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Unread 11-17-2019, 12:56 AM
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Default Stephanie - The Princess Diaries

Vince McMahon ''How dare he … He called us racists … HE SAID WE ARE RACISTS! I'm not a racist … ARGHHHHHH …. I want Shelton Benjamin killed!!!"

Stephanie ''Ummm Dad it wasn't Shelton''

Vince ''Of course it was Shelton Benjamin - I recognise Shelton Benjamin when I see him - he's black … don’t worry about hiring someone to kill him … Get me my gun and I'll shoot him myself!''

Stephanie ''Dad you need to calm down … you'll give yourself a heart attack''

Vince ''I'll be fine as soon as Shelton Benjamin is dead!!!''

Stephanie ''Look dad I've spoken to legal and you cant kill Shelton Benjamin’’ (under her breath) ''or Jordan Myles ...who is a totally different person''

Stephanie ''… they said it would be considered murder''

Vince ''Pish Posh what am I paying them for … I'm rich … I should be able to kill whomever I want''

Stephanie ''Look dad I'm just going to call Paul and see if he can arrange for Shelton to disappear''

Vince ''Thanks Princess you've always been a wonderful daughter … so caring … you'll get rid of Shelton for me … oh and please make it hurt … I want him to suffer''

Stephanie picks up her phone and calls her husband '

Stephanie ''Hi honey … yeah I'm fine … I'm here with Dad and ... well … we have a Code Red …. yeah Code Red ... uh-huh that's right …. yeah he wants to shoot Shelton Benjamin …… Yes, I told him about Jordan Myles being a different person … look we knew this was coming what with the whole FL -Xnay Oney-May-Itpay … yep … I think that would be for the best …. horse tranquilisers I think''

Vince ''Not tranquilisers Stephanie … I want him to be in terrible pain before he dies''

Stephanie ''Did you hear that Paul … yes he wants Shelton to die slowly … yeah I'm safe … It will all be fine as long as we make Shelton Benjamin disappear … look I might have to let you go I can see some frothing in the mouth area … Yeah hurrying would be a really good idea''

Vince ''No Not hurrying … SLOWLY Steph …. make it slow''

3 Hours later a Private Ambulance from the Stamford Home for the Permanently Befuddled pulls out of WWE Headquarters ''

Triple H ''That was terrible''

Stephanie ''It was very sad when he bit the orderly''

Triple H ''I'm sure they can re-attach the finger''

Stephanie ''Not after it's been through Dad's stomach they wont''

Triple H ''What do we do now?''

Stephanie ''Well I dont know about you but I’m buying Shelton Benjamin a big gift basket”

Be afraid people – From the diseased mind that brought you the WS_X comes the tale of one woman's quest to rule the Wrestling World Stephanie – The Princess Diaries

Lets see what the critics are saying

“8 out of 5 stars” – Dave Meltzer

“Magnificent” - Wrestlinginc

“Superb” - PWI

“Who are you and why are you bothering me?” - Dwayne The Rock Johnson

“Meep” - Teddy the Wonder Lizard

‘Are you not Entertained” - Russel Crowe

(NB: The above comments may have been used out of context and may have no relationship to Stephanie – The Princess Diaries. Anyone who reads Stephanie - The Princess diaries based on these comments has only themselves to blame)

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Unread 11-17-2019, 12:56 AM
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Stephanie "RAW has always been the home of innovation. RAW has traditionally been on the cutting edge of what's to come in Sports Entertainment. Sadly though over the last few years people have grown complacent about how RAW has changed the Wrestling World … that's right I mentioned the dreaded W word ...Wrestling! The reason I say Wrestling is that as of this week RAW is becoming the home of cutting edge wrestling once again! RAW will blend the best of traditional technical skill with exciting modern style action. RAW will embrace the art of Puroreso and the excitement of Lucha Libre with plenty of the fun of the WWE's traditional Sports Entertainment thrown in. RAW is not just going to be the most exciting and innovative show not just now but ever … RAW is going to be the home of the New School and I can think of nobody better to help usher in this new era than the man who has done such an outstanding job on wrestling's most innovative show NXT. That's right theirs a new man in charge and his name is William Regal!"

William Regal "It's a pleasure to be here Stephanie. I've loved my time in NXT and now I'm excited to bring real cutting edge wrestling back to RAW on the USA network with some of the best and most exciting talent ever assembled … I'm proud to be the Dean of the New School."

