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Originally Posted by BigJay2003 View Post

Tag Team Match
Thirty Minute Time Limit
North American Women's Tag Team Championship
The Uprising versus Ladies Night (c)
I'm enjoying the ladies tag scene. Keeps some of them working and building connections. Are you trying to find a few more pairings with good chemistry?
On the ol' Preshow. I've got a couple of teams that I'm trying to build and workers I want to pair together to make the women's tag division ultra competitive.

Originally Posted by DarK_Raider
North American Women's Championship
"Country Made" Pearl Flanders versus Tiffany Jade
Seriously, how many cowboys, rednecks, hillbillies and country folk are in CWL?
Well, technically there are two cowboys right now. RDJ and Pistol Pete. The rest... well, it's what our audience likes! We're simple folk!

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