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Volume 1...

WWF Generations: The Golden Era


The world of professional wrestling was at its peak in the 1980's, business has never been any bigger prior. In this era, the popularity of professional wrestling surged through the United States and elsewhere throughout the decade. The expansion of cable television and pay-per-view, helped drive the wrestling industry into the golden era. Not only did television play its part, but so did the promoters, one man in particular... Vince McMahon. The 1980's saw professional wrestling make a huge shift from a system controlled by numerous regional companies to one, dominated by one promotion, The World Wrestling Federation.

The future of WWF and the entire professional wrestling industry came down to the success or failure of WrestleMania I. In large part, the golden era was born off of this one event. After WrestleMania was a major success, professional wrestling began to hit mainstream. Large television networks began to take wrestling shows into their weekly programming, including Saturday Night's Main Event, premiering on NBC in May of 1985. WrestleMania's popularity and rating appeal made professional wrestling a main stay. Wrestling's popularity increased throughout, in large part, thanks to Hulkamania among the children. Not only did WWF's WrestleMania prove to be a financial success, but also Jim Crockett Promotion's biggest event of the year, Starcade, proved that wrestling could be a financial success. In November 1983, Ric Flair defeated Harley Race for the NWA World Heavyweight Championship at the event. The win marked the rise of Ric Flair's golden era and was credited for showing that Starcade could be a big financial success across many locations.

It's now March 1987 and professional wrestling is officially at its highest peak. WWF is on the verge of hosting WrestleMania III, which could become the biggest WrestleMania to date. The event is scheduled to feature WWF World Heavyweight Champion, Hulk Hogan, defend the title against Andre The Giant. JCP are on the outside looking in, as they sign more star power to their brand in hopes of knocking off the WWF from the number one spot in professional wrestling. It will be an interesting time of year to see where the sport of professional wrestling will head in the years to come...

There you guys have it with the introduction of The Golden Era. Hopefully, it was a short and sweet introduction for you all. This will be a very interesting time period to play and I look absolutely forward to it. Before I dive into this dynasty, I want to give special thanks...

Special Thanks...

Genadi and The Mod Squad: You guys have done an amazing job on this mod! After test playing it throughout several months, I have to say, this mod is excellent just like the rest of them that you do. Words cannot express how thankful I am for the work you guys do in bringing us these historical mods. I appreciate it a lot!

The Final Countdown: Your dynasties are absolutely amazing man, without a doubt. I remember reading your TGAAB dynasty awhile back and was blown away on just how awesome it was. Not to mention, your WCW 2001 dynasty is just as great! Because of you, I really was fired up on creating my very own dynasty, using your TGAAB dynasty as a lot of influence to kick start it off. Thanks a lot man!

Shows Index
3/05 & 3/06: WWF Superstars & Challenge #1
3/12 & 3/13: WWF Superstars & Challenge #2
3/19 & 3/20: WWF Superstars & Challenge #3
3/26 & 3/27: WWF Superstars & Challenge #4
3/29: WWF WrestleMania III
March 1987 Wrap-Up

April 1987 Roster Breakdown & Championship History Update
04/02 & 04/03: WWF Superstars & Challenge #5
04/09 & 04/10: WWF Superstars & Challenge #6
04/16 & 04/17: WWF Superstars & Challenge #7
04/23 & 04/24: WWF Superstars & Challenge #8
04/26: WWF The Big Event 1987
April 1987 Wrap-Up

May 1987 Roster Breakdown & Championship History Update
05/07 & 05/08: WWF Superstars & Challenge #9
05/14 & 05/15: WWF Superstars & Challenge #10
05/21 & 05/22: WWF Superstars & Challenge #11
05/24: WWF Free for All 1987
05/28 & 5/29: WWF Superstars & Challenge #12
May 1987 Write-Up

June 1987 Roster Breakdown & Championship History Update
06/04 & 06/05: WWF Superstars & Challenge #13
06/11 & 06/12: WWF Superstars & Challenge #14
06/18 & 06/19: WWF Superstars & Challenge #15
06/25 & 06/26: WWF Superstars & Challenge #16
06/28: WWF King of the Ring 1987
June 1987 Write-Up

1987 Mid-Year Awards

July 1987 Roster Breakdown & Championship History Update
07/02 & 07/03: WWF Superstars & Challenge #17
07/09 & 07/10: WWF Superstars & Challenge #18
07/16 & 07/17: WWF Superstars & Challenge #19
The End

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