Stephanie "This weeks RAW will be following on from out successful Crown Jewel event in Saudi Arabia and will becoming direct from Perth Australia, Smackdown will be from Melbourne and on Sunday we have a special WWE STARRCADE Event from Sydney's Allianz Olympic Stadium where every title will be up for grabs. Then as of next week both RAW and SMACKDOWN will have new Rosters reflecting their new flavours and in 3 weeks time we will be holding our Survivor Series event where you'll really get to see . People always say change is coming … well not in the WWE because THE CHANGE IS HERE! The New School is in session right here on RAW!"

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Unread 11-17-2019, 12:57 AM
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Stephanie "Following on from my announcement on the future direction of RAW I have some exciting news on the future of SMACKDOWN. SMACKDOWN recently moved to FOX … FOX is a name synonymous with change … FOX changed the world when they launched themselves into the world of network television, they looked back to look forward and took the idea of a prime time cartoon like the world once had in the Flinstones and brought us the Simpsons, they looked back at Comedies back when they were funny and decided to go with Married With Children. FOX embraced Sport and brought innovation to their coverage of it. Well now they have the WWE and we are going to look back at when Wrestling was SPORT and bring that feeling back. SMACKDOWN is going to blend old school athletic technical wrestling with the harder edge of things like MMA. Smackdown is going to be the destination Smash-mouth wrestling. Don't worry about the WWE forgetting who we are though because WWE will be bringing plenty of Entertainment to Sport too! I can think of no better man to oversee this new era of SMACKDOWN than a man who was raised in this business, a man who understands this business … a man who loves this business … a man I love … my brother Shane McMahon"

Shane "Thanks Steph … it's a pleasure to be back"

Stephanie "Happy to have you back big brother … on one condition …"

Shane "Condition … you never mentioned any conditions?"

Stephanie "Look everyone is sick and tired about a McMahon going mad with power and abusing their position … so NO Best in the World crap"

Shane "How embarrassing was that … No … No way am I going back to that … Hell I still hurt from what Kevin Owens did to me … No that's gone the way of the Dodo"

Stephanie "Glad to hear that"

Shane "So's Marissa - she said if I did another one of those Coast to Coast leaps across the ring she was going to consider calling the lawyers in. No I'm going to leave the wrestling to the wrestlers and here on SMACKDOWN we are going to bring back the art of professional wrestling. It's not going to be about silly stunt shows with Barbed Wire Bats or Barbed Wire Brooms or Bags of Glass or any of that other Bush League stuff - it's going to be about wrestling … REAL WRESTLING! Real athletes going out there and going at each other hard and telling real stories in the ring … we are going to leave the blood drenched Stunt Shows to Hollywood and the Torture Porn loving glorified indies … SMACKDWON is REAL WRESTLING!!!"

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Unread 11-17-2019, 01:06 AM
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Stephanie "There's been a lot of talk recently about the future of NXT and what it's going to be going forward. Is it still a development league? Is it it's own brand? well the truth is it's both. It's always been about creating new stars and giving them that final polish to allow them to shine on the big stage and the way to do that is to push those stars and let them grow. We've had some huge successes come out of NXT … a generation of great Women's wrestlers for instance. One mistake we could make though is holding on to our talent too long. Leaving them to become Big Fish in a Small Pond because we love what they are bringing to NXT, keeping them in NXT long after they should have graduated to RAW or SMACKDOWN. Well we aren't going to make that mistake. In two weeks time we will be holding War Games and it wont just be a regular TAKEOVER it will be a graduation Celebration for some of our greatest NXT talent - there last hurrah in NXT before they take their talents to RAW and SMACKDOWN! Don't worry about NXT though because there's some amazing new talent coming to NXT and not only that but with the departure of William Regal to RAW they are going to need a new man in charge - a man whose become synonymous with the NXT, a man who is passionate about this business and on helping build the future of the WWE … a man who was trained by the great Hall of Famer Killer Kowalski and understands the effort and hard work it takes to become a star … a man who is passionate about helping the next generation of talent reach their full potential … a man who I have more than a passing familiarity with … my husband … Triple H ... Paul Michael Levesque!''

