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FAU Game 12
Week 15

OT Kenneth Brandon joined the campus today to check us out, just in time for our final game of the regular season against Akron! C Thompson fully recovered from his knee injury, while OT Nelson is almost completely healed with his stomach issues. DE Curry is fighting through his ankle pain while ILB May had a severe concussion. We brought OT Nelson back in at right tackle for this game, while Thompson is going to take the lead snaps under center. With the concussion fear for ILB May, we don’t want him to push it and not be able to play again should something happen so we’re benching him this week and letting JR ILB Jimmy Gibson start at RILB… this should be his chance to impress. DE Beltran and DE Weir are just going to keep their starting positions, regardless of DE Curry doing better, since Curry still isn’t 100%.

We’ve moved up to #14 in the rankings system and ESPN, Sports Center, Bright house Networks, and a bunch of other television networks have been trying to reach us for comment now that everyone is talking about us, but we’ve been very careful not to say anything to anyone. We just have to focus on football right now, we don’t have time to play media.

Update on current recruit targets for next year:

WR H. Olsen is playing for Big Rapids (3) competitive level school in Michigan. So far he’s racked up 42 receptions, for 637 yards, 7 touchdowns, and 12 pass deflections on defense. He’s very interested in our school.

WR S. Rosado is playing for Kingstree (3) in South Carolina. He has 40 receptions, for 520 yards, 5 touchdowns, 12 pass deflections and 1 interception on defense. He’s extremely interested in coming to our school.

OLB S. Livingston is playing for St. Thomas Aquinas (1) in Florida. He has 48 tackles, 4 sacks, 4 tackles for loss, 332 rushing yards, and he’s averaging 3.7 yards per carry. He’s extremely interested in coming to our school.

OG D. Benoit is playing for Chapman (3) in South Carolina. He has no stats available, but he is 6’6, 265 lbs and he’s extremely interested in playing for us.

SS Daniel Chow is playing for Lakeside Highschool (4) in Idaho. He has 38 tackles, 0 pass deflections, and 3 interceptions. He’s extremely interested in playing for us.
Akron (5-5) vs. (11-0) Florida Atlantic (#14)

(1st Quarter)
- After a sack on the first play of the game, the second play resulted in an interception by SS Ruben Ingram from the Akron QB!
- K Dunlap knocks in a field goal to take the early lead for FAU, 3-0.
- RB Smith runs it in at the 2 to extend the lead. 10-0, FAU.
-FS Masterson makes a huge hit for us to make them fumble, and it’s recovered by SS Ingram!
- QB Varela fires a pass out to RB Smith for a touchdown! 17-0 FAU.

(2nd Quarter)
- QB Varela was in trouble and runs it in for a touchdown himself! 24-0 FAU!
- Akron scored a touchdown to put points on the board. 24-7 FAU.
- CB Coleman with an interception against the Akron QB!
- 3rd and 33 situation on our own side of the field, and QB Varela finds WR Richardson for 41! 0:51 left on the clock and FAU uses their first timeout. 1st and 10, QB Varela finds TE Peterson for 6. 2nd and 4, 0:45 and the clock is running, incomplete pass intended to WR Olsen stops the clock at 0:32. 3rd and 4, fake handoff and the defense bites, quick pitch to RB Smith for 11 yards! FAU calls their second timeout with 0:24 left on the clock. It’s 1st and Goal on the 8 yard line, QB Varela scrambles to the outside and takes off getting stopped just 1 yard short of the goal line! 2nd and Goal on the 1 yard line, 0:17 left in play and the clock is running! K Dunlap walks out onto the field, and knocks in the 19 yard field goal to waste the time out of the half. 27-7 FAU.

(3rd Quarter)
- K Dunlap misses a 40 yard field goal attempt.
- K Dunlap makes up for the missed kick with a 48 yard field goal. 30-7 FAU.

(4th Quarter)
- QB Varela finds WR Olsen in the end zone for a TD! 37-7 FAU.
- K Dunlap misses the 43 yard field goal attempt.
- K Dunlap misses the 45 yard field goal attempt.
- Akron with another touchdown pass. 37-14 FAU.
- Akron tries for an onside kick but FAU holds onto it, then takes a knee to end the game.

Florida Atlantic defeats Akron, 37-14.
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