker, or even a back-catalogue of a certain artist. Enjoy.

Also, please remember that the artists that create the alts do so in their own free time. Therefore if you wish to use their creative efforts for dynasty purposes, be sure to credit the particular artist - after all, we don't get paid for this, so credit is like currency! In addition to this, a wealth of credit also goes to the original Cornellverse artists.

Link to the thread:

benjacko created a pack containing the vast majority of these that is available for download at the following link:

Page 1:
Hatless Rick Law x2 - Self
Demon Spite Viking - trypio
A collection from older thread supplied by I effin rule

Page 2:
Rhino Umaga Facepaint
Lobster Warrior Unmasked
Ricky DeColt in brown jacket - Self
American Buffalo Morpheus 1 - Marcel Fromage

Page 3:
Collection including Panda Cult alts - Self
Rick Law in Syndicate Suit - Self
American Buffalo Viking - trypio
American Machine Viking - trypio
Blackjack Robbins Viking - trypio
Paul Steadyfast Redstar - trypio
Thomas Morgan Artist - trypio
Harry Allen Beer Helmet - trypio
Derek Frost Scar and Cowboy Hat - trypio
Nemesis Black Shirt - Marcel Fromage
Groucho Bling Serious - Marcel Fromage
Too Hot Hatless - Marcel Fromage

Page 4:
Boo Smithson short hair - Rathen4

Page 5:
Ash Campbell Mask - Marcel Fromage

Page 6:
Nate Manchester Celebrity - jtlant
Cannonball Logan sunglasses and shirt/dreadlocks - jtlant
Jonnie Perez - jtlant
Golden Delicious - jtlant
Igor Ivanoff - jtlant
Ivan Ivanoff - jtlant
Anne Stardust Ref Shirt/Glasses/Hat - paulskln
Cannonball Logan American Elemental III - shamelessposer

Page 7:
Biggz Boyz Red Headbands and Shirts - DaMegaFish
Shooter Sean Deeley Suit - Self
Emma Chase Suit - Self
Christian Faith Suit -Self
Big Cat Brandon Suit - Self
Angry Gilmore Suit - Self
Akima Brave Suit - Self

Page 8:
Kristen Pearce Suit - paulskln
Dusty Bin Suit - paulskln
Harry Wilson Suit - paulskln
Angry Gilmore Gothic - Marcel Fromage

Page 9:
Alex Braun Suit - shamelessposer
Antonio Suit - shamelessposer
White Wasp Suit - shamelessposer
Principessa - jtlant
Sakura Sada - jtlant
April Appleseed - jtlant

Page 10:
Edd Stone Emo - Trell
Sammy Bach Emo - Trell
Madman Boone Ghost - MaxMoon
Robert Oxford Younger - Benneto
Ash Campbell Serious - Undertaker666

Page 11:
Jesus Chavez Wife-Beater - Undertaker666
Jesse Christian Suit - Undertaker666
Gino Montero Serious w/ Robe - Undertaker666

Page 12:
Nate Johnson Jacket - DaMegaFish
Jeff Amazon Undertaker - Marcel Fromage
Nate Johnson Jacket and Sunglasses - Self
Tommy Cornell Suit - Self
Tyson Baine Canadian - Self
Ricky Dale Johnson Cowboy - Midian

Page 13:
Nate Johnson Jacket, Sunglasses, Blonde - DaMegaFish
Big Money Brandon James - J Silver
Tyson Baine Normal - J Silver
Sam Keith clean shaven - J Silver
Wanda Fish Goth - J Silver
Raven Nightfall brunette - J Silver
Dawn Cheerleader made up - J Silver
Art Reed short hair - J Silver
Emma Chase black hair - J Silver
Jack Giedroyc Cross - J Silver
Jay Darkness Reaper - J Silver
Joss Thompson Suit - J Silver
Sara Marie York Suit - J Silver
Mean Jean Cattley Lawyer - J Silver
The Syndicate - J Silver
Sam Keith unshaven Suit - Midian

Page 14:
Harry Allen RDJ Cowboy - Midian
Dusty Bin Hardy Signal - cyberkitten01

Page 15:
Grunt Lumberjack - praguepride

Page 16:
Walter Morgan Leather Jacket - Marcel Fromage
New Masked Mauler - shamelessposer
Dermot O’Logical Clean and Masked - Marshall
Cameron Vessey Sting - Marshall
Black Eagle Unmasked - Marshall
Art Reed Gangsta - Marshall

Page 17:
Groucho Bling Gangsta - Marshall
American Machine Warlord - Marshall
Nicky Champion Warlord - Marshall
Bumfholes Ministry - Marshall
Jack Giedroyc Straight Edge - Marshall
Jeremiah Moose WOV - Marshall
Black Eagle Unmasked 2 - Marshall
Des Davids Alpha Male - Marshall
Billy Robinson Parasite - Marshall
Wade Orson Parasite - Marshall

Page 18:
Billy Robinson Parasite 2 - Marshall
Wade Orson Parasite 2 - Marshall
Billy Robinson Parasite 2 - Marcel Fromage
Wade Orson Parasite 2 - Marcel Fromage
Grunt Nasty Boy - scorpion
Stink Nasty Boy - scorpion

Page 19:
Remo Destroyer - Marshall

Page 20:

Page 21:
Devil Takudome - shamelessposer
Darryl Devine unshaven and sunglasses - DaBlaze
Trent Shaffer sauce - Karl Kitsch
Ryan Powell sauce - Karl Kitsch
Ox Kreviazuk sauce - Karl Kitsch
Bulldozer Brandon Smith sauce - Karl Kitsch
Playboy Jake Sawyer sauce - Karl Kitsch
Whippy the Clown blue - Karl Kitsch

Page 22:
Whippy yellow, orange, pink, grey and red - Karl Kitsch
Phillipe LaGrenier sauce - Karl Kitsch
Jack Giedroyc Straight Edge Headband - Marshall
Dermot O’Logical clean - Crumplepuppet
Dermot O’Logical goat boy - Crumplepuppet
Whippy Doink - Karl Kitsch

Page 23:
Tully Arthurs brown hair - Crumplepuppet
Tully Arthurs alt Leper Messiah - Crumplepuppet
Big Problem sunglasses/wife beater - DaBlaze
Big Problem wife beater blonde - DaBlaze
Lion Heart Domino mask - shamelessposer
Keith Vegas gas mask - shamelessposer
EMM Moe/Citizen X young - Crumplepuppet

Page 24:
Blackjack Robbins moustache - McShamrock
Pistol Pete Hall facial hair - McShamrock
Warren Technique Fear - Karl Kitsch
Jack Giedroyc Straight Edge red hair - Marshall
Jack Griffiths rock star - Marshall
Adam Matravers clown - Marshall

Page 25:
Darryl Devine Divine Mumford - Crumplepuppet
Larry Wood Big Bird - Crumplepuppet
Warren Technique machine - Karl Kitsch
Primal Rage without face paint - Crumplepuppet
Eric Tyler commentator - D-Lyrium

Page 26:
Frankie Perez American Ronin - Astil
Frankie Perez Undertaker - Astil

Page 27:
Warren Technique cowboy - Crumplepuppet
Warren Technique flamboyant - Crumplepuppet
Warren Technique frat boy - Crumplepuppet

Page 28:

Page 29:
Zimmy Bumfhole Suit - FlameSnoopy
Eddie Chandler fabulous heel - Self
Jack DeColt Panda Cult - Self
Alex DeColt Suit - Self
Jack DeColt leather jacket - Self
Stig Svensson love - Marshall
Mike Watson love - Marshall
Gino Montero panther mask - Marshall
Gino Montero Kobe mash - Crumplepuppet
Bald Jack DeColt - Self
Michelle Brendon rock star - Self

Page 30:
Frankie Perez Vincent - Marshall
Jack Giedroyc black hair with white stripe - Marshall
Flex as Romeo Is Bleeding - Marshall

Page 31:
Super Sonic underworld - Crumplepuppet

Page 32:
Kirk the Turk facial hair - March
Scout war alt - scorpion
Jack Griffith war alt - scorpion
Jack Giedroyc Wrath of God - Self

Page 33:
Pecs as Cassio Is Dying - Marshall
Inferno - Rathen4
Valiant Wrath of God - Midian

Page 34:
Al Coleman suit and sunglasses - Marshall
John Greed as Greed - Marshall
Antonio Italian Elemental - shamelessposer
Tana as Tana Gonzo - Crumplepuppet
Super Sonic underworld hat - Crumplepuppet
Greg Rayne city slicker and purple sunglasses - shamelessposer

Page 35:
The Tic unmasked - March
The Tic Mars Attacks - March
Daredevil Aero Ramone - Crumplepuppet
The Tic as a robot - Midian
The Tic Spaceman - March

Page 36:
Fearless Blue as Fringeless Blue - Crumplepuppet
Primus Allen Suit - Midian

Page 37:
The Tic Spaceman 2 - Midian
Fearless Blue Sgt. Pepper - Crumplepuppet
The Comedian biker - Midian
Guide and Scout suits - Midian
Extreme Deluxe McDonalds worker - Crumplepuppet
Alexis Lee Littlefeather generic - Midian

Page 38:
Ana Garcia tanned - Midian
Ox Kreviazuk turban - Midian
Alan Parent Hooded Kudo mask - shamelessposer

Page 39:
Jim Force American face paint - jesterx7769
Katherine Goodlooks long hair, no bear - March

Page 40:
Jim Force American face paint faded - jesterx7769
Xavier Reckless priest - Crumplepuppet
Daredevil Aero Sgt. Pepper - Crumplepuppet

Page 41:
Fearless Blue groomed hair - Crumplepuppet

Page 42:
Chance Fortune long hair - Midian
Enygma and his Technicolor masks - Midian

Page 43:
Jack Giedroyc Wrath of God no hair stripe - jesterx7769
Chance Fortune even longer hair - Midian
McWades bodyguards - Midian
Sammy Bach Wrath of God - jesterx7769

Page 44:
Alyx Macquarie love - Marshall
Darryl Devine grey beard, divinity headband - Marshall
Remo tattooed - Marshall
Wanda Fish diva pout - Marshall
Fearless Blue masked gunman - Crumplepuppet
Fearless Blue superhero - Crumplepuppet

Page 45:
Nate Johnson and Bobby Thomas generic - Self
Shooter Sean Deeley submission demon - Self
Honest Frank Church of the Force - McShamrock
Jungle Nicolas Lopez - jesterx7769

Page 46:
Hell Monkey bald and heavy facial hair - Crumplepuppet

Page 47:

Page 48:
Primal Rage Church of the Force - McShamrock
Dark Elemental - Wheelz316
Ultimate Phoenix black and red mask - Fleisch
El Fuerza as Brucie from GTA IV - Undertaker666
Steve Frehley serious - Marshall
Frankie Perez and Trent Shaffer as The Rockers - Marshall
Andre Jones WOV - Marshall
Groucho Bling WOV - Marshall
Elijah Harris pimp - Marshall

Page 49:
Steve Frehley WOV - Marshall
Omar Brown WOV - Marshall

Page 50:
Angry Gilmore Wrath of God priest long hair - jesterx7769
Angry Gilmore Wrath of God priest - jesterx7769
Angry Gilmore Wrath of God - jesterx7769
Angry Gilmore Wrath of God long hair - jesterx7769
Angry Angry Gilmore - jesterx7769
Masked Tyson Baine - jesterx7769

Page 51:
Sean McFly suit - jesterx7769
Joey Poison Wrath of God - jesterx7769
Reaper Dante joker - jesterx7769
Champagne Lover as Champagne Hero - Marshall
Nomad punk - Showtime4Lajf
Barry Kingman black shirt - scorpion
Rod Remus brown jacket - scorpion
Vin Tanner green shirt - scorpion

Page 52:
Hell’s Bouncer patriot - Karl Kitsch
Hell’s Bouncer white hair - scorpion
Haru Kurofuji Kojima face paint - ChrisWest
Kurofuji and Kojima red and green face paint - ChrisWest
Elmo Benson serious - Bull

