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Sorry for the loooong delay here... I've been seriously getting my Fifa 19 on so this has taken a back seat for a bit. I have plenty of shows fully written though, so it's all good

JULY 2017, WEEK 1...

Show Rating: 93

Pre-Show Match: Thrill Seeker defeated Hugh Ancrie with a 'Daredevil Drop' Moonsault 73

Announce Team:

Peter Michaels, Tom Townsend and 'RDJ' Ricky Dale Johnson


We opened the show by learning that due to Danny Cavanagh's attack on the NOTBPW Television Champion James Hernandez last week, Hernandez was not here tonight... Cavanagh is, and he'll be in action a little later on... But next week, BOTH men will be in HUGE singles matches... 'Mighty' Cavanagh will take on 'Shooter' Sean Deeley, for the first time since Clash Classic 2016... Over 17 months ago!! Deeley won that match, so Cav will be out for long-awaited revenge... As for James Hernandez, he'll take on Edd Stone... The pair have had three matches since they both arrived in NOTBPW... Hernandez has a 3 and 0 record over the cocky young Stone Brother...

Speaking of people out injured... 'The Monster' Gargantuan's reign of terror continued last week, when he added Robin DaLay to the growing list of names he's taken out... Ricky DeColt, Trent Shaffer, and now Robin DaLay are on the shelf because of the NOTBPW Canadian Champion... and it now means that Robin won't be allowed to compete on the Main Roster!! Here live here tonight, Robin DaLay's father Dan DaLay, and his tag team partner Derek Frost were in the ring... DaLay was furious with Alex DeColt for choosing Gargantuan as Robin's opponent last week... But he was also furious with 'The Monster' himself...

Dan DaLay: “GARGANTUAN!! You wanna take people out...?! Put 'em on the shelf...?! You want competition...?! Let's see you try and do that to ME!! Get out here... and fight me... NOW!!”

'The Iron Fist' Dan DaLay w/ Derek Frost [vs] 'The Monster' Gargantuan

In a battle of the big men, Dan DaLay refused to back down from Gargantuan! Garg goes 7'1”, 350lbs, while standing across the ring from him was a big man just as dangerous, in the 6'7”, 320lber Dan DaLay! The two big men knocked lumps out of each other. In the end though, despite a little help from Derek Frost, DaLay was no match for Gargantuan's power! 'The Monster' hit his 'Ultimate Backbreaker' to end DaLay's fight.

Winner: 'The Monster' Gargantuan
Rating: 78
Finish: 'Ultimate Backbreaker' (Military Press Drop onto Knee)

Backstage, 'The Outsider' Steve DeColt was walking through a corridor, just a few segments away from a win or stay home match against his brother Jack DeColt... The winner fights Gargantuan for the NOTBPW Canadian Title at Jeopardy, the loser doesn't have a match at the July pay-per-view... As Steve DeColt walked, looking confident, a familiar face walked around the corner... 'The Best in the World' Sean McFly!! The two NOTBPW legends shared a moment of tension, before Steve DeColt outstretched a hand to his former rival... McFly accepted the handshake, albeit a little reluctantly...

The American Blondes (The Natural & Solomon Gold) [vs] The Ring Generals (Dean Waldorf & Marv Statler)

Exceptional match, considering it was The Natural and Solomon Gold's first match together on TV. The Ring Generals have a lot of experience as a tag team; they've been a tandem for over 12 years now! They used their experience edge to take Solomon Gold to school! The 21 year old learnt more in this match than he has in the previous 2 months! He eventually tagged The Natural in, and he made a real difference. But he was no match for the two 'Shooters', and he was taken down by a 'Backdrop Backbreaker' from Marv Statler!

Winners: The Ring Generals (Dean Waldorf & Marv Statler)
Rating: 82
Finish: 'Backdrop Backbreaker' (Lumbar Check)

After the match, we learnt that The Natural and Solomon Gold will be on the same side of the ring again at Jeopardy next Saturday... They will compete in a six-man tag team match, with the exceptional talent: 'The Man Without Fear' Sonny Wildside on their side... And their opponents will be the men they just faced: Dean Waldorf and Marv Statler, along with 'The Assassin of the Squared Circle' Ernest Youngman!!

