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'Mighty' Danny Cavanagh [vs] 'Shooter' Sean Deeley
I don't know if there isn't hijinks outside the ring, but Cavanagh gets a good win heading into his title match.

Bad Reputation (Dan DaLay & Derek Frost) [vs] The Mavericks (Julian Watson & John Maverick
Keep building the "Saviors of the Tag Division."

'Awesome' Wade Orson [vs] 'Gentleman' Lord James King
King got the first win, and Orson took the win in tag action. King gets another one up on Orson before we get to blow it all off at a major event.

Mark Griffin & Harrison Hash [vs] Cameron Vessey & Christian Price
I figure these guys will be carrying the tag division (apologies to DaLay and Frost) with or without the belts, so giving them momentum will be key.

'Mainstream' James Hernandez [vs] 'The Party Animal' Edd Stone
Hernandez isn't going to lose to Stone, but this should be a good match (maybe even with a cheap ending).

'The Ace' Aaron Andrews [vs] 'The Best in the World' Sean McFly
McFly looks good heading into his last match. Andrews' struggles have been a little surprising considering how well he has done in TCW promotions, but I assume he is building up his overness in Canada while biding his time to move up the card.
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