Page 54:
Jungle Jack Lumberjack - jesterx7769
Koshiro Ino dark paint - jesterx7769
Elmo Benson dark hair and facial hair - Bull
Ace Youngblood beard - Bull
Leper Messiah alt - ZMAN
Elmo Benson long dark hair - ZMAN
Angry Gilmore long brown hair - ZMAN
Nevada Nuclear generic - Wheelz316
Dan Stone Jr suit - jesterx7769
Sean McFly suit 2 - jesterx7769
Elmo Benson and Groucho Bling Team Canada - jesterx7769
El Fuerze Brucie shaved head - Undertaker666
Bam Bam Johansson Brucie alt - Undertaker666

Page 55:
Sayeed Ali WOV - Marshall
Marc Speed WOV - Marshall
Groucho Bling red hair Team Canada - Bull
Lassana Makutsi WOV - Marshall

Page 56:
Collection of WOV alts - Marshall
Remo WOV - Marshall
Randy Bumfhole generic - Bull

Page 57:
Zimmy Bumfhole stern - Bull
Elmo Benson and Groucho Bling Team Canada heel - Midian
Elmo Benson long dark hair and beard - Bull
Groucho Bling bald - Bull
Trent Shaffer and Joey Poison Feather Boa Society - Self
Freestylin’ Shane Nelson - Self
Eddie Chandler suit - Self
Joey Poison pink hair - Self

Page 58:
Ben Williams WOV - Marshall
Gyula Lakatos WOV - Marshall
Lobster Warrior WOV - Marshall
Frank De Pain short hair - Bull
Generic announcer - Bull

Page 59:
Runaway Train Wrath of God - Karl Kitsch
Robbie Retro Wrath of God - Karl Kitsch
Blue Robbie Retro - Karl Kitsch
Bumfholes serious shades - Bull
Hell’s Bouncer white hair Wrath of God - Bull

Page 60:
Sam Keith short hair - J Silver
Zimmy Bumfhole reposed - J Silver
Power Girl heel - J Silver
Jack Giedroyc bald - J Silver
Zimmy Bumfhole reposed 2 - Bull
Harry Simonson beard, sunglasses, tank top - machinesxe
Hollywood Dan DaLay - Self
Dan DaLay Wrath of God - Self
Ricky DeColt Wrath of God - Self
Ricky DeColt lion coat - Self
Xavier Reckless WOV - Marshall
Mainstream Hernandez darkness bleeds - Marshall
Frankie Perez darkness bleeds - Marshall
Bulldozer Brandon Smith builder - Marshall
Dazzling Dave Diamond Texan - McShamrock

Page 61:
Joey Minnesota long dark hair - ZMAN
Nadia Snow goth - ZMAN
Chance Fortune sunglasses - ZMAN
Paul Huntingdon glasses - ZMAN
Hippie Elmo Benson - ZMAN
Bart Biggz rainbow hair - ZMAN
Brett Biggz dark hair -ZMAN
Trent Shaffer glasses/facial hair - ZMAN
Eric Eisen facial hair/bald - ZMAN
Randy Bumfhole longer hair - ZMAN
Zimmy Bumfhole smug/facial hair - ZMAN

Page 62:
Bobby Thomas red hair, green jacket - Self
Koshiro Ino without face paint - Bull
DeColts as the cWo - jesterx7769

Page 63:
Joey Poison, Trent Shaffer, Jacob Jett and Hell Monkey darkness bleeds - Marshall
Stevie Grayson America hat - Bull/Benneto

Page 64:
Nevada Nuclear generic w/facial hair - Wheelz316

Page 65:
Primus Allen WOV - Marshall
Mean Jean Cattley minus shirt - Marshall

Page 66:
Charles Avatar WOV - Marshall
Jumbo Jackson Tomko - Marshall
Ricky Dale Johnson bald - Marshall
Natural Storm WOV - Marshall
Coyote Dynamite patriot - MaxMoon
Daredevil Aero purple hair - MaxMoon
Kazuma Narato ninja - MaxMoon
Xavier Reckless military - MaxMoon
Jungle Jack black headbands - Benneto
Tyson Baine facial mask - Benneto
Warren Technique Mysterio mask - MaxMoon
Jacob Jett Grover High Concept - Midian
Ricky Dale Johnson SCSA - Marshall
Jumbo Jackson Tomko white hair - Marshall

Page 67:
Johnny Bloodstone clown/white + red face paint/generic - Midian
Masaru Ugaki and Akinori Kwakami white streaks - Marshall
Primus Allen demonic - dPro
Jungle Jack Bruiser Brody - Marshall
Mick Muscles demonic - Self
Ed Monton suit - Self

Page 68:
Edward Cornell masked - MaxMoon
Oscar High Concept - Wheelz316
Air Attack Weasel gothic - Regis

Page 69:
Jacob Jett patriot/clean shaven/sunglasses - petecrimson00
Frankie Perez Poison hair - petecrimson00
Scout vampiric - petecrimson00
Thimbleby Langton and Wooton Fitzpaine Road Warriors - Benneto

Page 70:
Davis Wayne Newton 4 Fingers - petecrimson00
BJ Shearer tattoo, sunglasses, tank top - petecrimson00
Billy Russell camel clutch/masquerade/gangsta/Hakushi/WOV - Marshall
Shawn Doakes commentator - petecrimson00
Abraham Slam mask - petecrimson00
Nathan Black punk - petecrimson00
The Steamroller suit - petecrimson00
Joe and Jesse Gilbert unjacketed - Marshall
Wolf Hawkins darkness bleeds - Marshall
Akima Brave Samoan Wrecking Crew - Marshall

Page 71:
BJ Shearer overalls and flannel shirt - petecrimson00
Samoan Machine Samoan Wrecking Crew - Marshall
Frankie Perez black singlet and headband - Marshall
Rafael Ruiz as the Raging Bull - Marshall
Gauge Brothers with darker hair - petecrimson00

Page 72:
Abraham Slam green mask/tattoos/kendo stick/suit - petecrimson00
The Steamroller red shirt and beard - Marcel Fromage
Abraham Slam Poppa Punisher mask - Marcel Fromage
Joss Thompson suit - Marshall
Abraham Slam, Jay B and Buff Martinez WOV - Marshall
Thomas Morgan, Human Arsenal, Chris Morrisette, Alex Braun, American Machine and Aaron Andrews Team Annihilation alts - petecrimson00
Des Davids football jersey - petecrimson00

Page 73:
Jacob Jett rainbow hair - ProjectJinx
Calvin Dark eye contacts - ProjectJinx
Angel De Mexico French - ProjectJinx
Boris Kiriyakin dark red lightsaber - Comradebot
Liberty heel - ProjectJinx
Jacob Jett rainbow hair - scorpion

Page 74:
Trent Shaffer and Sammy Bach red headbands - ProjectJinx
Trent Shaffer various hair colours - ProjectJinx

Page 75:
K’Lee Hawkins Newcastle Utd supporter - Marcel Fromage
Billy Robinson hippy - Marcel Fromage
Keith Adams suit - Marcel Fromage
Samoan Wrecking Crew in its entirety - Marshall
Natural Storm in matching bandanas and coats - Marshall
Dean Daniels hand of cards - ProjectJinx

Page 76:
Jungle Jack Bruiser Brody improved - Marshall
Barry Kingman Flanders - Marshall
Rafael Ruiz bandito - Marshall
Alex DeColt tattooed/face paint - Marshall
Art Reed Kamala - Marshall
BJ Shearer Road Warriors - Wheelz316
Steel Masterpiece - Marshall

Page 77:
Art Reed boxer - Marshall
Edd Stone and Ricky DeColt Real Brotherhood - Marshall
Nomad highwayman - Marshall
Barry Kingman flamboyant - Marshall
Farrah Hesketh diva - Marshall
Jacob Jett libertine - Marshall
Katherine Goodlooks minus bear 2 - Marshall
Barry Kingman pretentious artist - Marshall
Frankie Perez is Frankie the Entertainer! - Marshall
Robbie Retro minus glasses - Benneto

Page 78:

Page 79:
Black Widow normal - Wheelz316

Page 80:
Nathan Black WOV - Marshall
Steve Flash American patriot - Marshall
Black Hat Bailey suit - Marshall
Barry Kingman bowler hat + suit - Marshall
Trent Shaffer libertine - Marshall
Alicia Strong diva - Marshall
Repo Nomad - Marshall

Page 81:
Art Reed Kamala ceremonial mask - Marshall
Rafael Ruiz masks - Marshall
Joss Thompson libertine - Marshall
Adam Matravers libertine - Marshall
Wolf Hawkins native American - Marshall
Teddy Powell pink and black attack - Marshall
Kazuma Narato GTS - Marshall
Harley Neill as The Ripper - Marshall
‘The’ Brett Biggz - Marshall

Page 82:
Mean Jean Cattley as Renegade - Marshall
‘The’ Brett Biggz 2 - Marshall
Canadian Crusher patriot - Marshall
Eric Blackley DJ - Marshall
Chris Flynn graduate/top gun - Marshall
Joey Poison Jimmy Jacobs look-a-like - Self
Dark Angel face paint alts - petecrimson00
Masked Patriot darker - D-Lyrium

Page 83:
Ash Campbell bald - shipshirt

Page 84:
Erik Strong tattooed and sunglasses - petecrimson00
Geoff Borne headband - petecrimson00
Joey Poison Jimmy Jacobs look-a-like 2 - petecrimson00
Donnie J minus sunglasses - Wheelz316
Various JD Morgan alts - petecrimson00
Mito Miwa masked - petecrimson00

Page 85:
Jumbo Jackson Road Warrior - Wheelz316
BJ Shearer Road Warrior - Wheelz316
Chris Morrisette Road Warrior - Wheelz316

Page 86:
Tyson Baine Road Warrior - Wheelz316

Page 87:
The Stomper suit - Marshall
Noriyori Sanda and Ryoma Muruyama Strike Force JAPAN - Marshall
William Hayes and Kozue Kawashima as Team Arrogance - Marshall
The Picture of Dorian Devine - Marshall
save_us.Y2Jett - Marshall
Bad News Bruno masked - Wheelz316
Harry Allen long hair - ZMAN
BJ Shearer face paint - ZMAN
Tyson Baine face paint - ZMAN
Sammy The Shark blonde - Marshall
SUKI and Mamoru Nagahama as Team Release - Marshall
Joshua Taylor blonde indie-scene hair - Marshall
Harry Allen grunge - Marshall
Emma Chase secretary - Marshall
Steve Gumble generic/golfer - Marshall
Nobuatso Tatsuko Japanese Sean McFly - Marshall
Cherry Bomb diva - Marshall
Wanda Fish Glamazon - Marshall

Page 88:
Robbie Retro Abyss - Bull
Eddie Howard facial hair - Bull
Ace Youngblood facial hair - Bull
Hiroyasu Gakusha MVP - Marshall
Teddy Powell goes retro - Marshall
Robbie Retro cornrows - Marshall
James Prudence without glasses - Wheelz316

Page 89:
Robbie Retro generic - Bull
Shane Nelson and Lee Rivera sunglasses - Bull
Robbie Retro cornrows WOV - Bull
Shane Nelson, Lee Rivera and Freddy Huggins Team Release - Bull

Page 90:
Buddy Garner patriot - Marshall
Emma Chase secretary 2 - Marshall
Chris Flynn grunge - Marshall
Harrison Hash as The Original Panda Mask - Marshall
Big Smack Scott disco - Marshall
Ace Youngblood collar - Wheelz316
Kurt Laramee various - Bull
American Buffalo, Andre Jones and Ben Williams military caps - Bull
Groucho Bling Carlito hair - Marshall

Page 91:
Too Hot Carlito hair - Marshall
Shane Sneer 1975 suit - Bull
Too Hot Flash Funk - Marshall
Raymond Diaz cornrows - Marshall
Blonde OPM Harrison Hash - Marshall
Hollywood Bret Starr leather jacket - Bull
Sean McFly young hair - Bull
Wolverine with normal eyes - Wheelz316

