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Admittedly, it hurt pretty bad losing like that and it was kinda hard to pick up the game again for a little bit. Nobody likes losing, but a last second play that was caused by our own lack of play? That was bogus, and nobody deserves to lose like that. Anywho… onto the next season.

Besides our loss, the main bowl games this year are:

Orange Bowl: (#6) Syracuse (11-0) vs. (9-2) Wisconsin (#7)
Sugar Bowl: (#2) California (9-2) vs. (9-3) LSU (#9)
Fiesta Bowl: (#5) Oklahoma (11-2) vs. (9-2) Michigan (#3)
Rose Bowl (Championship): (#1) Virginia Tech (11-1) vs. (10-2) Colorado (#4)

In the Orange Bowl, Syracuse defeated Wisconsin, 39-34.
In the Sugar Bowl, California defeated LSU, 41-24.
In the Fiesta Bowl, Oklahoma upset Michigan, 20-17.
In the Rose Bowl, Colorado upset Virginia Tech, 38-19 to become the 2013 NCAA Champion.

I got a couple of job offers by about 8 different schools, but I didn’t even open their letters. I had a mission with this new team of mine, and I wasn’t about to give up on them. Meanwhile Bowling Green moved to the Conference USA conference while UTEP Miners dropped to the Mid-American conference. In other news, the Texas Christian Horned Frogs moved to the Big Twelve conference, while the Kansas Jayhawks were demoted to the Mountain West conference. The 3-8 South Carolina under Coach Schroeder went to 5-6 in 2013, while Coach Tyler Wall went unemployed for the remainder of 2013.

Coach Scott Guerra (Our Special Teams Coach) I decided to release after how this season went, and hired another well known special teams coach Lloyd Thompson to take over for us. Defensive Coach Sherman and Offensive Coach Chadwick I decided to keep on board for this next year. I was able to look over and review my own stats and I’ve noticed in the Post-Season I have gone 3-3. Not my most proud statistic.

Our transfer window came and gone, and while they were a couple people interested in coming to play for us for a scholarship, there wasn’t anybody I was interested in giving a shot this year. I’d rather take my chances in the recruiting during the off season. Speaking of recruiting, our current targets we already have note of going in:

WR H. Olsen is playing for Big Rapids (3) competitive level school in Michigan. So far he’s racked up 42 receptions, for 637 yards, 7 touchdowns, and 12 pass deflections on defense. He’s very interested in our school.

WR S. Rosado is playing for Kingstree (3) in South Carolina. He has 40 receptions, for 520 yards, 5 touchdowns, 12 pass deflections and 1 interception on defense. He’s extremely interested in coming to our school.

OLB S. Livingston is playing for St. Thomas Aquinas (1) in Florida. He has 48 tackles, 4 sacks, 4 tackles for loss, 332 rushing yards, and he’s averaging 3.7 yards per carry. He’s extremely interested in coming to our school.

OG D. Benoit is playing for Chapman (3) in South Carolina. He has no stats available, but he is 6’6, 265 lbs and he’s extremely interested in playing for us.

SS Daniel Chow is playing for Lakeside Highschool (4) in Idaho. He has 38 tackles, 0 pass deflections, and 3 interceptions. He’s extremely interested in playing for us.

So 2 wide outs, an outside line backer, offensive guard, and a strong safety all who we believe could benefit our program to some degree. Time to get the recruiting window underway…
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