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Originally Posted by King Bison View Post
Fantastic! Truly fantastic! Itís been a wonderful ride and I am proud of you and the story youíve told here. Iím also happy with the role Iíve had over the past year in helping you with this diary from the renders Iíve provided to being a sounding board for your ideas and booking. The Climb ending is the end of an era and will leave a hole in these boards that will not soon be filled. Thank you for the adventure. You are a wonderful storyteller and I have deeply enjoyed this story from start to finish. I canít wait to catch your next project my friend.
This encapsulates everything I wanted to say already. I consider myself lucky to have experienced this diary live as it was posted, let alone to have been in any way involved. Thank you for everything, you deserve all the praise and awards you have earned.

Originally Posted by TLCJR4LIFE View Post
Any chance I can get the save file? :P
Seeing this and the reception it's gotten, I'd like to bring up a little something. I have seen several mentions across the boards about save trades or people potentially passing a save/diary to another person who'll take up the reins. I was thinking, would there be any point in starting a kind of "save trading hub" thread where all this could go down?
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