Page 92:
Collection of Nightshadeex’s alts including McDonalds alts, Marc Speed minus glasses, Trent Shaffer lion mask, Rafael Ruiz panther mask - Nightshadeex
Elmo Benson serious - Marshall
Primal Rage red hair - Marshall
PRIDE Koiso and Takayuki 2000 as Team PRIDE - Marshall
Eddie Howard Masked Mauler - Nightshadeex
Alex Braun as Ace Freeze
Travis Century Preacher of the Force - Nighshadeex
Puerto Rican Power Warlord - Marshall
Darryl Devine libertine - Marshall
Travis Century prophet - Marshall
Big Problem Warlord - Wheelz316

Page 93:
British Samurai masked - Bull
Hiroshi Morisue masked - FINisher
Larry Wood masked - FINisher
Munemitsu Senmatsu shirt - FINisher
Optimus II - Bull
Grandmaster Phunk afro - Nightshadeex
Frankie Perez and Big Problem Shadow Zone - FINisher
Grandmaster Phunk long hair - Wheelz316
Grandmaster Phunk bald - Bull

Page 94:
Matt Sparrow Nemesis hair - Bull
Grandmaster Phunk MVP - Marshall
Mr Lucha III various coloured masks - Benneto

Page 95:
Dread bandito - Marshall
Jessica Bunny diva - Marshall
Phoenix I dark mask - Wheelz316
Phoenix II dark mask - Wheelz316
Dean Daniels Straight Edge - Nightshadeex
Frankie Perez Straight Edge - FINisher
Battle Sakata Martyr mask - FINisher

Page 96:
Jungle Jack grunge - Marshall
Dean Daniels Straight Edge 2 - FINisher

Page 97:
Phoenix III dark mask - Wheelz316
Nicky Champion various hairstyles - Benneto
Boris Kiriyakin crime fighter - Comradebot
Rick Stantz sunglasses - Bull
Swoop McCarthy shirt - Bull

Page 98:
Whippy the Clown without paint - Nightshadeex
Oceano DARK - Wheelz316
Matt Sparrow Pigeon Mask - Bull
Joe and Jesse Gilbert with glasses and jerseys - scorpion
Pecs dark sunglasses and suit - Bull

Page 99:
Black Widow red hair - Bull
Kirk Jameson demonic - Bull
Gargantuan Kane mask - Bull
Daredevil Aero pilot - Bull
Tully Arthurs toga - Bull
Black Widow red hair - FINisher

Page 100:
Phillipe LeGrenier demonic - Bull
Calamaro/Cannonball Kid pimp - Bull
Curtis Jenkins bling - Bull
Erik Strong biker - Bull

Page 101:
Kentucky Bill minus hat - Bull
Jeremiah Moose Kravitz - Marshall
Lightning Lomas leather jacket and sunglasses - Marshall
Nicky Champion grunge - Marshall
Daniel Black Francis sunglasses and shirt - Marshall
Joey Poison grunge - Marshall

Page 102:
Joey Poison altered hair - Wheelz316
Toby Juan Kenobi face paint - The Aussie
Flash Savage shirt/Turk smock - The Aussie
Hell’s Bouncer black and blue shirt - The Aussie
Big Smack Scott ring coat - The Aussie
Ace Youngblood multicoloured shirt - Wheelz316

Page 103:
El Medico - jtlant
Steve Frehley various - Marshall
Remo various - Marshall
Steve Gumble grunge - Marshall
Emma Chase short hair - Sons of Kohral
JK Stallings serious - Sons of Kohral

Page 104:
Hijo Del Vigilante - jtlant
Koshiro Ino face mask - FINisher
Oscar WOV - Wheelz316

Page 105:

Page 106:
Harry Simonson beaten up - Rathen4
Nathan McKenzie chain - Rathen4
BJ Shearer masked - Bull
Enygma in Acid-esque mask - FINisher
Brett Fraser minus hat - Bull
BJ Shearer Hannibal mask - FINisher
Roger Dodger suit and shades - FINisher
Phenomenal E shades and bandana - FINisher
Sprite generic - FINisher

Page 107:
Puerto Rican Power WOV - FINisher
Boris Kiriyakin smoking - Comradebot
Harry Simonson beaten up - machinesxe
Nathan McKenzie chain - machinesxe
Nathan McKenzie WOV - FINisher
Jared Johnson masked - FINisher

Page 108:
Jared Johnson heel and angry - FINisher

Page 109:
Officer Goodhead minus nightstick - Bull
Jared Johnson angry edited - Bull
Lobster Warrior black claw - Bull
Jack Griffith suit, beard and glasses - FINisher
Squeeky McClean with Nate Johnson’s sunglasses - FINisher
Shawn Gonzalez heel - FINisher
BJ Shearer superhero mask - Phantom Stranger
Brent Hill, Bryan Holmes, Vin Tanner, Frankie Future and Emma Chase in suits - FINisher
Peter Valentine billion dollar man - FINisher
Kentucky Bill retro - FINisher

Page 110:
JK Stallings serious 2 - Bull
Calamari/Cannonball Kid retro - Wheelz316
Calamari Kid black mask - FINisher
Giant Redwood suit - FINisher
Hugh de Aske blind and hooded - FINisher
Inky the Squid Boy and Silver Shark dark masks - FINisher

Page 111:
Takayuki 2000 half-masked - FINisher
Silver Shark red and orange masks - FINisher
Ace Youngblood and Spike grunge - FINisher
Kid Toma tribal designs - FINisher
Akima Brave love - FINisher
Jack Griffith artist - Marcel Fromage
Marihito Masuko varying face paint - FINisher
Saionji Omura white shirt - FINisher

Page 112:
Marihito Masuko orange hair - FINisher
Donnie J lucha - FINisher
KC Glenn triple threat signal - FINisher
Mikey James flamboyant - FINisher
American Buffalo red hair and beard with hood - foolinc
Biggz Boyz and Remo retro - FINisher
Miyamae Awesome Thunder - Bull

Page 113:
Joey Minnesota policeman/retro - Bull
Groucho Bling minus headband/joker face paint - Astil
Snap Dragon silver mask/blue and white mask - FINisher
El Patron minus suit - FINisher
Eddie Peak non-zombie - FINisher
Snap Dragon mask variants - FINisher

Page 114:
Eddie Peak non-zombie 2 - Bull
Ace Youngblood headdress - Bull
Bull Wrecker headdress - Bull
Big Problem bald, demonic - Bull

Page 115:
Bull Wrecker gangsta - UFC-KING
Gil Thomas young - Bull

Page 116:
Insane Machine colour variations - FINisher
Adrian Garcia headset - FINisher
Freddie Datsun everyday man - FINisher
Bruce The Giant mountain man - FINisher
Hawkins, Rocky Golden, Minnesota, American Buffalo suit - Nachtfalter
Genghis Rahn, Eddie Peak, Tana robes - Nachtfalter
Jack Griffith unruly beard - Nachtfalter
Richard Eisen, Remo and Vin Tanner suit - Nachtfalter
Big Problem suit - Nachtfalter
Lassana Makutsi, Shady K, Knuckles and Kurt Laramee WOV - Nachtfalter
Eddie Peak non-zombie - Nachtfalter
Miss Mexico masked - NordVolf
Farrah Hesketh commentator/various gimmicks - NordVolf

Page 117:
Gil Thomas young with facial hair - Bull
Velocidad Confederate Dragon - FINisher
KOKI Ishibashi dark mask - FINisher
Whistler Confederate flag - FINisher
Dark Eagle mask variants - FINisher

Page 118:
KOKI Ishibashi variant - FINisher
Generic suit man - FINisher
Freddie Datsun football player/affliction/USA hoodie - Nachtfalter
Eric Eisen facial hair and suit - Nachtfalter
Rich Money suit - Nachtfalter
Munenori Umari eye patch and microphone - FINisher

Page 119:
Rich Money and Brandon James affliction - Nachtfalter
Dan DaLay military face paint - Nachtfalter
Lassana Makutsi Kamala - Nachtfalter
Remo Kravitz - Nachtfalter
Mikey James Naitch robe - Nachtfalter
Richard Eisen WOV - Nachtfalter
Joss Thompson black robe - Nachtfalter
George DeColt young - FINisher
Greg Gauge Naitch robes - Nachtfalter

Page 120:
Jay Darkness purple haze - scorpion
Darryl Devine masks - FINisher
Eric the Bull sailor’s hat and pipe - FINisher
Rip Chord and Runaway Train suit - FINisher
Acid dark green mask - FINisher

Page 121:
Acid mask variants - FINisher
Remo pimp suit and suit - FINisher
Collection of scorpion’s alts
Rod Remus rock star - FINisher

Page 122:
Big Problem bald - Bull
Nathan Coleman raven mask - FINisher
Shikei - FINisher
Angry Gilmore black shirt - UWFSteele
Joe Sexy long blonde hair - UWFSteele
Phil Vibert facial hair - UWFSteele
Joey Minnesota long hair and sunglasses - jtlant
Jesse Christian facial hair - jtlant
Sammy Bach clean shaven - FINisher

Page 123:
Tana serious - FINisher
Edward Wee suit - FINisher
Rocky Golden darker hair - jtlant
Rocky Golden grunge/Hannibal mask - FINisher

Page 124:
Rocky Golden bald and scarred - jtlant
Chris Morrisette suit - FINisher
Nigel Svensson suit and black hat - UFC-KING
Nigel Svensson suit and black hat 2 - jtlant
Tyson Baine tribal face paint - jtlant
Remo and Rich Money pimp - FINisher
Brandon James retro - FINisher

Page 125:
Oscar Golden and Owen Love hippy - FINisher
Nigel Svensson black hat - jtlant
Big Smack Scott suit - jesterx7769
Nigel Svensson clover suit - jesterx7769

Page 126:
Demons of Rage young - FINisher
Ekuma Hawaiian Strong Man masked - FINisher
Flex white shirt - FINisher
Ricky Dale Johnson white hood/masks - FINisher
Bulldozer Brandon Smith triple threat signal - FINisher
Des Davids football player - UFC-KING
Rockin’ Ryan Turner jacket - FINisher
Jack Bruce short blonde hair - FINisher

Page 127:
Nevada Nuclear hat - Wheelz316

Page 128:
Nevada Nuclear hat 2 - Wheelz316
Rockin’ Ryan Turner jacket without guitar - FINisher
Rocky Golden suit and shades - FINisher
Ekuma Hawaiian Strong Man mask 2 - FINisher
Minnesota, RDJ and Joel Bryant military face paint - FINisher
Bryan Holmes Mysterio mask - FINisher
Big Smack Scott Disney?! - FINisher
New York Red suit - FINisher
Jungle Jack suit - FINisher
Nevada Nuclear hat 3 - FINisher

Page 129:
Warren Technique policeman - FINisher
Barry Kingman comrade - FINisher
Ace Youngblood headband and sunglasses - FINisher
Ben Williams football player - FINisher
Ash Campbell green hair and Plague mask - FINisher
Brendan Idol suit and glasses - FINisher
Huey Cannonball surgical mask - FINisher
Justin Sensitive the Entertainer - FINisher
Rod Remus rock star - FINisher
Randy Maxx pirate - FINisher
Teddy Powell flock with sunglasses - FINisher
Al Coleman facial hair - FINisher
Erik Strong sunglasses and beard - FINisher
Jeremiah Moose red bandana and facial hair - FINisher
Mark Smart Reaper face paint - FINisher
Matt Sparrow Dark Angel face paint - FINisher
Riley McManus secret agent - FINisher
Hiroyasu Gakusha black headband - FINisher

Page 130:
Good Old Boys Road Warriors 2 - ZMAN
Teddy Powell fishnet shirt - ZMAN
Brett Biggz grunge - ZMAN
Tiger Fuyuki tiger suit - FINisher
Buddy Garner and Sean McFly Varsity singlets - Marshall
Trent Shaffer and Joey Poison grunge - Marshall

Page 131:
Little Bill Lebowski Gilbert brother - scorpion
Marc Speed grunge - Marshall
Adam Matravers libertine and grunge - Marshall
Matthew Gauge, Jay Chord, Aaron Andrews and Sam Keith multi-coloured robes - Nachtfalter
Joey Minnesota leather jacket/suit - Nachtfalter
Human Arsenal and Brent Hill suit - Nachtfalter
Harry Allen blonde with robes - Nachtfalter
Scout and Guide power and paint - Nachtfalter
Flex serious - Nachtfalter
McWades wife beaters - Nachfalter
BJ Shearer mask - Nachtfalter
Blackjack Robbins leather jacket - Nachtfalter
Nathan Black chrome man - FINisher
CH Threepwood Irish - FINisher
Eric the Bull affliction - FINisher