Trips hugs Steph

Triple H ''Thanks Stephanie … I am so proud to be here … I'm so proud of NXT … I'm so proud of the guys and girls who have worked their asses off here to make this a success. You are right though it's time for some of my baby birds to fly the nest … they are more than ready to make a splash on the big stage. That's okay though because NXT has always been about change and growth and while we will be losing some truly great talent I am very excited about a new intake of talent that will be joining us as of War Games … the FUTURE IS NXT!"

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Unread 11-17-2019, 06:51 PM
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Originally Posted by alpha2117 View Post

So I'm launching a new diary - Stephanie - The Princess Diaries. It's weird how crisis leads to opportunity - my laptops keyboard died which means I cant access my WS_X saved games for a while - so I decided to start a new game and this is it. I've never actually played as the WWE before and I figured I'd put my money where my mouth is and try to book the WWE better than it's being booked. Given that I have a fully functioning brain that in theory shouldn't be too hard but in practice ...well we'll see.

So what should you expect

I'm going to try to differentiate RAW and SMACKDOWN. RAW - is going to be full of people who work a more modern style including it's women whilst SMACKDOWN is going to embrace the more traditional WWE Big Man style and it's women are going to lean a little more towards the Diva era. Hopefully it's going to have an old school/new school feel where each show has a distinct identity. NXT is going to remain as a Development fed with Triple H moving over as Owner/Booker. Many of it's existing stars are going to graduate to give RAW and SMACKDOWN some fresh dream matches and feuds. New contracts have been offered and the new intake should keep NXT a powerhouse. Regal and Shane are going to be authority figures but the tired old power-mad stuff isn't going to rear it's ugly head

As for the rest of the world - if Vince leaves the WWE what happens? Do people aggressively try to take advantage of the regime change? Well I don't know but I'm pretty certain Stephanie McMahon isn't going to take the chance and show any weakness - she's going to go on the offensive and try to destroy any opposition before they can get any traction. If AEW wants a war they are about to learn what Blitzkreig means.''

That all sounds terribly serious and anyone whose read my posts knows that's not me. I'm going to try to have fun with the thing and I hope you enjoy it too.

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Unread 11-19-2019, 12:00 AM
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NEWS Roundup

Jason Jordan has undergone Surgery try to repair damage to his C4 Compression injury - early reports indicate the surgery was successful.

Jinder Mahal has had surgery to fix a Ruptured Patella Tendon - it was deemed a success

Both Nia Jax & Mickie James have had successful surgery on their Anterior Cruciate Ligament tears - Doctors are confident of a full recovery for both

Ruby Riot has had surgery to try to repair her damaged Rotator Cuff - early indications are very good on her recovery

In February it was reported that WWE was trying to buy into a company in Japan but Dave Meltzer has been reporting that all attempts have been unsuccessful. He is indicating that the WWE has decided to open another development territory elsewhere and will be making an announcement very soon. The WWE's fist choice was Japan but the Japanese wrestling scene is notoriously quite insular and there seems to be significant resistance against allowing the WWE to get a foothold there. A number of younger Japanese talents have apparently been offered deals to join the new WWE venture. It is believed it will be used to partly fill the loss of NXT on the WWE Network. As an alternative Saudi Arabia or somewhere nearby in South East Europe is a possibility to further capitalise on their recent moves into the area. Northern Mexico or Eastern Australia are the other two areas under consideration.

Wrestlinginc is indicating that the WWE has been aggressively recruiting under the new Stephanie McMahon regime and have made a number of offers to talent currently working on pay per appearance contracts in other significant companies. A nameless AEW official said that several of their workers have given notice.

PWI is reporting that WWE has asked to file trademarks for a number of terms including Bloodlines NXT, NXT Bloodlines and NXT the Legend Continues. Speculation seems to be that they relate to a potential new stable within the current NXT brand rather the name of the rumoured new development area. They have also asked to trademark "Queen of Strong Style" which is a good indicator of a signing from Japan.

Raj Giri is reporting that Kevin Dunn intends to retire from his position with the WWE shortly. Rumours have it that Dunn was seen as very much Vince McMahon's right hand man and that he was strongly influential in the WWE avoiding terms like wrestling, wrestlers, belts etc and was heavily against unscripted promos. Stephanie McMahon's use of the word wrestling in her recent announcements is seen as an indication that
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Unread 11-19-2019, 08:48 AM
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The WWE has announced the first card of the Stephanie McMahon Era

RAW Card

1: RAW Tag: The Viking Raiders vs ???