'The Iron Man' Tim Westybrook made his way to the ring for the next match, joining the announce team to cast an eye on his former tag team partner 'Mighty' Danny Cavanagh... He told Peter Michaels, Ricky Dale Johnson and Tom Townsend that he's not afraid of Cavanagh... He's not afraid of James Hernandez... and he's certainly not afraid of issuing an 'Open Challenge' at Jeopardy... He's actually excited!! Big Danny Cavanagh glared at Westybrook as he arrived in the ring, but as the match began, he instantly regretted taking his eye off his opponent...

'Mighty' Danny Cavanagh [vs] 'The Man Beast' Akima Brave

Akima Brave is not a man to be messed with. 'The Man Beast' comes from a large Samoan Family of dependable workers, who with a little bit more luck could have been as important to wrestling as some of the major Canadian Families have been! Brave is still looking for that big win to take him to the next level, but it didn't come here. He was in control for a while, but he couldn't overcome the sheer power of big Cavanagh, who hit his 'Sit-Out Spinebuster' finisher after around 11 minutes!

Winner: 'Mighty' Danny Cavanagh
Rating: 83
Finish: 'Sit-Out Spinebuster'

Following the match, we found out about a HUGE match set for next week on NOTBPW Championship Wrestling!! 'The Best in the World' Sean McFly will compete in a FIRST TIME EVER encounter, as he takes on 'The Ace' Aaron Andrews!! This is a massive match for Andrews... Who according to Sean Deeley, 'always loses big matches'... There's no doubt that 'Shooter' Sean Deeley will be watching this clash very closely indeed... He will have also watched Danny Cavanagh in action... because Deeley faces Cavanagh next week too!!

'All Business' Harrison Hash [vs] 'Dark Watch' Aldous Blackfriar w/ Mutant

Harrison Hash has been a target for Aldous Blackfriar for weeks now, with the youngster claiming to be a fan of Hash's when he was a kid. Hash used his vast experience and in-ring IQ to keep Aldous at arms length, but he could do nothing about the charismatic youngster's backup at ringside, Mutant! The huge 22 year old bodyguard was the difference in this match. Being a constant distraction for Hash was one thing, but when he clotheslined the veteran on the outside of the ring, he nearly took his head off! The match ended with Aldous Blackfriar locking his 'Batwing' finisher on Harrison Hash, and making him tap out!

Winner: 'Dark Watch' Aldous Blackfriar w/ Mutant
Rating: 73
Finish: 'Batwing' (Crossface Chickenwing)

A huge scalp for Aldous Blackfriar here, as his stock continues to rise in NOTBPW... He, along with his bodyguard/friend Mutant, have had an incredible four months on the Main Roster... They've beaten everyone they've come up against, but nobody knows who they'll be targeting next... As for Harrison Hash, he has bags of ability, and can bounce back from a defeat like this... He beat Aldous Blackfriar a month ago, so he may well demand a 'rubber match' to settle things properly...

In his favourite 'Gentleman's Club', 'Gentleman' Lord James King was sat having a beverage at the bar, with his trademark white shirt and braces... His left fist had brass knucks across his knuckles, and he nursed a gin and tonic through a straw... He spoke to the camera about his rival Wade Orson, whom he believes cheated to win their tag team match last week... By choosing Aaron Andrews as Orson's partner, he had an incredibly unfair advantage!! However, a 'Gentleman's' agreement is a 'Gentleman's' agreement, and due to Orson's victory, next week, Orson and King WILL fight 1 on 1...!!

Lord James King: “But it's going to be on MY terms... We're going to fight in a match with NO Disqualifications!! NO Count Outs... and NO Rules!! See you next Wednesday old chum...”

Erik Strong & Donte Dunn [vs] Cameron Vessey & Christian Price

Two very good tag teams here with bright futures in NOTBPW, with an average age of just 30! Erik Strong and Donte Dunn are perhaps just one big victory away from taking the next step in the tag team division, but they weren't going to be getting that win here tonight. Cameron Vessey and Christian Price dominated their likeable opponents and kept them on the back foot throughout. In the end, Price hit his 'Stud Stopper' on Dunn, and nearly broke his jaw!