Page 132:
Ernie Turner retro - FINisher
Greg Gauge suit and sunglasses - FINisher
Art Reed and Shooter Sean Deeley facial hair - FINisher
Ronnie V Pain Texan - FINisher
Marat Khoklov pyjamas - FINisher
Emma Chase doctor - FINisher
Phenomenal E w/ Pepe - FINisher

Page 133:
BJ Shearer and Jumbo Jackson suit and sunglasses - FINisher
John Greed priest - FINisher
Vengeance maskless - FINisher
Angry Gilmore possessed - FINisher
Squeeky McClean and Big Smack Scott suit and sunglasses - FINisher
Hiroyasu Gakusha reposed - jtlant

Page 134:
Alicia Strong purple hair - FINisher
John Greed judge - FINisher

Page 135:
Jim Force alternate face paint - Nedew
Takayuki 2000 reposed - jtlant
Flex Hawaiian shirt and long hair - FINisher
Jack Giedroyc bald 2 - FINisher
Jeremy Stone tattooed - FINisher
Human Arsenal pink robe and Randy Savage hat - FINisher

Page 136:
Greg Gauge, Ash Campbell and Edd Stone suit - FINisher
Robert Oxford suit - FINisher
Masked Patriot evil clown - FINisher
Fumihiro Ota unmasked #1 - FINisher
Alex Braun evil clown - jesterx7769
Ox Kreviazuk mountain man - FINisher

Page 137:
Josh Jones suit - FINisher
Takayuki Avatar masked - Nedew
Rick Law affliction/leather jacket/USA hoodie with sunglasses - Nachtfalter
Ronnie V Pain affliction/leather jacket/wife beater - Nachtfalter
Tyson Baine face paint/facial mask/white hood - Nachfalter
Freddy Huggins suit/robes - Nachtfalter
Craig Prince shirt - Nachtfalter
Tana love machine - Nachtfalter
Zeus Maximillion affliction - Nachtfalter
Sam Keith heavy facial hair and suit - Nachtfalter
Koshiro Ino ninja - Nachtfalter
Fumihiro Ota unmasked #2 - jtlant
Jonathan Taylor ref shirt - jtlant

Page 138:
VENOM pink mask - foolinc
Ultimate Phoenix black, red and white mask - scorpion
Hugh De Aske depirated and grunge - Marshall

Page 139:
Jacob Jett and Darryl Devine Varsity Boys - Marshall
Darryl Devine Dark Angel face pain - Marshall
Zeus Maximillion dark hair affliction - Nachtfalter
Tommy Cornell and Tyson Baine facial hair - Nachtfalter
Flex suit/affliction - Nachtfalter
Fumihiro Ota white face paint #1 - jtlant

Page 140:
Dark American Elemental - scorpion
Catherine Quine Domino mask - FINisher
Ace Youngblood and Seiji Jimbo mask - FINisher
John Maverick Sean McFly hair - FINisher
The Silencer Texan - FINisher
Joe Sexy pink robe - FINisher
Tana serious/masked - FINisher

Page 141:
Fumihiro Ota multicoloured face paint - FINisher
Donnie J and James Prudence suit - FINisher
Fumihiro Ota black face paint w/ Japanese symbols - FINisher

Page 142:
Steve Flash American and Canadian headbands - FINisher
Roger Dodger Irish - FINisher
Puffy the Sand Iron Player WOV - FINisher
Des Davids and Bulldozer Brandon Smith football - FINisher
Joss Thompson city slicker - FINisher
Randy Bumfhole lucha - FINisher
JD Morgan man’s man - FINisher
Robbie Retro short hair, eye patch - FINisher
Brent Hill and Human Arsenal affliction and sunglasses - Nachtfalter

Page 143:
Bumfholes white headbands black coats - FINisher
Eddie Howard Bootsy Collins alt - FINisher
Art Reed Straight Edge - FINisher
Bobby Thomas Naitch hair - FINisher
Dan Stone Jr red headband and sunglasses - FINisher
Davis Wayne Newton close-up - FINisher
Whippy the Clown Reaper face paint - FINisher
Alex Braun affliction and sunglasses - FINisher
Darryl Devine grunge - Marshall
Harry Allen Kwakami hair grunge - Marshall
Jacob Jett Kwakami hair grunge - Marshall
Tiger Fuyuki tiger suit alts - FINisher
Munemori Umari prophet - FINisher
Demon Anger tattooed - FINisher

Page 144:
KAZ and SUKI with Kazuki headbands - FINisher
Lassana Makutsi pirate pimp - FINisher
Gino Montero lion masks - FINisher
Dark Angel White Angel alt - FINisher
KAZ red and grey singlet/black and grey singlets - jtlant
Masked Patriot evil - Bull
Eddie Cornell Hoshino headband - UFC-KING
Fumihiro Ota Japanese lettering white hood - UFC-KING
Wade Orson Union Jack headband - UFC-KING

Page 145:
Kirk Jameson and Phillipe LaGrenier angels - Self
Eric Tyler hard man - Self
Fumihiro Ota symbols on ninja suit - jtlant
SUKI grey and black singlet - jtlant
Frankie Perez prince of puro - Sonfaro
Kirk Jameson red and black face paint #1 - Bull

Page 146:
Kirk Jameson red and black face paint #2 - Bull
Texas Pete minus hat - Bull
KAZ and SUKI Kazuki team complete - FINisher
Fumihiro Ota hood #2 - FINisher
Dread mobster - FINisher
James Prudence sunglasses - FINisher
Texas Pete minus hat #2 - Bull
Jacob Jett, Sean McFly, Greg and Matthew Gauge Varsity Boys - FINisher
Sayeed Ali and Merle O’Curle chin bandanas - FINisher
Texas Pete minus hat grunge - FINisher
Texas Pete minus hat w/ Al Coleman hair - FINisher
Texas Pete minus hat shaggy hair - Bull

Page 147:
Texas Pete minus hat grunge w/ beard - FINisher
More Texas Pete - Bull
Hell Monkey Varsity Boy - FINisher
Frankie Perez and Trent Shaffer occult ringmasters - Marshall
Johnny Bloodstone grunge - Marshall
Shooter Sean Deeley athlete - Marshall
Kirk Jameson red and black face paint alts - Bull

Page 148:
Dermot O’Logical minus skin care - Bull
Rebecca Petty and Hell Monkey suit and sunglasses - FINisher
Jim Force minus face paint - Bull

Page 149:
Nate Casino cowboy hat and sunglasses - Bull
Ash Campbell red hair -J Silver/FINisher
Kirk Jameson Dark Angel face paint - FINisher
Bumfholes flag headbands - FINisher
Ash Campbell red hair suit - FINisher

Page 150:
More Ota edits - Bull/FINisher
Adam Matravers military - UFC-KING
Akima Brave and Kid Toma masked - UFC-KING

Page 151:
Kazuma Narato Muta face paint - FINisher
Bobby Thomas and Nate Johnson angels - Self

Page 152:
Tana masked - UFC-KING
Otto Hammer Schmidt (?) caveman - UFC-KING
Ace Youngblood policeman - UFC-KING
The Natural long beard - UFC-KING
Nate Johnson wingless angel - Self
Gargantuan dark mask and coat - scorpion
Flemmy Lemming face paint - jtlant

Page 153:
Sally Anne Christianson and Sandra Shine angels - Bull
Steven Parker Dark Angel - Bull
Flemmy Lemming Plague mask - Nachfalter
Faded Steven Parker Dark Angel - Nachtfalter
Edd Stone sunglasses - Nachtfalter
Faded Steven Parker Dark Angel #2 - FINisher
Alex Braun Sub Zero mask - Bull

Page 154:
Flemmy Lemming tough - Nedew/Bull
Various red affliction and leather jacket alts - Nachtfalter
Kirk Jameson Darth Maul - FINisher

Page 155:
Happy Eddie Chandler - Nedew
Rick Sanders businessman - Nedew
Chance Fortune red affliction - Nachtfalter
Jack Griffith black coat and bandana - ZMAN
Warren Technique military - ZMAN
Owen Love black coat and chain - ZMAN
JD Morgan football fan - Nedew
JD Morgan native American headdress - Bull
Rick Sanders sunglasses and black singlet - Bull

Page 156:
Johnny Martin sunglasses and black singlet - Bull
JD Morgan and Ripper LeStat Casey Jones - YBDynamo
Frankie Robertson robes/Hogan facial hair - Nachtfalter
Jared Johnson and Darryl Devine nice shirts - Nachtfalter
Dick the Devastator pirate - Nachtfalter
JD Morgan Sheik - Nachtfalter

Page 157:
Eric Tyler suit - Nachtfalter
Nevada Nuclear crew cut - Nachtfalter
El Leon variant colours - Nachtfalter
Ryan Powell sweater vest - Nachtfalter
Nevada Nuclear sunglasses - Nachtfalter
Frankie Robertson facial hair and robes - Nachtfalter
El Leon mask alt #2 - FINisher

Page 158:
El Leon mask alts #3 - FINisher
Eddie Howard dreadlocks and pimp suit - FINisher
Frankie Robertson various including Dark Angel, masked and gentleman alts - FINisher
Frankie Robertson dagger tattoo - FINisher
Nevada Nuclear military - Nachtfalter
Nevada Nuclear generic w/sunglasses - Nachtfalter

Page 159:
Gauge Brothers hair alts - Bull
Jack Bruce dark rock star - Bull
Skull DeBones/Vengeance minus mask - Bull
Black Eagle minus mask - Bull
Dark Angel multi-colour face paint - FINisher
Awesome Thunder, Beetle Kimura and Chess Maniac mask alts - FINisher
Angry Gilmore facial hair and smile - Bull
Emma Chase long hair - Bull
Cal Sanders dark hair - Bull
BJ Shearer Krusher Karloff alt - Bull

Page 160:
Nevada Nuclear sunglasses and suit - FINisher
Skull DeBones multi-coloured mask - FINisher
Dragón Del Acro Iris and El Toro Del Oro multi-coloured masks - FINisher
Squeeky McClean minus shirt - FINisher
Tim Westybrook string vest and Warlord paint - FINisher
Richard Eisen black suit and tie - FINisher
Jack Bruce blue hair - FINisher

Page 161:
Jack Bruce blue hair w/guitar - FINisher
Tim Westybrook jungle man and Big Fight headband - FINisher
Chris Morrisette face paint - FINisher
Chris Caulfield and Bruce the Giant USPW Champ - ZMAN
Liberty USPW Champ - Bull
Ronnie V Pain comrade - Bull

Page 162:
Heelish Liberty - jtlant
Rich Money, Eric Eisen, Runaway Train, Jack Bruce, Skull DeBones and Jack Griffith Champions - ZMAN
Lobo Blanco Phoenix mask - FINisher
BJ Shearer retro - FINisher
Marat Khoklov gangsta - FINisher
Minor Annoyance underworld - FINisher

Page 163:
DC Rayne pimp suit - FINisher
Hell’s Bouncer dark masks - FINisher
Dark Phoenix III - Wheelz316
Eddie Cornell El Leon mask - FINisher
Nation of Filth LOD - FlameSnoopy
Stink LOD Animal - FINisher
Marat Khoklov gangsta - FlameSnoopy

Page 164:
Baby Jamie Staff member - FlameSnoopy
Baby Jamie announcer - FINisher
Thomas Morgan drunk hobo pirate - FlameSnoopy
Cannonball Kid suit and sunglasses - FlameSnoopy

Page 165:
Ronnie V Pain security - FlameSnoopy
Big Problem Warlord paint - FlameSnoopy

