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Really good job with Badd Blood, man! Pillman is really looking like a big time contender after that, and I wonder if and when the trigger will get pulled on him. Perhaps instead of the Austin Era starting at this WrestleMania, we will see the Loose Cannon Era instead? Hmmm... Not surprised at Ahmed hurting himself too, that guy really did have some of the worst luck in the business when it came to staying healthy. And oh yeah don't think I won't mention my boy Hall! Huge win for him that hopefully lets him get some shine in the Wolfpac. Finally, I have to give a big shout out to the Raven and Roberts match. Though with Raven being involved, and since the priest has actually come into play, I'm waiting on him to have been played by Stevie Richards all along and he's gonna turn on Jake at the Survivor Series. Hopefully I haven't given something away that you'd planned for, but if not, feel free to use that one!

Until you get back, have fun on vacation with the to4sts!

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British Bulldog - Davey Boy has been fairly absent lately, this could be a nice win to put some spotlight back on him.
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