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Ah, joyful memories of when my RtG/L2G pronotion hit Cult. Hoping you're having fun with the rise in size, it's a pretty big one that brings plenty of change with it.

Oxford Invitational Finals
GWC World Tag Team Championship
McManus & Aroma versus The Mission

North American Heavyweight Championship
“Bulldozer” Brandon Smith versus Ox Mastadon © w/ Lisa Bowen

Semi Finals
Block B
Vasquez & Morris/Fat Cats versus The Mission/James & Harper

Semi Finals
Block A
Blondes/Stars versus McManus & Aroma/Hawaiian Boys

North American Women’s Championship
Tiffany Jade versus Lucy Stone-McFly (c)

Block B
The Mission versus “Big Money” Brandon James & Andrew Harper w/ Lisa Bowen

Block A
Alexander Vasquez & Othello Morris versus The Fat Cats (Monty Trescarde & Carl DiBiase)

Block A
Hawaiian Boys 2.0 versus “The Cornerstone” Riley McManus & “The Head Hunter” Jeffery Aroma

Block A
The Southern Stars versus The Canadian Blondes

“The Troubadour” Floyd Reeves versus “The Rampage” Deever Arnold
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