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Keith Holly, the newly minted United States Champion, is in front of the CWL backdrop.

Holly, ďI was going to make an appearance on Saturday Night Slammasters, but I was a little too busy celebrating my win. No one thought Iíd do it. You didnít believe in big Keith Holly. You thought that the Japanese Warrior, olí Lionheart, Funakoshi was going to be able to put me down. Why? Did yíall forget that Iím so bad the Devil wouldnít take me. ĎCause he knows that Iím that bad. Iím the guy whoís been leadiní the Rejects since we got to CWL. Leading the Rejects to four North American and one World Tag Team title reign. Iím that guy. Iím six feet seven and damn near three hundred seventy pounds of ass kicker. Ainít a man in that locker room Iím afraid of. You thought Funakoshi was going to beat me? You thought that a man with the heart of a lion was going to survive a man thatís done been rejected by the Devil? You were out of your minds. Thatís the God damned truth.Ē

Holly raises the United States Championship in front of him.

Holly, ďThe CWL is my domain. Nothiní happens here without my say so. Me and Johnny, we keep the order. We keep things moving. Itís us. You want to make it here, you go through us. You want to survive here, you go through us. You want to prove youíre a man, you go through us. Now, Iím the United States Champion. Things are going to continue to go through me. KC Glenn is the Television Champion now. He defends it seven times, he can come at me. Anybody else wants a shot at me, they can line up and Iíll knock Ďem down. This is my yard. I bury the bodies Ďround here. And understand that it is a lot easier to give up than it is to get through me. ĎCause the path to wrestling immortality goes through me and itís a hell of a path to walk.Ē

Holly pulls the United States Championship back to his shoulder.

Holly, ďAnd Funakoshi. I know youíre mad. Youíre probably furious. You feel you got the short end of the stick Ďcause you were United States Champion and now youíre not. Iíd be mad about that too, but face facts. You lost to the better man. You got to get in the ring with me and you got to be made famous. Youíre damn lucky. ĎCause everyone is gonna remember the night I whooped your ass and became United States Champion. So welcome to the history books.

The video feed cuts.
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