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  • The wrestling press, according to has rated the annual Wrestling Summit event as 'Above Average'. This continues a trend that started with Christmas Chaos of every monthly event since then being rated as 'Above Average.'
  • Wrestling Summit VII was a critical and commercial success. Three of the matches from Wrestling Summit VII have been rated as "Top Ten" matches in CWL history. David Stone defending the United States against Bret Starr, The Keith Brothers defending the North American Tag Team Championship against The Fallen and Alicia Strong defending the North American Women's Championship against Lucy Stone-McFly. Rumor has it that CWL management was especially pleased with the performances of David Stone and Lucy Stone-McFly, who were said to have the individual performances of the night.
  • CWL has announced that the Oxford Invitational is being expanded to two nights. It will run Friday night and Saturday night at the end of April and will feature, for the first time ever, sixteen teams.
  • CWL can announce that there will be a representative from each GWC company in the Oxford Invitational Tournament. NOTBPW will be represented by The Flying Stones, PGHW will be represented by KitoGuchi, APW will be represented by Dingo Devine and Boo Stevenson, UEW will be represented by The German Machine, OLLIE will be represented by Los Monteros, BPW will be represented by The Northern Lights. We can also confirm that former PGHW and current freelance tag team BISON Yano and Brute Kikuchi will be appearing in the tournament. Also appearing will be The American Cobras.
  • The Southern Stars and The Boys From The Yukon have qualified. They will join The Keiths, The Fallen, Georgia Bulldogs, The Mission, and The Fat Cats as representatives of CWL.
  • The full bracket for the tournament will be revealed at later date.
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