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[Originally Posted On Continental Wrestling League's official YouTube Channel and on]

The video starts with Logan and James, the Diaz Cousins and the newly minted North American Tag Team Champions staring at the camera. They are back in their barn, with their ring and their weights and all of that get up. The Diaz Cousins, from North Florida (close to the Florida/Georgia Line) speak with that North Florida accent. Both cousins are wearing sleeveless work out shirts that say "Welcome to the Meatlocker."

Logan, "Me and James just got online not too long ago. Went over to the CWL website and what did we see? Names being mentioned of who's gonna be in this Oxford Invitational Tournament. They bringing in some names. Samoan Destruction, Incorporated."

James, "Big names."

Logan, "The Foreign Legion from Europe."

James, "Big names."

Logan, "The COTT Tag Team Champions, Jungle Jack and Joffy Laine."

James, "Big name and a half."

Logan, "And even the Dynamite Express are coming back for this tournament. Right back from SWF."

James, "Big names. Definitely big names."

Logan, "But you know who ain't in this tournament? The Diaz Cousins. 'Cause we're the best tag team in Continental Wrestling League. We ain't entering, because of one reason. We're gonna give the winners -- whomever they are, wherever they primarily work -- we're gonna give them shots at the North American Tag Team Championship. 'Cause we're fighting champions. We bring that heat."

James, "You're damn right. We're about the fight. We're about the pressure. We're about proving the Diaz family from top to bottom is the best family in professional wrestling. The Diaz Cousins are the most dangerous duo in all of professional wrestling. So we don't care if it's the Foreign Legion. We don't care if it's the Dynamite Express of the Heartbreak Express or anyone else. You win this tournament, you get us. You win this tournament, you get the ass whoopin' of a lifetime."

Logan, "'Cause we run things here. We are the CWL. We the top dogs. We the allstars. We the first team. We're who you gotta beat. So when you win that trophy, understand that as prestigious as it is. As great of a moment as it will be for you... It just means you're gonna get in the ring with Logan and James Diaz. You're going to enter the Meatlocker. And you won't walk out."

The video fades to black.
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