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I would argue that in today's day and age, with the death of kayfabe and the rise of social media, fans know so much about the wrestlers' real lives and struggles, it becomes part of their in-character and storylines. AEW especially does a great job on that and it's evident on how they not only acknowledge but use the struggles of Cody, Moxley and Spears in WWE to do promos and tell a story, how they use Being the Elite to expand on narratives, how they're building on the Runnels' past for Cody vs Dustin, then Rhodes vs Bucks and now Cody vs Spears with Tully Blanchard on his side. NJPW does the same in a different manner: knowing the real life connection between, say, Shibata and Kenta, Naito and Takagi or Ibushi and Omega, adds a whole new dimension of drama and storytelling when you watch a show where that comes up.

This diary and Historian's writing has managed to do the exact same thing, but using TEW and these forums. We already know the workers from their bios, their struggles, their relationships but the narratives manage to build on those, expand them and update them as the game world evolves. After so many narratives about McManus, he really feels like the Cornerstone of CWL, he's not just named that because of his time with the company and his achievements with it. With all the naratives between him and Lisa Bowen, it felt special to read him wrestling Spencer Spade with Lisa on Spade's corner, then we got a post-match narrative that dealt with exactly that. The Devil's Rejects feel like a group because we've had narratives of them chilling together backstage. KC Glenn's flight to Japan and his big return were all the more impactful because of the narratives around his love story with Marjorie Oxford, not just because he's a good worker with solid pop.

I'll admit I'm a sucker for good visual presentation in a diary; it doesn't have to be flashy, but I won't bother if there's not at least portraits of the wrestlers on display. I struggle to stay focused and interested when there's a wall of text involved and I imagine several others do too. Historian has managed to provide great stuff to read and he's been making minor graphics updates on the way too, covering both bases. There's a reason why The Climb has been going on for so long and has been so successful.
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