Winners: Cameron Vessey & Christian Price
Rating: 75
Finish: 'Stud Stopper' Stunner

We saw a video package next, hyping the return of a man who has been out for over a YEAR!! Joey Poison was signed from CGC and made his NOTBPW debut in May 2016... He went weeks undefeated, but caught a major concussion in a match against Flash Savage, who was later released by NOTBPW management due to backstage heat... The man known now as just 'POISON' will be returning to NOTBPW in a few weeks... and should make his return around 13 months after his career threatening injury...

'The Outsider' Steve DeColt [vs] 'Wild Man' Jack DeColt

The joint best match of 2017 for NOTBPW here. Interestingly the other two were Steve vs Jack DeColt, and Steve vs Ricky DeColt! Had this match gone to a result, it may even have cracked the 100 rated match, but it was still a fantastic effort from both men. We saw so many near falls, and strong submission attempts, but neither man could get the job done and finish off the other once and for all! The 'prize' for winning this match is a date with Gargantuan at Jeopardy! As unstoppable as 'The Monster' is, a NOTBPW Canadian Title shot is a desirable reward. Both men showed how much they wanted to be one step closer to Gargantuan. But in the end, a collision of heads on the outside of the ring resulted in a double count out for the brothers! A result the fans weren't happy about, and when Steve and Jack DeColt came to, neither were they!

Winner: DRAW
Rating: 99
Finish: Double Count-Out

After the match, NOTBPW General Manager Alex DeColt headed onto the stage, and gave Steve and Jack the chance to regain their thoughts... They were both dazed, slightly confused, and clearly in pain... And both were angry with the outcome of their match... But Alex DeColt had a solution to the issue at hand... He said that at Jeopardy, he's decided who will get the Title Shot against the undefeated 'Monster' Gargantuan, for the NOTBPW Canadian Title...

Alex DeColt: “In less than two weeks at Jeopardy... We're going to have 'The Monster' Gargantuan... Defending his NOTBPW Canadian Title against... STEVE DeCOLT!!... AND... JACK DeCOLT!!... In a Triple Threat Match!!”

Gargantuan [def.] Dan DaLay
The Ring Generals [def.] The Natural & Solomon Gold (The American Blondes)
Danny Cavanagh [def.] Akima Brave
Aldous Blackfriar [def.] Harrison Hash
Cameron Vessey & Christian Price [def.] Erik Strong & Donte Dunn
Steve DeColt and Jack DeColt [DREW]

At USPW's 4th of July show: Independence Day Slam, Remo became the new USPW World Champion, ending the record breaking reign of Steve Frehley at 21 months (including 20 Title defences!!!)

OOC Note: I wanted to speak about the injuries to both Owen Love and Jacob Jett for a moment, while it's on my mind... Both men are out for over 7 months following successful surgery for both men... On one hand, it sucks, because it's completely 'ruined' my entire Tag Team Division... However, what you may not have known, was that I was planning a 'split' for the CanAm Blondes in the next month or so anyway... The idea was to have them take on a tag team as proteges: Solomon Gold and Sonny Wildside... The NEW CanAm Blondes!! OR... Perhaps have them each take on a protege, with Natural teaming with Gold, and Love teaming with Wildside... The American Blondes, and The Canadian Blondes... Staying as friends, occasionally working 8-man tags... and staying away from each other until the first round of next year's Ed Henson Memorial Tag Team Cup!! This may still be an option of course!!

As for Jacob Jett, this is the most disappointing... My plan was to split them too eventually, but not yet... Thrill Seeker was brought in to the company specifically to be Jett's partner... The 36 year old has a great grasp of the basics, and as something of a tag team specialist, I knew he could help turn the potential of Jett into the World Champion I want him to be one day!! Jett's now out until the new year, but his skills have improved greatly in the 16 months he's been teamed up in World's Most Wanted... Ironically, one of the only skills that hasn't gone up, is 'basics' haha!! I have big plans for Jett when he returns too...

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