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Conference Championships

2013 Ray Guy Award was given to our own Punter Adam Barton. Also during this week, we were moved up to #8 in the Media Poll! During the conference championships we saw:

ACC Championship: (#1) Virginia Tech (10-1) vs. (9-2) Maryland (#7)
Big Twelve Championship: (#3) Oklahoma (11-1) vs. (9-2) Colorado (#5)
Conference USA Championship: Miami (OH) (8-3) vs. (8-4) East Carolina
Mid-American Championship: Western Michigan (8-3) vs. (7-5) Kent State
Southeastern Championship: (#10) LSU (8-3) vs. (7-4) Florida

Virginia Tech took it to Maryland hard, 37-20 to take the ACC Championship.
Colorado upset Oklahoma, 30-22 when Colorado came back from behind a 22-9 score in the 4th quarter to score 21 points to win the Big Twelve Championship.
Miami (OH) went back and forth with East Carolina, finally sealing their win with a touchdown late in the 4th quarter to win the Conference USA Championship.
Kent State defeated Western Michigan convincingly in a 24-17 win for the Mid-American Championship.
LSU went down early in the first, but then came back and since never looked like they were in danger of losing to Florida to win the Southeastern Championship.

We got invited to a Bowl I’m very familiar with, the New Orleans Bowl to face Central Florida. OG Clark has a strained neck, ILB May has a severe concussion still, and FS Masterson has a torn tendon in his forearm. All three seem willing to go, but FS Peter Green is taking Masterson’s place, ILB Jimmy Gibson is taking May’s place, and OG James Bauer is taking Clark’s place.

(#8) Florida Atlantic (12-0) vs. (6-5) Central Florida

(1st Quarter)
- UCF kicks a field goal to take the first lead of the game. 3-0 UCF.
- FAU misses a 45 yard field goal.

(2nd Quarter)
- QB Varela finds WR Olsen in the end zone for a touchdown! 7-3 FAU.
- UCF responds back with a touchdown of their own. 10-7 UCF.
- K Shane Dunlap makes a 44 yard field goal to tie the game, 10-10.

(3rd Quarter)
- K Dunlap makes a 40 yard field goal to take the lead! 13-10 FAU!
- We fumble a punt return giving them really good position.
- Luckily we limited them to only a field goal. 13-13, tie game.

(4th Quarter)
- Interception by SS Ruben Ingram!
- K Dunlap kicks a 23 yard field goal to take the lead again with 5:48 left on the clock. 16-13 FAU!
- We force a turnover but fumble the ball on the punt return yet again, luckily this time our own team recovers it.
- 84 yard pass is a touchdown for UCF with 2:20 left on the clock! 20-16 UCF.
1:41 left in the game, 1st and 10 on our own 40. Fake handoff by QB Varela and the pass finds TE Peterson for 20 yards. 1st and 10 on UCF’s 40, with 1:19 left on the clock. Two back to back incomplete passes to WR Jorge Stpierre puts us in a 3rd and 10 on their 40 yard line, with 0:46 left to play. It looks like QB Varela is going to be sacked on the play when he takes off down the field himself and gains 20 yards! 1st and 10 on the UCF 20, 0:40 left on the clock. Incomplete pass to TE Peterson. 2nd and 10, 0:24 left on the clock and it’s running. QB Varela looks, and finds FB Bryan Nelson in the end zone and Nelson makes the grab! Touchdown! After the extra point, with 0:14 left on the clock, the score is 23-20 FAU.
High kickoff into the end zone for no return gives them the ball at their own 20, with 0:07 seconds left on the clock. The QB finds their WR taking off down the sidelines, beaten his man, and for 80 yards as the last seconds fade, they connect and score a touchdown. SS J Copeland got beat and allowed the score. 27-20 UCF at the literal, last second.

Central Florida defeats Florida Atlantic, 27-23 to win the New Orleans Bowl.

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