2: The Miz vs The Singh Brothers in a Handicap match for the 24/7 title

3: Riott Squad vs The IIconics

4: John Cena vs Andrade

5: The O.C vs The New Day in a 6 Man match

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RAW Card

1: RAW Tag: The Viking Raiders vs ???

2: The Miz vs The Singh Brothers in a Handicap match for the 24/7 title

3: Riott Squad vs The Iconics

4: John Cena vs Andrade

5: The O.C vs The New Day in a 6 Man match
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Unread 11-20-2019, 03:02 AM
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The Miz
The IIconics
John Cena
The New Day

Loving this so far
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Unread 11-20-2019, 03:51 AM
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Self-confessed WWE hater here. If you're booking WWE in a non-WWE way, it's a win. Great start.

RAW Card

1: RAW Tag: The Viking Raiders vs ???

2: The Miz vs The Singh Brothers in a Handicap match for the 24/7 title

3: Riott Squad vs The IIconics

4: John Cena vs Andrade

5: The O.C vs The New Day in a 6 Man match

I've just realised I don't know who half of these people are.
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Unread 11-20-2019, 05:54 AM
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Originally Posted by Bigelow Cartwheel View Post
Self-confessed WWE hater here. If you're booking WWE in a non-WWE way, it's a win. Great start.

RAW Card

1: RAW Tag: The Viking Raiders vs ???

2: The Miz vs The Singh Brothers in a Handicap match for the 24/7 title

3: Riott Squad vs The IIconics

4: John Cena vs Andrade

5: The O.C vs The New Day in a 6 Man match

I've just realised I don't know who half of these people are.
Yeah the WWE has failed to make stars for a while hopefully I can change that - I'm rejigging the rosters in 3 shows time and will post a ton of pics then.
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Unread 11-20-2019, 03:35 PM
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Have to be honest I haven’t watched WWE much either, but I did catch the Saudi Show on the network

RAW Card

1: RAW Tag: The Viking Raiders vs ???
The survived a stupid name at the start but at least this one is a bit better. ??? Generally means surprise upset though

2: The Miz vs The Singh Brothers in a Handicap match for the 24/7 title
Please get rid of this title.

3: Riott Squad vs The IIconics
I have seen these two a bit and for some reason I like them

4: John Cena vs Andrade
Andrade should just get the win for being with Charlotte. At least when he loses he can go to dinner and more after

5: The O.C vs The New Day in a 6 Man match
Hopefully Steph will use Gallows and Anderson better than Vince has
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Unread 11-21-2019, 11:02 PM
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RAW Card

1: RAW Tag: The Viking Raiders vs ???

2: The Miz vs The Singh Brothers in a Handicap match for the 24/7 title

3: Riott Squad vs The IIconics

4: John Cena vs Andrade

5: The O.C vs The New Day in a 6 Man match
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Unread 11-23-2019, 04:32 PM
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Pre- Show – Authors of Pain, The Streer Profits, Southern Cross (Brandan Vink & Bronson Reed), Rhea Ripley & Dakota Kai and Shane Thorne all defeated local talent

RAW opens with the new announce team of Tom Philips, Renee Young and Corey Graves.

WWE Chairman Stephanie McMahon comes out with new RAW GM William Regal.

Stephanie “Hello Adelaide (laughing) … sorry Truth I couldn’t help but do that joke. Welcome everyone to a brand new era fro RAW. We have a new Announce Team of Tom Philips, Renee Young and Corey Graves, a new General Manager in the wonderful William Regal who has done such an amazing job in NXT and apparently we have a new Chairman of the WWE who hopefully wont go mad with power … well more mad with power than she already is. Glad to have you here Mr Regal”

Regal “Glad to be herein Perth, there are less fried Mars Bars than I expected”

Stephanie “That’s Scotland not Australia”

Regal “That explains why it’s sunny … it’s never sunny in Scotland. I’m glad to be here on RAW but I will miss NXT very much and I brought some of our Australasian talent with me for this Australian Tour”

Rhea Ripley, Dakota Kai, Shane Thorne, Brandan Vink and Bronson Reed hit the stage

Stephanie “They blew me away in their matches pre-show Mr Regal and those matches will be showing on the WWE Network after RAW finishes”

Regal “If you liked that Stephanie you need to watch them on NXT”

Stephanie “I do … I do … well that’s enough shilling for NXT and the Network I think”

Regal “Too obvious?”

