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Hi again.

I'm not sure what your shortcut is pointing to, but it doesn't look like the file that runs the game which should be called something like "bb2005.exe" or "BBCF.exe.". The quickest way would be this tweaked format from the TEW2016 E-license FAQ which I've used many times and has never failed me.

[quote]Alternatively, you can do the same thing as above in a slightly different way by using the command prompt method to unlicense it. Create a folder called Test on your hard drive and copy and paste bb2005.exe (or BBCF.exe, whichever it is called) and elicen40.dll from your normal BBCF folder into it. Go to your Windows Start menu and select Run. Then type "cmd" (without the quotation marks) and press enter. You will see a command prompt. Type

"C:\Test\bb2005.exe" -unlicense


"C:\Test\BBCF.exe" -unlicense

It has to be formatted EXACTLY as above with the quotation marks, the space after the second quotation mark and everything. I included both versions of what you'd type depending on what the actual file is called. If it's a different name than either of the ones above, then change the name as appropriate. I'm assuming some level of knowledge of how to use Windows, so apologies if this is still too technical, but I've never had issues with this method in the many times I've moved games between computers over the years. Hope this helps
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