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Originally Posted by Tardelli View Post
Thank you Mammoth for your hard work. I will download the mod right away. Lots of love!
You're very welcome. <3
Originally Posted by YoungNoble View Post
Thanks for this. I will try it out today
I look forward to hearing your thoughts.
Originally Posted by RingRider View Post
Excited to try this out later today! Knowing your previous work Mammoth, I'm willing to bet that this will be extraordinarily well researched and contain meticulous detail!

I sense a number of 2006 diaries popping up over the next few months...
Well, I do try to put as much detail into my modifications as humanly possible. And I certainly hope to see a few diaries come out of it as I didn't see as many diaries for Territory Daze as I hoped but I'm sure a lot more people will be more aware of this time period.
Originally Posted by Bonafide_Bluffa View Post
omg! i havent played this game in several months but i figured id check here to see if any new mods were released and im glad i did! will definitely pick this game up again to try this out!
Originally Posted by TheGhost View Post
Been looking for a reason to get back into TEW and pull myself away from Fire Pro for a bit.

Really excited to see how this mod is, this is in all honesty a very interesting time in pro wrestling that doesn't get enough love. There was a lot going on, and I think people were just burnt out on WWE and their schtick that they turned away from wrestling all together which is why I don't think it's as popular of a time as it should be.

Can't wait to get this going. Thanks!
I'm always happy to give someone a reason to rejoin Total Extreme Wrestling, so I'm glad I could help the both of you out.
Originally Posted by Tardelli View Post
Quick note,

Abyss complains when put in a brawl based match. I dont know if thats right.
No, it's certainly not planned. It's also strange because as far as I'm aware, those sort of notes are usually decided by a workers personality and I don't see any reason he wouldn't enjoy brawl based matches. I've upped his "Liberal" a little to see if it makes a difference.
Originally Posted by YoungNoble View Post
-Any plans to add the WWE and WCW Halls of Fame?
-Also, it appears that Heidi Lovelace is not in the data.
-TNA had exclusive rights to the NWA titles at this point. Maybe consider making them TNA titles instead of alliance titles?
Yes, I plan on adding all of Hall of Fame's (or as many as I can) but it wasn't necessary for what is basically a BETA release.

Heidi Lovelace will be added before the next update.

The problem I have with making the NWA Championships TNA exclusive is that there would be no reason for TNA to bring in their own titles a year or so later if they were actually there's, and for me that doesn't simulate very well. I figure having them as alliance titles but only having TNA as a member of the aforementioned alliance will work better in the long run. Also, it potentially gives you this whole alternative reality where TNA leaves the National Wrestling Alliance early or they never leave them at all and have to share the titles with another promotion, which I find more fun.
Originally Posted by crackerjack View Post
Very glad to see this receive a release. Excited to dive in!

Thanks for all of the hard work.
You're very welcome.
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