Stephanie “Everything in the WWE has been way too obvious for way too long Mr Regal. RAW normally starts with a one or more people talking incessantly before being interrupted … 3 … 2 … 1”

Regal “You knew that was going to happen”

Stephanie “Everybody knew that was going to happen … although I admit I didn’t expect Buddy Murphy”

Murphy “I could ramble on about how I’m WWE’s best kept secret but everybody already knows that ...well the people who know who I am know that and sadly that’s way too few people”

Stephanie “People should know who you are”

Murphy “Yeah they should … I held that Crusierweight tile for a long time but even then I barely got TV time … I had some incredible matches with some incredible guys, matches that the people who saw them said were as good as any that have been on WWE tv in years but they were consigned to 205 live so I’m still the best kept secret … look I know there are a lot of talented people here and I don’t expect to jump the line ..I just want a chance to show people what I can do because I don’t want to be a secret any longer.”

Regal “Fair enough … I loved those matches with Ali – people are right when they say those were as good as any match you’d see anywhere in the world. I’ve got an idea for you … a title shot”

Murphy “Great”

Regal “A Tag Team title shot”

Murphy “Look I hate to tell you but I’m not in a tag team”

Regal “Find a partner and you can have a shot”

Murphy “Consider it done”

Stephanie “3 ...”

Regal “2 ...”

Murphy “1? ...”

Ali appears and makes his way to the ring

Ali “You and I have gone to war plenty of times Buddy … there’s absolutely nobody in this business whose brought the performances out of me that I had in that ring with you. If we can do that as foes maybe we can do even more as allies … what do you say?”

Murphy “I say …. lets do this”

The two men shake hands

Stephanie “3 … 2 ...1”

The Viking Raiders appear on the stage

Regal “Predictable?’’

Stephanie “Just a little:

Regal “Well lets get a ref down here then and give these people a match rather than us talking forever”

Stephanie “Sounds like a plan”

1: Secret Society (Buddy Murphy & Ali) def The Viking Raiders w Sarah Logan to capture the RAW Tag titles – The classic combo of size and power versus speed and technique saw the challengers triumph in a relatively short sharp 9:50 match. Eric was knocked off the ring apron by Murphy and Murphy then hit the Murphys Law on Ivar before tagging in Ali who hit a 450 from the top rope for the pin.

Backstage Kevin Owens is approached by Sami Zayn

Sami “Kev my brother”

Owens looks suspicious

Owens “Sami … how are you?”

Sami “Good brother good – glad to see you”

Owens still looks suspicious

Sami “Did you see that match”

Owens “Yeah I did”
Sami “Well I was thinking … you and I … we’ve always been tight”

Owens “Not always”

Sami “Yeah point taken … you’ve done some stuff and I’ve done some stuff but in the end we’ve always been able to work it out”

Owens “Yeah … yeah we have”

Sami “We’ve always been great as a Tag team too”

Owens “I guess”

Sami “So how about getting the band back together?”

Owens “Look …. I don’t know if I trust you … heck I dont know if I trust me when I’m around you either … let me think about it?”

Sami “Sure … sure … but gold looks good on us you know that”

Owens “Yeah I know that”

The Miz & Maryse are out for MIZ TV just as he’s about to start talking the Singh Brothers run out with the 24/7 title thye are being chased by R-Truth, Carmella, EC3 and Drake Maverick who proceed to run around the ring

The Miz “STOP!”

Everyone freezes

The Miz “Really” he pauses for the crowd who respond REALLY “Really? We you’re still doing this – the whole running around acting like that belt Samir is carrying means a damn … Well you just interrupted me during my show with your ridiculous antics and here’s some news for you – that belt means nothing ...NOTHING! Who cares about a belt that can be won by the Cleaner or the guy who cleans up the broken glass and other garbage and turns out the lights … it’s garbage wrestling at it’s worst – well I suppose at least there’s been no barbed wire.”

Graves “That’s gotta hurt Renee”

The Miz “It was funny for what … 5 minutes … now it’s just freaking sad. I wouldn’t care but when your crap gets in the way of me it’s become my problem so lets get this over with – I want to challenge for the 24/7 title and lets make it remotely fair on Samir there – he can bring his brother because we all know he’s getting involved in the match somehow anyway!”

