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Default SNSM Ep 66

Available on the Synergy Network, Southern States TV, & Hawaii 50
Week 3, September 2022.
Filmed at: Grissom Auditorium [South West, USA]
In Attendance: 1,871
Rating: .51 [383,230 viewers]
Commentators: Michaels Riggs, Ricky Dale Johnson, Jasmine Saunders

MR: Hello and welcome to another exciting and thrill packed edition of Saturday Night Slammasters. We are coming to you from The Grissom Auditorium in Las Vegas, Nevada. We are just minutes away from the Strip. We are one week away from The Last Hard Men. Last week, we found out that Ross Henry will be going one on one with Spencer Spade for the North American Heavyweight Championship at The Last Hard Men. We also know that Matty Faith and Ash Campbell will go one on one in a rematch from Independence -- where Ash Campbell and some powder from Lisa Bowen secured a victory for Ash.

RDJ: It’s shaping up to be a great card and I know that it’s only going to be better.


JS: We can officially announce that at The Last Hard Men, The Diaz Family will be putting the World Six Man Championship on the line against Father Grim’s Fallen. This will be the Diaz Family’s greatest test since they won the World Six Man titles in February.

Opening Match
Singles Match
Fifteen Minute time Limit

“The Colossus” Dillion Wiuff versus “The Man Without Fear” Sonny Wildside

In a bout that had sub-par wrestling and little heat, Dillon Wiuff defeated Sonny Wildside in 7:10 by pinfall with a Hulk Powerslam.


A video plays. It starts with showing highlights of Alexander Vasquez as a professional wrestler. Every few clips, it cuts to shots of him in a butcher’s frock, doing the work of a butcher. It cuts back to him wrestling, this time locking in submission holds -- then back to him working as a butcher.

The video ends and the words “The Butcher Returns Soon” finish on the screen.

Singles Match
Fifteen Minute Time Limit

“The Cornerstone” Riley McManus versus “Outlaw” Wes Revell w/ Duke Hazard

In a bout that had decent wrestling but didn't have much heat, Riley McManus defeated Outlaw Wes Revell in 14:22 by pinfall with a Slingshot Suplex.


PH: Last week, David Stone challenged me to a match to settle this thing once and for all. As a betting man, I think we’ve got to. Because I put my money where my mouth is and if I can’t beat David Stone, I will leave CWL -- but WHEN I beat him, he will leave and then I will run his brother out of this company too.

Singles Match
Fifteen Minute Time Limit

Houston Handley versus Brooke Tyler

In a bout that had decent wrestling but didn't have much heat, Brooke Tyler defeated Houston Handley in 7:01 by submission with a Brooke Breaker.


SS: Ross Henry. Big Ross. The man who wants my belt. Wants my spot, but can’t have it. At Gold Rush, I beat both you and Primus. At The Last Hard Men, I’ll beat you and the whole world will finally respect me and finally recognize that I am the Supreme Star and I am the man responsible for taking CWL right where it needs to be. You are all welcome.

Main Event
Singles Match
Twenty Minute Time Limit

Ranger versus “The Headhunter” Jeffery Aroma w/ Lisa Bowen

In a bout that had decent wrestling but didn't have much heat, Jeffery Aroma defeated Ranger in 13:20 by pinfall, illegally using the ropes for leverage.


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