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Default [RELEASE]A NEW TRUST: Real Life Mod Dec 1933

This is the official first release of my Real Life Mod based on the wrestling scene of late 1933.

I had been working on and researching this since TEW2016 first came out and am glad to have a final product before a newer version of TEW.

Obviously with the time being so far back, the research was quite tedious and less organized than other eras. Almost everything I learned was through other's research that was posted online. This was supplemented with my own archival newspaper research as well as books from or on the time period. Specifically I'd like to mention the following help/websites that I got this info from: - specifically the Lou Thesz Forum
and many many more.

Though the game has over 1400 characters, I probably only seen about 25-50 of them in the ring. So these stats are much more subjective than any other Real Life Mod. For that reason, I have set the game to random variance mode. Obviously the player can change that at their description.

If you download this Mod, I suggest also getting the Skin and Picture Pacts I made for it. I attempted to use as much authentic art from wrestling posters at the time for all the events and logo pics.

More Info
I have some background on that time period on the website for this Mod. However if you have any interest in learning more about it there are some books to get in to. The first would be Fall Guys, The Barnums of Bounce, which came out only a few years after this game is set. It has an amazing behind the scene perspective from the time. Also, basically anything from Tim Hornbaker should be required reading for wrestling enthusiasts.

Hope you enjoy:

New Trust Web Site: The place where you can download all the parts to the Mod, read the hype and watch my silly ad for it.

Or if you just want it now, here are the direct links to the files:

Database File

Picture Pack Rar
Picture Pack in Zip

Retro Skin Rar
Retro Skin Zip

If you have any questions, or any links are messed up just let me know. Thanks bizzo2k (nick)

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