2: The Miz w Maryse def the Singh Brothers to win the 24/7 title – This match was competitive thanks to the Handicap but ultimately The Miz overpowered his smaller opponents and hit the Skull Crushing Finale on both Singhs.

Charlotte, Becky & Sasha meet backstage – they tease some tension before Becky speaks.

Becky “Should we argue like 3 hormonal hellcats now”

Charlotte “It’s kind of expected”

Sasha “Yeah everyone expects us to start scratching each others eyes out at any moment”

Becky “I’m so goddamn tired of that stuff – we’re 3 fourths of the Horsewomen, is that really the best we can do”

Charlotte “Oh god thank you ...”

Sasha “I know … We are grown women do we really need to pretend to hate each other just to build tension for a match?”

Charlotte “I blame Ali … everyone forgets most of his promos were done with a nod and a wink”

Becky “I don’t remember Ali cutting many promos about people”

Sasha “She meant Muhammad Ali”

Becky “Oh … that makes a hell of a lot more sense”

Charlotte “So a sensible build up to our match at STARRCADE then – just 3 old friends competign for the same prize”

Becky “Sounds good to me bitches”

All three laugh and group hug

Graves “A Hug … What the … have we have just entered a Bizarro world where black is white and up is down”

Renee “It’s certainly a different way to build up for a match at STARRCADE”

Phillips “Hey I like it … when was the last time people just said I don’t hate you but you have something I want and I’m going to take it from you”

Renee “What like actual sports people?”

Graves “This is wrestling … if people start acting like actual real logical people …. I shudder at the thought”

Phillips “Get used to it Graves it’s one of the signs of the Apocalypse like Dogs and Cats living together”

If you're feeling lonely today
Come along and throw your cares away
We're really glad that you're our friend
And this is a friendship that will never ever end

If you're feeling lonely today
Come along and throw your cares away
We're really glad that you're our friend
And this is a friendship that will never ever end

If you're feeling lonely today
Come along and throw your cares away

Abigail “Where is he?”

Ramblin Rabbit “Where is he dude?”

Mercy “Where is he … hey Rabbit would you mind coming over here for a minute”

Rabbit “You’ll eat me dude”

Mercy “Would I do that”

Rabbit “Totally dude … I don’t want to go to that place again … it was cold …. so cold …
where is he?”

The Boss “Maybe he’s locked in an Asylum for the Criminally Insane … I hate those places”

The Boss disappears from the doorway and is replaced by Bray Wyatt

Bray “Are you talking about me guys”

Abbie “He’s here”

Rabbit “The Champ is here”

Mercy “Just come a little closer (cough cough) just a little closer Rabbit”

Bray “No Mercy … no Rabbit for you today … today everything is right with the world”

Rabbit “Wheres the belt dude”

Huskus “Yes wheres the belt”

Rabbit “Yeah we want to see it Dude”

Bray “He has it”

Rabbit “On second thought I’m fine not seeing it”

Bray “Yea he will keep it safe … he’ll keep it very safe and never let it go”

Abbie “Not like Seth”

Mercy “Not like Seth”

Rabbit “Not like Seth”

The Boss “Not like Seth”

Huskus “No … Not like Seth”


Cut to backstage Seth Rollins has just watched the Firefly Funhouse on a monitor. He appears to be fuming

Seth “It should be Seth not like you psycho piece of crap … I’m getting that belt back even if I have to burn down your Funhouse and all your personalities one and for all”

Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar are in the ring

Paul “Ladies and Gentleman at Crown Jewel my client Brock Lesnar got that monkey off his back when he beat Cain Velasquez, a man who had so unfairly scarred him all those years ago. Next my client is going to scar that little little man Rey Mysterio … a man so small and weak that he cant protect his friends … that cant protect his family”

Cain Velasquez & Rey Mysterio are out on the stage

Rey “Don’t mention my Family … don’t you ever mention my Family again you piece of crap”

Paul “I’m just an advocate”

Rey “Thats B.S and you know it, You spit all the venom and then you hide behind your goon and get him to protect you … you are NEVER to mention my family again because if you do ...”

