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Default RMW Live #1

Saturday, Week 2, January, 2018
Live at the Oxford Arena, Bell Time 7:30 PM
Will Also be Available On Demand on the Rocky Mountain Sports Network

Opening Match
Twenty Minute Time Limit
Blue Tiger versus Brett Dewes

In a bout that had terrible wrestling and non-existent crowd heat, Brett Dewes defeated Blue Tiger in 7:31 by pinfall with a Lynx Knee. F

-- The crowd was turned off by having a match between two jobbers on the main show.

Clyde Puder cuts an in ring promo. C-

Singles Match
Twenty-Five Minute time Limit
Sonny Wildside versus The Acolyte

In a poor match, Sonny Wildside defeated The Acolyte in 8:54 by pinfall with a Fear Factor. D-.

Singles Match
Twenty-Five Minute Time Limit
Franklin Rush versus Leonard Vedder

In a terrible match, Franklin Rush defeated Leonard Vedder in 10:49 by pinfall with a Smart Spike. E-.

Keith Holly cuts a promo hyping up his upcoming match with Juan Soler. D.

Semi Main Event
Singles Match
Thirty Minute Time Limit
Juan Soler versus Keith Holly

In a bout that had decent wrestling but didn't have much heat, Keith Holly defeated Juan Soler in 10:19 by pinfall with a Reaper Breaker. D+

Main Event

Fatal Four Way
Sixty Minute Time Limit
vs. vs. vs.
Art Reed versus Joel Bryant versus "Intrepid" Ian Identity versus Ekuma

In a bout that had good heat and decent wrestling, Joel Bryant defeated Art Reed, Intrepid Ian Identity and Ekuma in 17:08 when Joel Bryant defeated Ekuma by pinfall with an One Shot Drop. Joel Bryant wins the RMW Can-Am Championship title. D.

Overall: This show increased our popularity. D-.
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