Page 166:
K-Squared and Ben Williams hip hop - Nachtfalter
Angel De Mexico, Soul Taker, Enrico Merino, and Rebelde Loco hockey masks - Nachtfalter
Texas Pete feather boa - Nachtfalter
Mick Muscles masks - Nachtfalter
Angry Gilmore and Sean McFly Muta masks - Nachtfalter
Hell’s bouncer mask - Nachtfalter
Ripper LeStat pirate - Nachtfalter
Bradford Peverall, Donnie J, JD Morgan and Kirk Jameson Warlord paint - Nachtfalter
Spirit of Shark and Lizard affliction shirts - Nachtfalter
Jumbo Jackson LOD - Nachtfalter
Sheikh Kashmir Singh - Nachtfalter
Random commentator - Nachtfalter
Troy Tornado Wrath of God - Nachtfalter
Andre Jones gentleman - Nachtfalter
Larry Wood Al Snow alt w/2x4 - Nachtfalter
Edd Stone affliction, Kravitz jacket and sunglasses - Nachtfalter
Phillipe LaGrenier and Zeus Maxillion sunglasses and blue Flair robes - Nachtfalter

Page 167:
Tyson Baine and Brent Hill dark hair - UFC-KING
Donnie J serious minus sunglasses and Warlord paint - Nachfalter
Jumbo Jackson black and silver LOD - Nachtfalter
Jack Bruce, Casey Valentine, Cameron Vessey, Edward Cornell and Ash Campbell affliction - Nachtfalter
Close up Casey Valentine - Nachtfalter
Eric Eisen beard affliction - Nachtfalter
BJ Shearer red, black and silver LOD - Nachtfalter
Joss Thompson armour - FINisher
Remmy Skye green and red hair - FINisher

Page 168:
Chris Morrisette LOD variants - Nachtfalter
Jed High and Toby Juan Kenobi generic black robes - Nachtfalter
Chris Morrisette LOD variants 2 - Nachtfalter
Tyson Baine Muta mask - Nachtfalter
Haru Kurofuji Burning mask - FINisher

Page 169:
Bald Tyson Baine w/ Muta mask - FINisher
Texas Pete Taker alt - FINisher
The Big Problem face paint - FINisher
Teddy Powell dark hair, bald and completely clean shaven - FINisher
Tyson Baine demon headband - YBDynamo
Adam Matravers Mysterio - YBDynamo
Andre Jones, Paul Huntingdon, Flex, Greg Rayne and Robbie Retro affliction - Nachtfalter

Page 170:
Teddy Powell red highlights and shaved blonde hair - Bull
Tyson Baine LOD colour variants - Nachtfalter
Aguila mask colour variants - FINisher

Page 171:
Gorgon LOD alts - FINisher
Jumbo Jackson, Big Problem and Tyson Baine LOD alts - Nachtfalter
Derek Frost iced - UFC-KING
RK Hayes Champion - UFC-KING
Hell’s Bouncer long hair and neck tattoo - FINisher
Joey Minnesota crazy - FINisher
Stan Manna beard and mask alts - FINisher

Page 172:
Joey Minnesota crazy 2 - FINisher
Takayuki Avatar Japanese headband - UFC-KING
Champagne Lover rock star - UFC-KING
Darkness Warrior white eyes and beard - UFC-KING
Electrico alt - Wheelz316

Page 173:
Joss Thompson patriot - FlameSnoopy
Rex Reeves cowboy - FlameSnoopy
Thomas Morgan patriot - YBDynamo
Joss Thompson patriot - YBDynamo
Thomas Morgan patriot w/ Canadian flag - FlameSnoopy

Page 174:
Frankie Robertson homeless wife beater - Nachtfalter
Tempest Appleby crazy face paint - Nachtfalter
Enforcer Roberts (shirtless, wife beater and sunglasses) - Nachtfalter
The Big Problem Darkness robe - FlameSnoopy
Tempest Appleby hot dog salesman - FlameSnoopy
Elemental II plain mask - FlameSnoopy
Elemental II plain mask 2 - Wheelz316

Page 175:
Elemental II black and red mask - FlameSnoopy
Enforcer Roberts goatee, suit and sunglasses alts - Nachtfalter
Enforcer Roberts clean shaven alts - Nachtfalter
American Elemental mask alt - Wheelz316
Junnosuke Fukazawa suit - FlameSnoopy

Page 176:
Eric Tyler, Runaway Train and Steve Flash suit and wife beater alts - Nachtfalter
Lords of War and Baron Von Rambis LOD alts - Nachtfalter
Tommy Cornell younger - Nachtfalter
Lobster Warrior pink - The Masked Orange
Larry Wood suit - FINisher
Hijo Del Mephisto green mask alt - The Masked Orange
Yoshimi Mushashibo Inuaki robe - FINisher
Hijo Del Mephisto multi-coloured masks - FINisher
Amo Del Gato red and yellow mask - The Masked Orange
Bret Heartbreak hair alt - The Masked Orange

Page 177:
Remmy Skye face paint - Nachtfalter
Texas Pete face paint - Nachtfalter
Black Hat Bailey, Sam Keith and Sid Streets suit and sunglasses - Nachtfalter
Doc Messing headset - FlameSnoopy
Shirai Yanagawa alt - jtlant
Edd Stone longer hair minus smile - Nachtfalter
Riley McManus suit - Nachtfalter
Stevie Grayson minus hat - Nachtfalter
Primal Rage and Madmoon Boone 666 team - FINisher

Page 178:
DC Rayne cornrows and pimp jacket - FINisher
Angel Del Mexico mask alt - Wheelz316
Stevie Grayson various hair alts - FINisher

Page 179:
Stevie Grayson various hair alts - FINisher
Awesome Kiyaru red mask - FINisher
Geena The Warrior Princess gothic - FINisher
George DeColt in his prime - Self
Rick Law cowboy hat and suit - FINisher
Red Dragon green hair - The Masked Orange

Page 180:
Stevie Grayson hair alt - Bull
Various workers flipped - FINisher
Bruce The Giant El Sucio mask - FINisher
Chance Fortune Black Cobra mask - FINisher
Hell’s Bouncer clown alt - FINisher
Steven Parker policeman - FINisher
Harry Allen gangster - FINisher
Steve Gumble scientist - FINisher
Eddie Peak straitjacket - FINisher
Enforcer Roberts long hair - FINisher

Page 181:
Burning EXILE blue flame mask alt - UFC-KING
Brendan Idol mask - YBDynamo
Ben Williams long beard - YBDynamo
Ben Williams masked - YBDynamo
Ben Williams and Brendan Idol Awesome Thunder masks - YBDynamo
Richie Fox and Ben Williams black jacket - YBDynamo
Zimmy Bumfhole sheikh - mistaken
Acid mask alt - Wheelz316
Elemental II flames mask alt - Wheelz316

Page 182:
Li Bingci Chinese gimmick - FINisher
Taro Shionoya - jtlant
Steve Flash cowboy - FINisher
Art Reed American singlet - FINisher
Casey Valentine grin - FINisher
Masked Orange - The Masked Orange
Steve Flash Sting face paint - FINisher

Page 183:
Adam Ryland - FINisher
Various Adam Ryland alts - Slim Jim
Adam Ryland tiger suit alt - FINisher

Page 184:
Stevie Grayson various hair alts - Nachtfalter
Christian Faith suit and affliction alts - Nachtfalter
Enforcer Roberts, Eric Eisen, Big Cat Brandon, Remo and Rich Money suits - Nachtfalter
Al Coleman and Mean Jean Cattley cowboys - mistaken

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Continuing the thread since Marshall has been offline for a month or so.

Page 185:
Zeus Maxmillion in a suit - mistaken
Biggz Boyz (Bart & Brett) "Hardy Boyz"/Grunge -esque Alts - YBDynamo
Jessie alts - YBDynamo
Eric Tyler in a hood and a mask - FINisher
Arthur Dexter Bradley & Matt Hocking, suit & shades - FINisher
Fumihiro Ota Muta style mask, Bret Graveson in a suit, Alicia Strong with Jim Force facepaint - FINisher
Elmo Benson & Greg Black (Croucho), suits and shades - FINisher
Nigel Svensson with a Swedish flag bandana - FINisher
Christian Faith & Sam Keith, Affliction shirts - FINisher
Eric Tyler masked - FINisher

Page 186:
Eric Tyler masked and hooded - FINisher
Jessie skintone change - The Masked Orange
Steel baseball cap - The Masked Orange

Page 187:
Joel Kovach, suits and shades - FlameSnoopy
Elemental II alt - FlameSnoopy
Eagle Kawasawa alt - paulskin
Bob Casey cowboy - paulskin

Page 188:
Charlie Thatcher earpiece modded shirt - Phantom Stranger
Swoop McCarthy alt - wrestlingfan #1
Sayeed Ali without bandana/cap - Self

Page 189:
Hell's Bouncer white hair and beard - Nachtfalter
Chris Caulfield army style - UFC-KING
Hell's Bouncer white hair and beard #2 - Nachtfalter
Eric Style executioner mask, Marv Statler & Dean Waldorf with Statler and Waldorf on their bandanas, Chance Fortune alt, Dean & Dallas McWade with Warlord facepaint - FINisher
Raven Nightfall as a cheerleader, Playboy Jake Sawyer as a zombie, Bob Casey cowboy and Calvin Dark pyromaniac - FINisher
Red Archangel, Elemental alts, Raven Nightfall and Joanna Rodriguez cheerleader alts - FINisher

Page 190:
Eagle Kawasawa alts - FINisher
Swoop McCarthy alts, Burning EXILE with Great Hisato look - FINisher
Kazuma Narato Elemental masked - FINisher

(Big thanks to Bull for helping out and contributing to the thread! Pages 191 - 202 are from Bull)

Page 191:
Swoop McCarthy Alt - Wrestlingfan#1
Vance Sturt alts - UFC-King
Rick Law Deadman - FINisher
Travis Century alts - FINisher
Hells Bouncer alts - FINisher

Page 192:
More Hells Bouncer alts - FINisher
Marcos Flores alts - FINisher
Sayeed Ali alt - Self
Trent Shaffer suicide alt - FINisher
JD Morgan Sub Zero alt - FINisher
Elmo and Groucho masked alts - FINisher
Katherine Goodlooks cheerleader - FINisher
Adrian Garcia alt - FINisher
Sayeed Ali headpiece - Self

Page 193:
Enforcer Roberts suit - FINisher

Page 194:
Mokuami Maita alts - FINisher
Champagne Lover alts - FINisher
Awesome Thunder alts - FINisher
Ginko Kuroda elemental alt - FINisher

Page 195:
Erine Turner high concept alt - FINisher
Cole Taylor alt - FINisher
Milton Hittlespiz alts - FINisher
Ginko Kuroda elemental alt2 - FINisher
Sam Strong Rick Rude alt - Self

Page 196:
Masked Character - Self
Sam Strong Rick Rude alt /w boa - Self
Erine Turner high concept alt2 - FINisher
Katie Avatar cheerleader alt - FINisher
Dirty White Boys Warlord alts - FINisher
McWades Warlord alts - FINisher
Snap Dragon Earth alt- FINisher
Ultimate Phoenix Recycle alt - FINisher
Takesi Umehara de bikered and rebikered - Jtlant

Page 197:
Ultimate Phoenix Recycle alts - FINisher
Brady Prince Recycle alt - mistaken
WOV Gold - FINisher
Swoop McCarthy alts - Sebsplex

Page 198:
Connie Morris beard - Self

Page 199:
Multiple Tyson Baine alts - Nachtfalter
Christian Faith & Sam Keith Affliction alts - Nachtfalter

Jeremy Stone alt - Self
Ultimate Phoenix recolor - Foolinc
Multiple Tyson Baine alts - Bull
Scythe alts - Bull

Helen Bach Grunge alts - Bull
Tyson Baine alts - Bull
Keith Vegas alt - Bull
Frankie Perez alt - Nachtfalter
Freddie Huggins alts - Nachtfalter
Joel Bryant affliction alt - Nachtfalter

Rich Money Belt alt - ZMAN
Corporal Doom alt - ZMAN
Peter Valentine alt - ZMAN
Anger alt - ZMAN
Micky Starr suit alts - FINisher
Champagne Lover mask alt - FINisher
Danny Patterson drag queen alt - FINisher
Steele beanie alt - FINisher
Jungle Jack Lucha alts - FINisher
Daredevil areo Super hero alt - FINisher
Sam Keith alt - Nachtfalter
Joey Minnesota alt - Nachtfalter
Charlie Thatcher alt - Nachtfalter
Tyson Baine alt - Nachtfalter
Multiple Joey Minnesota alts - Nachtfalter & FINisher