Paul “You’ll do nothing … you never do anything … you’re just like one of those little Mexican Dogs making your little yipping noises and you can keep making those little yipping noises right up until the moment my client Brock Lesnar gets hold of you at STARRCADE and then you are going to go very quiet …. very … very quiet”

Rusev and Lana are backstage – she looks on the verge of tears

Lana “Rusev I’m sorry … he made me say those things … you know I love you”

Rusev “So he made you say those things … Bobby Lashley”

Lana “No not him … He made me say those things”

Rusev “Oh him … well he’s gone now … I dont know if I forgive you”

Aiden English “Of course you can forgive her … you love her”

Rusev “What would you know?”

Aiden “I know you both … I’ve travelled the roads with you guys … we had a great thign going but you know who didn’t want us to succeed and he did everything he could to stop us succeeding”

Lana “That’s true”

Rusev “That ...That is true”

Aiden “So what day is it?’’

Lana “Rusev?”

Rusev “I dont know … they say you can never go back”

Aiden “Of course you can … now what day is it … It’s the same day it is everyday just say the words”

In unison “It’s Rusev Day!”

Cut to backstage Bo Dallas is looking sad and confused – Curtis Axel is trying to cheer him up

Axel “C’mon man cheer up”

Bo “I dont know if I can man – I’ve been having bad dreams”

Axel “Like what?”

Bo “Theres a house and it’s on fire ...Theres a woman … and I’m there and so’s my brother and he saves me from the flames but then I cant find him”

Axel “I didn’t know you had a brother”

Bo “That’s the thing … I dont”

Dawson “Man Rey is going to get destroyed by Brock”

Wilder “One less flippity floppity guy sounds good to me”

Randy Orton “Gentleman … focus”

Dawson ‘Focus?”

Randy “Focus … Rey doesn’t matter right now… Brock doesn’t matter … what does matter?”

Dawson “Our titles?”

Randy “Exactly … at STARRADE you need to retain those no matter who they send up against you. Then there’s that roster realignment and if we are all together then it will be time to worry about the Universal title”

Wilder “What if we are on the show with the WWE title?”

Randy “I dont care if someone wants to burn things down or someone wants people to let them in, I dont care about advocates or masks because one way or the other only three letters matter … RKO”

The Iiconics are in ring

Billie “We are back in Australia Peyton”

Peyton “Back home”

Billie “Where we are loved and supported … where people are IIconic”

They hit their pose

Peyton “We need that support though don’t we Billie”

Billie “We do Peyton … we get to face the Riott Squad tonight and if we win we get a shot at the Womens titles at STARRCADE”

Peyton “And they need to be held by a team that is … well whats the word?”

In unison “IICONIC!!!”

They hit their signature pose again

3: The Iiconics def Riott Squad - In theory this should have been a nice simple little match that highlighted the IIconics who were clearly getting a push in their home country before a big title challenge. That would have been fine except for a display of monumental incompetence from their opponents who seem to have lost all chemistry in ring. It was brutal watching Logan and Morgan both every interaction with each other like a couple of raw recruits at a training school on their first day. Mercifully it was short. The crowd popped for the IIconic victory so perhaps it still did it’s job but this match is one that was best forgotten the moment it ended.

The O.C are backstage

AJ “Well fellas apparently I have to defend the US Title on the weekend but that shouldn’t be a problem … then we can concentrate on getting the Tag ttiles back to the Club”

Gallows “Should be easy taking it off Ali and … whats the other guys name?”

Anderson “Its … Its … man I cant remember what that guys name is”

Gallows “I guess it’s a secret”

The New Day approach themselves

AJ “Hey guys are you hungry … it’s the mobile pancake delivery boys”

Kofi “I’m going to take a leaf out of the ladies books and keep this simple – you … me … STARRCADE … Sunday”

AJ “Well unlike the ladies … I dont like you and no way am I defending my title agaisnt a man who lost to Brock Lesnar in what 9 seconds’’

Xavier “You a coward?’


Big E “That sounds like deflection to me guys – like someone whose just a little afraid”

AJ “I’m not afraid … You’re on Kofi – I guess I will be having a short night on Sunday”

Kofi “Oh it will be short … one Trouble In Paradise and a count 1 ...2 ...3”

Xavier and Big E look around wildly

Anderson “What are you clowns doing?”

Xavier “We thought … well ...”

