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Steel Cage
GWC World Tag Team Championship
Homegrown versus The Fat Cats ©
The Fat Cats will still get a prominent role, but this gives Pu[Yo]der a chance to get some international exposure as they carry the belts.

North American Heavyweight Championship
Matty Faith versus “The Supreme Star” Spender Spade © w/ Lisa Bowen
You've built Faith into something special, but Spade should retain because he is a singles star. Let Faith and Ranger rebuild The Mission some and climb back up to the top.

GWC World Heavyweight Championship
“Rough Justice” Tommy Cornell versus Horton Ravenwood ©
The "love" for Cornell should make Oxford want to make him count lights to some Australian guy...

Dog Collar Match
“The Cornerstone” Riley McManus versus “The Headhunter” Jeffery Aroma w/ Lisa Bowen
Aroma has arrived, but McManus has carried this brand forever. Let him get the final win and send him after Spade.

United States Championship
“Hollywood” Bret Starr versus “The Canadian Wrestling Machine” David Stone (c)
Stone is a stud. Him and Spade might burn down the house someday.

North American Women’s Championship
Lucy Stone-McFly versus Alicia Strong © w/ Lisa Bowen
LSM might be the only one that can pry the belt off Strong, but let her keep this riding for now.

GWC World Junior Heavyweight Championship
“High Flyin’ Hawaiian” James Adams versus KC Glenn ©
I like Glenn, but Adams has paid his dues twice over. He carried the Hawaiian Boys for years, and has watched as others climbed past him. Give him a chance to shine!

GWC World Women’s Championship
Jaime Quine versus Pinky Perez ©
You can't take all the GWC gold...or can you?

North American Tag Team Championship
The Fallen w/ Father Grim versus The Keith Brothers ©
This has a DQ win written all over it, not only to keep the belts from hotshotting around, but to keep the feud burning.

OLLIE’s El Jaguar versus Cameron Vessey w/ Lisa Bowen
Should be a heck of a match.

GWC World Six Man Championship
Gangsta Nation w/ Brother G versus The Diaz Family (c)
Diaz's rule! Quick question: why are their promos so poorly rated when Grimm is pulling 4+ stars?
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