(These are from FlameSnoopy, big thanks to him for the contribution! 203 - 212)

Page 203:
Brimstone with no-hood (FINisher)
Brimstone with cape (FINisher)
Rockin Ryan Turner with jacket and shades (FINisher)
California Love Machine in suit and shades (FINisher)
Jack Avatar in affliction gear and suit (FINisher)
Mike Watson shorter hair cut (FINisher + Bull combo)

Page 204:
Freddy Huggins blonde hair + robe (FlameSnoopy)
Whippy the Clown facepaintless (FlameSnoopy)
Whippy the Clown fpless in suit (FlameSnoopy)
Whippy the Clown fpless in shades (FlameSnoopy)
Laura Huggins blonde hair (FlameSnoopy)
Stan Manna blonde hair (FlameSnoopy)
Whippy the Clown patriot with headband and Canadian flag (FlameSnoopy)
Whippy the Clown facepaintless (jtlant)
Whippy the Clown as a priest (jtlant)
Whippy the Clown different facepaint (FINisher)

Page 205:
Steve Flash facepaint (FINisher)
Steve Flash facepaint + jacket (FINisher)
Steve Flash facepaint, jacket and baseball bat (FINisher)
Land Mass Wrath of God with different colours of hair (The Masked Orange)

Page 206
Genghis Rahn as priest (The Masked Orange)
Genghis Rahn with red shirt and braces (The Masked Orange)
Stevie Grayson with no hat, but now with brown hair (ZMAN)
Stevie Grayson nohatted + shirt (ZMAN)
Acid un-masked (jtlant)
Pistol Pete Hall without hat (The Masked Orange)

Page 207:
Mainstream Hernandez in white shirt + tie (FINisher)
Wanda Fish, Alicia Strong, Hotsuff Marie, Lauren Easter and Victoria Stone in suit
Groucho Bling afro and golden chain (FlameSnoopy)

Page 208:
Pistol Pete Hall with no hat (dse81)
Frankie Perez with hood (FlameSnoopy)
Pistol Pete Hall with no shirt (dse81)
Suzue Katayama bald (paulskln)
Anne Stardust masked (paulskln)
Rick Law with no-hat and no shirt (FlameSnoopy)
Kirk Jameson cool shirt + shades (FlameSnoopy)

Page 209:
Brain McGhee with explorer hat (benjacko)
Brain McGhee with two different kinds of explorer hats (FINisher)
Joey Beauchamp with sub zero mask (FINisher)
Joey Beauchamp with mask (FlameSnoopy)
Brains McGhee with adventurer hat (FlameSnoopy)
Boris Kiriyakin with Optimus'es mask made soviet style (Comradebot)

Page 210:
Joss Thompson, Jay Chord and Jack Avatar in cool shirts + shades (FlameSnoopy)
Joss Thompson and Jack Avatar cool shirts + bigger shades (FINisher)
The Awesome Kiyaru in silver mask (FINisher)
The Awesome Kiyaru with silver mask and with a halo (FINisher)
Marc Speed sub zero mask (FINisher)
Marc Speed sub zero mask with black shirt (FINisher)

Page 211:
Freddie Datsun with shirt and different hair (ewanite)
Java with no facepaint and flame tattoos on his head (Bull)
Mick Muscles facepaint (jtlant)
Whirlind Lee Wilkes with swimming glasses (Briskout)

Page 212:
Nicky Champion red sting facepaint and different kinds of hairs (FINisher)
Java with Jim Force facepaint (Bull)
Joss Thompson with a machine mask (Bull)
Joss Thompson with suits and shades (Bull)
Java without facepaint (FINisher)
Billy Jack Shearer with different kinds of masks (FINisher)
Billy Jack Shearer mask (Bull)
Billy Jack Shearer bald (Bull)

(Big thanks to praguepride for pages 213 - 230)

Page 213:
Frankie Perez w/ fists and emo look - FIN
Agent 69 w/ short hair and diva look - FIN
Alan Parent with Australian Outback hat - FIN
Frankie Perez w/ emo look (no fists) - FIN

Page 214:
Art Reed with red dreadlocks and scruffy beard - ZMAN
Doug Peak w/ Hannibal mask - wrestlingfan#1
Henry Lee w/ Hannibal mask - wrestlingfan#1
Mainstream Hernandez with emo makeup - J Silver
Mainstream Hernandez without glasses - J Silver

Page 215:
Masked Patriot with green hair and red mask - benjacko
Xavier Reckless with XDW bandana - FIN
Super Sonic with XDW hat - FIN
Masked Patriot with modern joker mask - FIN
Whippy the Clown with purple hair and "evil" facepaint - benjacko
Whippy the Clown with black hair and "evil" facepaint - benjacko

Page 216:
Wolf Hawkins with red tribal facepaint - AzzMartin
Atlas with open faced mask - FIN
Freddy Huggins with different hair and sunglasses - FIN
Thimbleby Langton with meaner mouth and LOD pads - FIN
Ricky Dale Johnson in biker jacket - FIN
Random Male 54 in affliction t-shirt - FIN
Random Male 35 in variety of t-shirts - FIN
Greg Gauge in Affliction shirt - FIN
Greg Gauge in redneck flanel and hat with Affliction shirt underneath - FIN
Greg Gauge in redneck flanel and hat - FIN

Page 217:
Yosuke Narita as "Black Thunder" - UFC-KING
Chopper Rourke in biker jacket - UFC-KING
Ben Williams as Mickey Mouse - UFC-KING
Atlas with blue hair and blue Black Eagle mask - UFC-KING
Dean Daniels in FREEDOM-5 orange tracksuit - FIN
Anguish in different colored masks - FIN

Page 218:
Steve Flash with Maple Leaf headband and canadian flag in background - FlameSnoopy
Duane Fry in various suits - FlameSnoopy
Alysian Scottsfield with Larry Wood-pale skin - FlameSnoopy
Dean Daniels in orange FREEDOM-5 tracksuit - FIN
Primus Allen in Orange FREEDOM-5 tracksuit - FIN
Charles Avatar in orange FREEDOM-5 tracksuit - FIN
Steve Flash in orange FREEDOM-5 tracksuit - FIN
KC Glenn in orange FREEDOM-5 tracksuit - FIN

Page 219:
Extreme Deluxe in XDW hat - FIN
Daredevil Aero in XDW t-shirt - FIN
Fearless Blue in XDW t-shirt - FIN
Atlas in Russian masks - FIN
Fredrique Antonio Garcia with angry mouth - FIN
Jack Griffith with hobo makeup - FIN
Sammy Bach with brown hair and emo look - FIN
Steve Flash with scar - FIN
Paige Croft in pink tiger suit - FIN
Fuzzy Freeman with swarm lucha mask - FlameSnoopy
Whirlwind Lee Wilkes with swarm lucha mask - FlameSnoopy
Action Jackson holding up three fingers - FIN

Page 220:
Whirlwind Lee Wilkes with darker swarm lucha mask - FlameSnoopy
Dragon Assassin in three different masks - FIN
The Masked Avatar with flag mask - FIN
Slimv with WOV hoodie - FIN
Hardcore Killah with WOV headband - FIN
Hardcore Killah with WOV headband and hoodie - FIN
Carl Batch with dark hat and dew rag underneath - FIN
Abraham Slam with brown baseball cap, ponytail, and brown suit - Bull

Page 221:
Troy Tornado with blonde hair streak and gold eyebrow ring - Self
Nelson Callum holding up fiou fingers - Bull
Hector Galindo without bandana and holding up three fingers - Bull
Lead Belly in dark hood and robe - Bull

Page 222:
Playboy Jake Sawyer as evil preacher - Bull
Johnny Martin without beard and with phantom of the opera mask - Bull
Troy Tornado with solid shirt and Mean Jean 3000 mask - Bull
Emma Chase with long hair - Kobe1724
Emma Chase with long hair - Bull

Page 223:
BJ O'Neil with "shine" removed - Bull
Blonde Bombshell with "shine" removed - Bull
Beaver costume on unknown worker - Self

Page 224:
Ace Youngblood with 4 ace poker hand - FlameSnoopy
Marcus McKing in Hulk Hogan style bandana and mustache - paulskln
Dan DeLay with crown and robe - Self

Page 225:
Champagne Lover with shorter hair, sunglasses, and biker jacket - Marcel Fromage
Air Attack Weasel with long hair, headband, and jacket - Marcel Fromage
Frankie Perez in dark hooded robe - Marcel Fromage
Jack Griffith with cleaned up look - Marcel Fromage
Jungle Jack with shorter hair, sunglasses and shirt - Marcel Fromage
Julian Watson with headband and jacket - Marcel Fromage
Kashmir Singh in purple lucha outfit - Marcel Fromage
Kirk Jameson with shorter hair - Marcel Fromage
Mario Heroic in Jack Sparrow like pirate outfit - Marcel Fromage
Raphael with shaved head and red goatee - Marcel Fromage
Reese Paige with dreadlocks - Marcel Fromage
Tana the Mighty as a giant tuna - FIN
Jacob Jett as frustrated golfer - FIN
Primus Allen as a cop - FIN
Rolling Johnny Stone with Jim Force facepaint - FIN
Alysian Scottsfield with pale skin - FIN
Marc Speed with affliction t-shirt and no glasses - FIN
Marc Speed without glasses - FIN
Barry Kingman with psycho clown mask - FIN
Nicky Champion with sting makeup and various hairstyles - FIN
Texas Pete without hat and various hairdos/piercings - FIN
Jack Griffith with cowboy hat and vest - FIN
Rip Chord in black/white hooded robe - FIN

Page 226:
Trent Shaffer with Suicide mask - FIN
Shooter Sean Deeley with Canadian flag headband and flag in background - FlameSnoopy
The Tic with Lobster costume - FlameSnoopy
Kirk Jameson with Kill Switch makeup - FlameSnoopy
Nigel Svensson as a samurai - FlameSnoopy

Page 227:
Shooter Sean Deeley in white/red & white hooded robes - FIN
Playboy Jake Sawyer in various suits and "pensive looks" - FIN
Kenny O'Quinn with announcer's headset - FIN
Lawrence Young in suit and hat - FIN
Coyote Dynamite with Santino look - paulskln
Angry Gilmore as Mr. Kennedy - paulskln

Page 228:
Kid Toma with gold "immortal" mask - FIN
Akima Brave with gold "immortal" mask - FIN
Bigger Dan Ewe with cowboy hat and Stink-style mustache - FIN
Bad News Bruno with mustache and cowboy hat - FIN
Randy Bumfhole with black vest - FIN
Zimmy Bumfhole wtih black vest - FIN
Nightmare with skull mask - FIN
Jeff Nova in a suit - FIN
Jeff Nova in a suit with announcer's headset - FIN
Jeff Nova in a suit with 21CW microphone - FIN
Kathleen Lee with brighter lipstick - FIN
Joss Thompson in suit - FIN
Leo Price in suit - FIN
The Steamroller in shirt - FIN
The Steamroller in suit - FIN
Grim Quibble in dragon mask - FIN

Page 229:
Kirk Jameson with longer, darker hair - Bull
Jack Avatar with Union Jack headband - FlameSnoopy
FIN tribute picture - FlameSnoopy

Page 230:
Tank Bradley without mohawk or dog collar - wrestlingfan#1
Greg Rayne with short hair - Slim Jim
Greg Rayne bald - Slim Jim
Randy Bumfhole with longer hair - Slim Jim
Fredrique Garcia with red boa - Slim Jim
Champagne Lover with less hair - Slim Jim
James Prudence without glasses - Slim Jim
Davis Wayne Newton with variety of hair styles - Slim Jim
Des Davids with corn rows and black face paint - Slim Jim
Eddie Chandler with fabulous poofy outfit - FIN
Dan DeLay in biker jacket - FIN
Bobby Thomas in red leather jacket - FIN
Nate Johnson in red leather - FIN
Christian Faith in white collered shirt - Self
Christian Faith shirtless - Self

(Big thanks to praguepride for pages 231 - 249)