Big E “We thought when you count to 3 someone magically appears now’’

Gallows “Look it wasn’t 1 … 2 …3 it was 3 …2 ...1”

William Regal magically appears

Big E “That was amazing”

Xavier “I guess we all just leveled up”

Regal “Boys are we finished with our little squabble?”

AJ “We’ll be finished on Sunday when I pin this pancake loving unicorn horn wearing pseudo Jamaican talking clown”

Regal “Good because I need a main event tonight and you 6 are it”

Alexa and Nikki are backstage

Alexa “So Bayley’s SMACKDOWN title is up for grabs on Sunday”

Nikki “Yes it is”

Alexa “So she needs a challenger”

Nikki “Yes she does”

Alexa “And we know who that should be”

Nikki smiles “Yes …. Yes we do”

John Cena is in ring

Cena “I’ve been around the WWE for a long time … I’ve been the face of this company for a long time and … I think it’s pretty near the time I let that go … I cant keep going forever and I’ve got a new career now … but I cant just walk away … I need to know that whomever takes my place is worthy … and you know what they say … to be the man you need to beat the man so if anyone in the back thinks they can be the man why dont you come out right now and take my spot”

Andrade & Zelina appear on stage

Cena “You want my spot”

Zelina “Andrade doesn’t want your spot … he IS going to take your spot”

Cena “I like the Hustle, I like your Loyalty Zelina but … you need to earn Respect and theres only one way to earn that”

4: John Cena def Andrade w Zelina Vega – An absolute banger between the vet and the emerging superstar. Both men went at it for 15 minutes non-stop. Andrade was given plenty of opportunities to showcase his skills before falling victim to the 5 Moves of Doom.

Post match Cena walks over to Andrade and offers his hand to help Andrade up … Andrade looks reluctant but finally accepts – when he gets to his feet Cena holds his hand high much to both his and Zelina’s surprise

5: The New Day and The O.C go to a double count-out – If there was ever a moment that confirmed that the WWE had entered a new era but that some things were going to stay the same it was this match. Near on 30 minute matches on WWE are an absolute rarity on WWE TV with them saving those for big events but they let these go for 28 minutes in a match that ebbed and flowed with all six men were given plenty of opportunity to get their stuff in. The WWE is not going to give away a decisive finish to a feud that’s just getting started though and the match eventually spilled to the outside for an extended period before the ref finally counted all six men out whilst they brawled as the show came to an end.

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Originally Posted by alpha2117 View Post

Apologies for the length of RAW - I wanted to create a sense of where I want to go with the first couple of shows which means it ended up being a pretty long write-up

Game notes

Graves & Phillips have pretty good chemistry
Kairi Sane and Paige don't and I was removing her as Manager anyway
Ali & Murphy have excellent chemistry as a team
NXT's Brandan Vink & Bronson Reed have excellent chemistry _ I cant use the SexRock name so they are now Southern Cross
Andrade & John Cena have excellent chemistry
Riott Squad members Sarah Logan & Liv Morgan have absolutely no chemistry

I had set the testing to High (I'm super anti drugs and want them gone)

Shane Helms fails for Steroids – he is fined and his behaviour improves and he is happy

Rey Mysterio fails for Steroids – he is fined and his behaviour improves and he is happy

D-Von dudley fails for Steroids - he is fined and his behaviour improves and he is happy

Leohunter 3/5
Theheel 2/5
Bigelow Cartwheel 3/5
Aurora 4/5
joshbrady91 3/5

So nobody picked a draw in the Main Event - C'mon people it's the WWE . As for the Viking Raiders losing - I'm using RWC with the Who's workers imported to fill out the world. RWC had Viking Raiders set way too low pop wise to have them as champs so I took the belt off them - I wanted to push Murphy and I gave the Ali team a try and it worked. The loss helps the Raiders pop wise to be honest (that's how low they are set).

I'm going to post SMACKDOWN in the next day - not going to post a card because it's very much a Event Go Home show and the results are somewhat predictable.


AAA cuts Australian Suicide, Lady Shani (Sexy Lady) & Sammy Guevara

Sendai Girls cut Eiger, Millie McKenzie, Solo Darling, Charli Evans, Mikoto Shindo, Command Bolshoi & Sammi Jayne

WWE sign a 3 Month Event deal with Nuvolori in Italy, TNT serie in Central Europe, Main Event in Australia

NXT UK show expands to 2 hrs
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