Page 231:
Genghis Rahn with blood red & black facepaint - Marcel Fromage
Keith Adams as a bobby - Nedew
Geri Smith as a bobby - Nedew
Trance with boa and heart sunglasses - Nedew
Rave with boa and heart sunglasses - Nedew
Mister King with pedobear headband - Nedew
JD Morgan with Newcastle facepaint - Nedew
JD Morgan with Sunderland facepaint - Nedew
Manchester Flyboy with Manchester United colors - Nedew
Sean McFly with grey t-shirt - ProjectJinx
sean McFly with grey t-shirt and sunglasses - ProjectJinx

Page 232:
Fumihiro Ota maskless with black bandana and gold japanese symbol on it - FlameSnoopy
Jimmy Stratosphere in lucha masks - FlameSnoopy
Victoria Stone with red lips, mirrored shades and biker jacket - FlameSnoopy
Victoria Stone with mirrored shades and biker jacket - FlameSnoopy
Remmy Skye with black & white vampiro facepaint - FlameSnoopy
Leo Davis in masked mauler mask - FlameSnoopy
Leo Davis in bell-shaped masks - FlameSnoopy
Air Attack Weasel with different colored hair - FlameSnoopy
Air Attack Weasel with different suits - FlameSnoopy
Air Attack Weasel with different sunglasses - FlameSnoopy

Page 233:
Banky Bremner - Boomer Iles
Kid Fantastic - Boomer Iles
Gregg Boone with different hat symbols - Boomer Iles
Leftie Wilks on different background - Boomer Iles
Jacob Jett with red and orange Ernie headbands - FIN
Jungle Jack as a cop - FIN
Nightmare with mask - Boomer Iles
American Flash with japanese flag mask - D-Lyrium
Acid II with different colors - D-Lyrium
Acid with greener mask - D-Lyrium
KOKI Ishibashi with red mask - D-Lyrium
American Elemental with stars & stripes mask - Marcel Fromage

Page 235:
Alyx Macquaire with anarchy tattoo on forehead - benjacko
Boris Kiryakin as Russian Red Ranger - Comradebot

Page 236:
Hidekazu with new render - jtlant
Hidekazu with new render and facepaint - jtlant
Angry Gilmore with mesh shirt - jtlant
Regular Joe with emo makeup - jtlant
Jay Chord with different hair and shirt - Marcel Fromage
Shingen Miyazaki with different render - jtlant
Shingen Miyazaki with different render and facepaint - jtlant

Page 237:
Troy Tornado with denim jacket - Nachtfalter
Troy Tornado with denim jacket and patriotic headband - Nachtfalter
Troy Tornado wtih denim jacket and mirrored shades - Nachtfalter
Remo with skull t-shirt - Nachtfalter
Steve Frehley with skull t-shirt - Nachtfalter
Remo with Affliction t-shirt - Nachtfalter
Steve Frehley with Affliction t-shirt - Nachtfalter
Remo in red affliction shirt - Nachtfalter
Remo in red affliction shirt and leather jacket - Nachtfalter
Remo in red affliction shirt and jacket and mirrored shades - Nachtfalter
Steve Frehley in red affliction shirt - Nachtfalter
Steve Frehley in red affliction shirt and leather jacket - Nachtfalter
Steve Frehley in red affliction shirt and jacket and mirrored shades - Nachtfalter
Nemesis in red affliction shirt - Nachtfalter
Nemesis in red affliction shirt and leather jacket - Nachtfalter
Freddie Datsun in red affliction shirt - Nachtfalter
Freddie Datsun in red affliction shirt and leather jacket - Nachtfalter
Danny Jillefski in red affliction shirt under suit - Nachtfalter
Jay Fair in red affliction shirt - Nachtfalter
Jay Fair in red affliction shirt and jacket - Nachtfalter
Edd Stone without sunglasses - Nachtfalter
Freddy Huggins with Edd Stone's vest and sunglasses - Nachtfalter
Lefter Oktay (from WMMA) with short hair - FIN
Lefter Oktay (from WMMA) with long hair - FIN
Lefter Oktay (from WMMA) with short hair and goatee - FIN
Lefter Oktay (from WMMA) with lucha mask - FIN
Elmo Benson without headband and short hair - FIN
Bryan Vessey in suit - FIN
Enforcer Roberts in ninja mask - FIN
Enforcer Roberts in open faced ninja mask - FIN
Enforcer Roberts in cowboy hat - FIN
Jack Gierdroyc in glasses (not nerdy ones like Harry Potter ) - FIN
Edd Stone in black shirt, no glasses - FIN
Captain USA unmasked (and after putting on a bit of weight...) - FIN
Jack Bruce with blonde hair and purple bandana - FIN
Jack Gierdroyc with short, black hair - FIN
Jacob Jett bald - FIN
Trent Shaffer with Vengance style facepaint - ZMAN

Page 238:
No alts on this page!

Page 239:
Rip Chord with lighter brown hair (similar to Jay Chord's hair color) - Slim Jim
Alex Braun in a suit - FIN
Super Sonic in patriotic mask - FIN
Super Sonic in confederate flag mask - FIN
Super Sonic in different confederate flag mask - Comradebot
Super Sonic in different confederate flag mask and singlet - Comradebot

Page 240:
(Images blocked by firewall Will have to double check previous pages to see if there's images there that are blocked by firewall as well.)

Page 241
[PLACEHOLDER] - losttrem
[PLACEHOLDER] - losttrem
[PLACEHOLDER] - losttrem
[PLACEHOLDER] - losttrem
[PLACEHOLDER] - losttrem

Page 242:
[PLACEHOLDER] - losttrem
[PLACEHOLDER] - losttrem
[PLACEHOLDER] - losttrem
[PLACEHOLDER] - losttrem
[PLACEHOLDER] - losttrem
[PLACEHOLDER] - losttrem
[PLACEHOLDER] - losttrem
[PLACEHOLDER] - losttrem
[PLACEHOLDER] - losttrem
[PLACEHOLDER] - losttrem
[PLACEHOLDER] - losttrem
Larry Wood with white hair - wrestlingfan#1
Bryan Holmes with Canadian flag skull cap - wrestlingfan#1
[PLACEHOLDER] - losttrem
[PLACEHOLDER] - losttrem

Page 243:
[PLACEHOLDER] - losttrem
[PLACEHOLDER] - losttrem
[PLACEHOLDER] - losttrem
[PLACEHOLDER] - losttrem
Dante Orrinson as DJ Heat - wrestlingfan#1
Dante Orrinson with red hair, red tinted shades, and big floppy hat - wrestlingfan#1
Dante Orrinson with DJ Inferno visor and red shades - wrestlingfan#1
Dante Orrinson with DJ Inferno visor, red shades, and red hair - wrestlingfan#1
Dante Orrinson with above and headphones - wrestlingfan#1
[PLACEHOLDER] - losttrem
Jimmy Stratosphere as Black Flash - wrestlingfan#1
The Minor Annoyance as a pirate - wrestlingfan#1

Page 244:
Velocidad with mexican flag mask - wrestlingfan#1
Dirty Frank with bandana and wifebeater - wrestlingfan#1
Dead Bolt in statue mask - wrestlingfan#1
Dead BOlt in leather zipper mask - wrestlingfan#1
Dead Bolt in creepy clown mask - wrestlingfan#1

Page 245:
Hector Galindo with green bandana - wrestlingfan#1
Dead Bolt in leather zipper mask without hat - wrestlingfan#1

Page 246:
Jack Avatar in military grunt helmet - wrestlingfan#1
Keith Vegas as a raver - wrestlingfan#1
Bam Bam Johansson with Giant Redwood beard - wrestlingfan#1
Bam Bam Johansson with stubble - wrestlingfan#1

Page 247:
Stretch the Chicken Boy as a raver - wrestlingfan#1
Steve Gumble with a beard - Self

page 248:
Teddy Powell with punk hair and piercings - wrestlingfan#1
Richard Eisen in old-school football helmet - wrestlingfan#1
Richard Eisen in modern football helmet - wrestlingfan#1
Billy Russell with black & gold face paint and hooded robe - wrestlingfan#1
Billy Russell with black & gold face paint - wrestlingfan#1
Jason Jackson with face paint and blonde hair - wrestlingfan#1
Rhino Umaga with Wolverine style facepaint - wrestlingfan#1
Robbie Gordon with a snake - FIN
Super Sonic holding confederate flag - FIN
Super Sonic holding confederate flag and smoking a cigar - FIN
Stuart Ferdinand in a cowboy hat (black one and a brown one) - FIN
Persephone with tiara and ruby red lips - FIN
Jason Jackson with modern sting facepaint - FIN
Sam Strong ('75 version) with patriotic headband - FIN
Sam Strong ('75 version) with patriotic headband and American flag - FIN
Sam Strong ('75 version) with hulk hogan headband and American Flag - FIn
Sam Strong ('75 version) with hulk hogan headband, shirt, and American Flag - FIn
Luis Montero with white sunglasses - FIN
Luis Montero with red leather jacket - FIN
Luis Montero with white sunglasses and leather jacket - FIN

page 249:
Rip Chord ('75 version) with white hair and poofy jacket - wrestlingfan#1
Rip Chord ('75 version) with Ric Flair style white hair and poofy jacket - wrestlingfan#1
Rip Chord ('75 version) with long blonde hair - FIN
Ernie Turner looking like cartoon Joker - wrestlingfan#1

(*"Note, the placeholders are images that were blocked by my firewall. Will have to go back and update those.")

Thanks to praguepride for 250 - 265

page 250
[PLACEHOLDER] - losttrem
[PLACEHOLDER] - losttrem
Matthew Gauge in variety of suits - FIN
Jay Chord in suit - FIN
Rave w/ red masks - FIN
Trance w/ blue masks - FIN
Geena the Warrior Princess in purple masks - FIN
Bethany Hurst in green masks - FIN

Page 251
American Machine in American/Insane Machine mask - ZMAN
Keith Vegas in suit and happy face
[PLACEHOLDER] - losttrem
[PLACEHOLDER] - losttrem
[PLACEHOLDER] - losttrem

page 252
Edd Stone in dark red vest - wrestlingfan#1
Edd Stone angry in dark red vest - wrestlingfan#1
Tasuku Shinozuka in Sting facepaint - FIN
Tasuku Shinozuka in Sting facepaint w/ short hair - FIN
Greg Gauge in variety of suits - FIN
Laura Huggins w/ Guide face paint and Scout helmet - FIN
Edd Stone in dark red vest w/ fangs - FIN
Lassana Makutsi w/ American Flag bandanna - FIN
Rudy Velasquez w/o hand or bandanna - FIN
Aaron Andrews w/ American flag bandanna - FIN
Jack Avatar w/ American Flag bandanna - FIN
Eisaku Kunomasu smirking - Nedew
Eisaku Kunomasu w/ big hair - Nedew
Eisaku Kunomasu smirking w/ big hair - Nedew
Alan Parent with new hair and Vessey fist - Nedew
Buddy Garner snarling - Nedew
Trauma with Slim V gangster outfit - Nedew

page 253:
Tana the Mighty in new awesome tuna costume - Comradebot
[PLACEHOLDER] - Tempest Kane
Eisaku Kunomasu in robes - FIN
Eisaku Kunomasu w/ big hair in robes - FIN
Tana the Mighty as Patriot Wrath of God Giant Space Tuna - ZMAN
Tana the Mighty as Patriot Force Giant Space Tuna - FIN
Tana the Mighty as Fabulous Patriot Wrath of God Mustachioed Giant Space Tuna - ZMAN

page 254:
Trauma in gangster getup - Nedew
Duberry Excess with more serious look - Nedew
Phenomenal E with more serious look - Nedew
Sayeed Ali with big hair - Nedew
Sayeed Ali with bandanna and big hair - Nedew
Hardcore Killah with Slim V headband - Nedew
John Greed with Wrath of God facepaint - FIN
Brady Prince with crown - FIN
Buck Graham with crown - FIN
Brady Prince with crown & scepter - FIN
Buck Graham with crown & scepter - FIN
Toby Juan Kenobi with Teddy Powell beard - FIN
Tana the Mighty as Mexican Announcer King Fabulous Space Force Tuna of Violent Wrathful Love - FIN

page 255:
Larry Wood with mask and burn victim scars - Marcel Fromage

page 256:
Larry Wood bald - FlameSnoopy
Toshinobi Taku w/ angry expression - FlameSnoopy
Toshinobi Taku w/ evil expression - FlameSnoopy
Demon Anger w/ Road Warrior Hawk armor and facepaint - FlameSnoopy
Demon Spite w/ Road Warrior Animal armor and facepaint - FlameSnoopy
Lion Heart w/ emo look - FlameSnoopy
All Black Box - FlameSnoopy
Aristocrat w/ Wrath of God facepaint - Self

page 257:
Freddie Datsun w/ dead looking skin - wrestlingfan#1
Aristocrat in grey robes - FlameSnoopy
Marat Khoklov as bodyguard - FlameSnoopy
Lion Heart with American flag headband and flag background - FlameSnoopy

page 258:
Elmo Benson w/ James Prudence blonde hair and shades - FIN
Nevada Nuclear w/ Wolf Hawkins style haircut - FIN
Nevada Nuclear w/ Wolf Hawkins style haircut and shades - FIN
Groucho Bling w/ Robbie Retro shades, hair, and clothes - FIN
The Cannonball Kid w/ Robbie Retro shades, hair, and clothes - FIN
Joss Thompson w/ blonde hair - FIN
Joss Thompson w/ blonde Zimmy Bumfhole style hair - FIN
Joanne Rodriguez w/ black & purple Black Eagle mask - FIN
Kiemon Yoshimisu w/ blue sub-zero mask and road warrior armor - FIN
Ryunosuke Matsuki w/ blue sub-zero mask and road warrior armor - FIN

page 259:
Kiemon Yoshimisu w/ red sub-zero mask and road warrior armor - FIN
Ryunosuke Matsuki w/ red sub-zero mask and road warrior armor - FIN
Clark Alexander w/ red bandanna - wrestlingfan#1
Clark Alexander w/ red bandanna and war paint - wrestlingfan#1
Bull Wrecker with bandanna - wrestlingfan#1
Bull Wrecker w/ bandanna and road warrior armor - wrestlingfan#1
T-Rex w/ bandanna and road warrior armor - wrestlingfan#1
Brady Prince in fabulous robes - wrestlingfan#1
Demon Anger w/ old school Road Warrior Hawk armor and facepaint - wrestlingfan#1
Demon Spite w/ old school Road Warrior Animal armor and facepaint - wrestlingfan#1

page 260:

page 261:
Queen Emily w/ dark hair and glasses - FlameSnoopy
Eric Eisen in yellow tank top - pantaloons
Hiroyashu Gakusha - jtlant
Kiminobu Kuroki - jtlant
Naonobu Murkami - jtlant
Tamara McFly w/ blonde hair - FlameSnoopy
Tamara McFly w/ blonde hair, lipstick, and shades - UkWrestleFan
Billy Jack Shearer - w/ skullcap and Vessey fist - UkWrestleFan
Randall Hopkirk w/ Slim V headband and black makeup - UkWrestleFan
Joel Bryant in suit - UkWrestleFan
Robert Oxford in suit - UkWrestleFan
Ricky Dale Johnson w/ big cat makeup - UkWrestleFan
FINisher - Nedew
FINisher in a bowler hat - Nedew
Tamara McFly w/ blonde hair and variety of shades - FlameSnoopy
Tamara McFly with redone hair, earrings, and pink eyeshadow - Self

page 263
Sammy Bach as ringmaster - Marshall
Cannonball Kid w/ serious look - Marshall
Tamara McFly with new hair cut and white jacket - Marshall
Tamara McFly with new red hair cut and white jacket - Marshall
Nathan Coleman as Vanilla Ice - Marshall
JD Morgan in bandannas - ZMAN
Vin Tanner w/ dark hair and red line down center - petecrimson00
Dan DeLay w/ dark hair and orange line down center - petecrimson00
Dan DeLay w/ orange line down center of hair - petecrimson00
Dan DeLay w/ dog collar - petecrimson00
Animal Harker with green shirt - YBDynamo
Zeus Maximillian w/ dark hair and white stripe down center - YBDynamo
Yuichi Fukao w/ blue mask - YBDynamo
Yuichi Fukao w/ green mask - YBDynamo
Davis Wayne Newton as a samurai - FlameSnoopy
Davis Wayne Newton as a biker - FlameSnoopy
Davis Wayne Newton as a Russian comrade - FlameSnoopy
Davis Wayne Newton as a doctor - FlameSnoopy

page 264:
Tamara McFly w/ shorter hair and white jacket - Marshall
Cannonball Kid w/ headband, black outfit, and tribal warrior facepaint - Marshall
Groucho Bling w/ black outfit and tribal warrior facepaint - Marshall
Koshiro Ino in variety of colors - Zeel1
Steven Parker w/ Team 2k headband - FlameSnoopy
Billy Robinson w/ long blonde hair and Team 2k headband - FlameSnoopy
Totoya Munakata w/ Uk Dragon mask - The Masked Orange
Tamara McFly w/ dark hair, and wrath of god makeup - Self

page 265:
Chitose Arigawa w/ cowboy gimmick - Self
Sara Marie York w/ short hair and white jacket - Self
Beetle Kimura in variety of colors - Spud1305

page 266
Kurt Laramee in black t-shirt - Bull
Kurt Laramee in black t-shirt w/o shades - Bull
Bam Bam Johannson w/ fishing hat - benjacko
Davis Wayne Newton w/ crazy fabulous sunglasses - shamelessposer
Steven Parker w/ crazy fabulous sunglasses - shamelessposer

page 267
Charles Avatar in a suit - Bull
Louis Figo Manico bald - Bull

page 268
Nighthawk w/o facepaint - Bull
Raven Nightfall w/ pale goth makeup - Self
Wendy Anderson w/ fabulous getup - Self
Shooter Sean Deeley as Sean McFly - Bull

page 269
Wendy Anderson as a cheerleader - Self
Sara Marie york as a cheerleader - Self
Wendy Anderson as a super hero - Self
Nighthawk w/o face paint and in suit - Bull

page 270
Steve Gumble as a hobo? - Self
Richard Eisen angry in a suit - Self
Flex as Romeo Is Bleeding - Marshall
Marc DuBois in a suit - Marshall
Randy Bumfhole w/ facial hair - Marshall
Zimmy Bumfhole w/ different hair - Marshall
Mikel Alonso w/ spanish patriot getup - Marshall
Joe Sexy w/ facial hair - Marshall
Darryl Devine as rocker - Marshall
Trent Shaffer as rocker - Marshall
Jack Bruce w/ coller and necktie - Marshall
Nevada Nuclear as patriot - FACT 25

page 271
Ash Campbell w/ red hair - wrestlingfan#1
Ash Campbell beefed up and in Papa Shango skull facepaint - wrestlingfan#1
Edward Cornell in Mr. Wrestling mask - wrestlingfan#1
Jacob Jett w/ longer hair, scruffier facial hair, mark under eye - wrestlingfan#1
Ash Campbell with Papa Shango skull and red eyes - wrestlingfan#1

page 272
Larry Wood w/ demonic mask - FlameSnoopy
Eric Eisen more libertine - Marshall
Remo as MVP - Marshall
Jeremiah Moose w/ tribal face paint and black clothes - Marshall
Bart Biggz as a punk - Marshall
Brett Biggz as a punk - Marshall
Larry Wood w/ full demon mask - FlameSnoopy
Larry Wood w/ full demon mask & white hair - FlameSnoopy
Jonnie Perez as a hippy - FlameSnoopy

page 273
Larry Wood w/ darker features - Astil
'75 Corporal Doom w/ different hats - FlameSnoopy
Davis Wayne Newton as a nerd - wrestlingfan#1
[PLACEHOLDER] - liontamer
[PLACEHOLDER] - liontamer
Jack Giedroyc as punk - Marshall
Squeeky McClean in suit - Marshall
Joe Sexy in suit - Marshall
Bart Biggz as a shirtless punk - Marshall
Brett Biggz as a shirtless punk - Marshall
'75 Viktor Yakimov w/ stubble - wrestlingfan#1

page 274
[PLACEHOLDER] - liontamer
Dean Daniels in Affliction shirt - FIN
Sammy Bach w/ crimson B on bandana - Astil
Ryu Kajahara younger for '75 - FIN

page 275
Alysian Scottsfield younger for '75 - FIN
Anne Stardust younger for '75 - FIN
Corporal Doom w/ black ops look for '75 - FIN
Demon Spite younger for '75 - FIN
Roger Rogers younger for '75 - FIN
Shane Sneer younger for '75 - FIN
The Rev younger for '75 - FIN
Jason Rogers younger for '75 - FIN
Sam Sparrow younger for '75 - FIN
Tommy London younger for '75 - FIN
Richard Eisen younger for '75 - FIN
Texas Pete in leather jacket - Nachtfalter
Charlie Thatcher in leather jacket - Nachtfalter
Sam Keith in jean jacket - Nachtfalter
Nemesis in suit - Nachtfalter
Sara Marie York w/ pink hair - Self
Candy Floss w/o pink hair - Self
Wendy Anderson as undead - Self
Tamara McFly as undead - Self
Christian Faith in jean jacket - Sonfaro



Amazing. On the behalf of others, I can't thank you enough. I was planning to do this same kind of thread I'm glad I didn't cause it would have been waste of time since you already did this. Amazing work and dedication, thanks Marshall. Would it be good to also include all the (home)pages that contain these alts, etc. folders on pages?

Last edited by FINisher : 10-28-2009 at 10:20 AM.
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Unread 12-19-2008, 10:14 AM
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This is exactly the kind of thing I was looking to add to the pack I did so everyone knew who did which alt so fair play to Marshall for the effort of putting the list together .
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Unread 12-19-2008, 10:51 AM
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I could've sworn I contributed more than what's been listed But i'll take your word for it. Perhaps my old links to Remo alts etc. have died off in the earlier pages?

Fantastic effort nonetheless however
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Unread 12-20-2008, 09:28 AM
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Originally Posted by FINisher View Post
Amazing. On the behalf of others, I can't thank you enough. I was planning to do this same kind of thread I'm glad I didn't cause it would have been waste of time since you already did this. Amazing work and dedication, thanks Marshall. Would it be good to also include all the (home)pages that contain these alts, etc. folders on pages?
I'll do this the next time I update the first post, which I'll probably do on a regular basis every Wednesday.

Originally Posted by benjacko View Post
This is exactly the kind of thing I was looking to add to the pack I did so everyone knew who did which alt so fair play to Marshall for the effort of putting the list together .
I'll put a link to your ultimate alts page in the first post if you don't mind?

Originally Posted by Nedew View Post
I could've sworn I contributed more than what's been listed But i'll take your word for it. Perhaps my old links to Remo alts etc. have died off in the earlier pages?

Fantastic effort nonetheless however
Yeah, there were a lot in the earlier pages of the thread where the pics weren't available anymore, which included some of yours and scorpion's if I remember correctly. Basically everything that shows up is in the contents.
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Unread 12-21-2008, 09:29 PM
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oops wrong thread
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Unread 12-21-2008, 09:39 PM
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ThankYou Marshall !
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Unread 12-22-2008, 12:08 AM
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He Is Marshall!

Nice job man.
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Unread 12-22-2008, 08:14 AM
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Originally Posted by Marshall View Post
I'll put a link to your ultimate alts page in the first post if you don't mind?
Yeah, more than happy for you to do that .
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Unread 01-12-2009, 01:55 PM
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First post edited with several pages added.
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Unread 01-12-2009, 06:40 PM
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What are your settings for posts per page when you view? I only have a total of 65 pages for the entire thread, so using your page references doesn't work.

But a great job in putting all this info together. Truly makes it much easier to find out what's available, and it's a Herculean effort to record all that.
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Unread 01-14-2009, 09:40 AM
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Hi i've downloaded the pic pack and put the pics with the other pics but when i play the game i cant get the pics up to change the workers to them
Help Please
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Unread 01-14-2009, 09:56 AM
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Hero of the universe!
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Unread 01-28-2009, 11:06 AM
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First post updated.
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Unread 01-30-2009, 01:17 PM
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Only just noticed this and can't believe I'd missed it - stunning work Marshall, thanks!
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